After leaving the cabin again after 13 years, there is such a story behind the humble power handle.

CCTV News:When Shenzhou-12 finished its mission, it didn’t take much effort for Liu Boming to turn the handle to open the hatch. However, when Chinese astronauts completed the Shenzhou VII mission, it took a lot of effort to open the hatch. At that time, Liu Boming assisted Zhai Zhigang to get out of the cabin, but when he got out of the cabin that year, due to the pressure difference inside and outside the cabin, Zhai Zhigang could not open the hatch with great efforts. Later, in an interview, the Shenzhou VII flight crew described the situation at that time and their countermeasures.

On the afternoon of September 27th, 2008, when the eyes of the whole world were focused on China astronauts Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming, an accident happened.

Liu Boming:I think Zhigang tried his best to pull the hatch. At that time, the hatch didn’t move at all. I feel very strange. Why can’t the hatch be pulled open when the ground is easy to do?

Zhai Zhigang:In the process of opening the door, I didn’t think that the force needed to open the door was so great at first, and I didn’t even think that the door would not be opened in the sky. Moreover, in the process of opening the door, I didn’t think that the door might be opened with great force, so I opened the door in a normal state throughout the process.

Liu Boming:At this time, it was very urgent to hear Zhigang’s breathing, because he consumed a lot of physical strength.

Zhai Zhigang:Finally, when my strength ran out and the door didn’t open, I found that I couldn’t open the door of Shenzhou VII air pressure cabin by my own strength.

Liu Boming:I went over and wanted two people to grab the handrail and pull the hatch at the same time, but the gloves were too big for two people to grab at the same time, so I had to put my hands around his right arm because he held the bulkhead with his left hand and pulled the hatch with his right hand. So it was the two of us at that time, and we almost pulled the hatch down with all our strength. The hatch was opened at an angle of 20 degrees. At this time, I felt the suction was particularly large. I felt that I was dragging the two of us up and the hatch was closed again.

Zhai Zhigang:This is a little anxious. If the door can’t be opened, then I will definitely not get out. If I can’t get out, the mission of Shenzhou VII will not be completed.

Liu Boming:At this time, it has flown into our measurement and control area, and the node for leaving the cabin has arrived, leaving us with little time.

Zhai Zhigang:In order to get out of the cabin, we have to pay too much, and we can’t open the hatch at the most critical time, so everything in front of the training is zero.

Liu Boming:In this case, I made up my mind, found the metal crowbar from the cabin and handed it to Zhigang, and then opened the hatch. At this time, the airflow instantly flowed out and the hatch naturally opened.

Zhai Zhigang:When the cabin door was pried open with an auxiliary tool, it was like opening a small window in an instant. At that time, an imaginary idiom was called be elated.

Zhai Zhigang:I’m out of the cabin and feel good!

Jing Haipeng:Liu Boming handed Zhai Zhigang the five-star red flag.

Zhai Zhigang:After Boming handed out the national flag, I didn’t think about anything else, so I showed it first.

Liu Boming:The five-star red flag is flying high in space, which proves that we have come to space.

This episode of Shenzhou VII did not appear in the extravehicular mission yesterday (July 4th). A booster handle on the Shenzhou 12 hatch makes it easier and smoother for astronauts to open the hatch. From this small power-assisted handle, we can see that our astronauts’ experience in getting out of the cabin is constantly accumulating, and the equipment used is also constantly improving. According to the plan, there will be another extravehicular activity during the Shenzhou-12 mission. We also wish the astronauts all the best in their work and life in space.

Fukuhara Ai retired, but the story of table tennis between China and Japan continues.

  CCTV News:If one day any foreign table tennis player can win a medal in the Olympic Games, I hope it is Fukuhara Ai;

  If one day I can only support one foreign table tennis player, I think it will be Fukuhara Ai.

  There are less than 100 days before 2019 and less than two years before the Tokyo Olympic Games, so without warning or a trace of preparedness, Fukuhara Ai told us that he had retired.

  Fukuhara Ai Weibo announced his retirement.

  Fukuhara Ai is probably the first Japanese athlete who received a blessing from netizens in China because of his retirement. As of press time, the Weibo that she announced her retirement has received more than 70,000 reposts, more than 70,000 comments and more than 620,000 likes. I wish her a happy life.

  Fukuhara Ai is probably the first Japanese athlete who "alarmed" the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China because of his retirement. At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 22nd, Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Fukuhara Ai was "loved not only by the Japanese people, but also by many people in China" and was "very cute, and also had outstanding performance in the field of table tennis".

  As of press time, Fukuhara Ai announced his retirement from Weibo’s comment 7w+, forwarded 7w+ and liked 62w+

  Fukuhara Ai, who has a round face and a crisp smile, can be said to be a Japanese athlete "watched and grown up" by netizens from China and Japan. Fukuhara Ai has been training under the guidance of coach China since he was five years old. In the long run, Fukuhara Ai has also forged a deep friendship with China players and even China. In addition to being beaten and crying in the game, Xiao Ai also shed tears in the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. She has always been a lively wave and she is quite depressed in front of the reporter’s camera. "Japan went to 60 people (rescue), so xx is not enough. I am going, at least 61 people." It is this lovely appearance that left a deep impression on China fans, and Fukuhara Ai also had a nickname "porcelain doll". Familiar fans can know a little about her.

  Knowing that four-year-old Xiao Ai participated in the national competition for the first time, she lost her shoes happily when winning, and cried in her mother’s arms after losing; Knowing Xiao Ai’s stubbornness with tears in her eyes and insisting on finishing the training task; Knowing that Xiaoai can say "dry ha" with an authentic northeast accent, knowing that Xiaoai and table tennis players have close feelings, he brings him Japanese cookies every time he meets ZhangJike; I also know that Xiao Ai fought against the three generations of big devils of China table tennis women’s team from Zhang Yining to Li Xiaoxia and then to Ding Ning … …

  The great devil of running water, Fukuhara Ai made of iron. Fukuhara Ai rarely wins against China athletes in international competitions, and his career has been shrouded in the shadow of the "big devil" of table tennis, which is helpless. The advantage of China table tennis team, especially the women’s team, over other players is hellish.

  Fukuhara Ai made his first sound after he announced his retirement, thanking the fans in China and China.

  It’s really distressing that Fukuhara Ai tried her best but couldn’t win, but that doesn’t prevent her from making great contributions to the rapid development of Japanese table tennis. He was selected to the national team at the age of 12 and made his Olympic debut at the age of 15. From 2003 to 2016, Xiao Ai gradually became the absolute core and leader of Japanese women’s table tennis. The younger generation regards her as an idol. Japanese table tennis player Ito Meicheng once said: "Looking at Captain Fukuhara, I know very well that it is not easy for her to bear the name of Japan. If I can become a captain in the future, I also want to be a player like her."

  Under her leadership and influence, a new generation of Japanese players also became attached to China. These players, who were trained in China since childhood, or developed under the training of China coaches and sparring partners, helped Japanese table tennis to make rapid progress, but also laid a deep "China brand". With Fukuhara Ai, a beloved predecessor, as an example, they also gained a lot of "audience affinity" in China.

  More importantly, with Fukuhara Ai’s great concern and the continuous improvement of Japanese table tennis level represented by her, the Japan Table Tennis Association is also making great efforts to develop this sport. Since 2003, the Japan Table Tennis Association has established a national team for primary school students, adjusted the training mechanism of age groups, conducted regular closed training and overseas competitions, and strengthened the training of grassroots coaches. In 2008, the Japan Table Tennis Association built a national training center in Tokyo, and absorbed some professionals including coaches from China and other places, which became the training base of the Japanese table tennis team. Moreover, the Japanese table tennis team has established a system of substituting competition for training, and specially trained a group of players to participate in the world series of adult groups from the age of fifteen or sixteen, which made them feel the atmosphere of the competition ahead of the players of the same age in our country and increased their competition experience.

  In the past two or three years, we can see that although the national table tennis still has absolute advantages, Japanese table tennis has made rapid progress. On the men’s team, Zhang Benzhihe, whose parents are both from China, has defeated Malone, ZhangJike and Fan Zhendong successively. On the women’s team, Meicheng Ito defeated the world champion Liu Shiwen in this year’s team table tennis World Cup finals. It can be seen that Japan’s challenge model to China has taken shape.

  As we all know, from the ITTF to the national associations, from the constant changes in table tennis materials to the changes in the points system and the addition of mixed doubles, it is a "clear thing" to try to limit the absolute advantage of China, and the China table tennis team is also happy in this "encirclement and suppression". Because in the long run, it will do more good than harm to table tennis and the China team. After all, for sports, only more intense competition and stronger suspense can attract more audiences and promote the technical level to a higher level.

  Next, Tokyo, Japan, in 2020 is the focus of preparation and competition between China and Japan in the past four years.

  Wait and see!

  (Text/Liu Chang Zhu Xinyu)

Female representatives of the two sessions tell stories about their duties with deep affection.


  Today is March 8th International Women’s Day, which coincides with the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress. Although it is a holiday, the female delegates stick to their respective posts. Every year, the female delegates and members of the two sessions spend their holidays in the busy process of performing their duties and participating in the discussion of state affairs.

  It is said that "women hold up half the sky". How do the female delegates and committee members in Beijing play the role of "holding up half the sky"? What good suggestions have you made? Outside the venue, they are mothers, wives and daughters; In the meeting place, they are "counselors" who offer advice and suggestions for the country, showing the charm of women. Busy, they are the most beautiful scenery at the two sessions.

  To this end, Yang Guangwang interviewed five women deputies to the National People’s Congress. Let us follow their eyes, pay attention to people’s livelihood, education and other fields, and listen to their proposals and suggestions.

  Viewpoint: Increase the intensity of precision poverty alleviation in the old revolutionary areas.

  A red shirt and a black suit. As for being called "the most beautiful rural female branch secretary", she smiled and said that this is trust and respect, as well as responsibility and responsibility. It’s not that I’m beautiful, it’s that I do practical things for the masses.

  From Gansu to Beijing, Ma Yinping was both honored and nervous when she was elected to the National People’s Congress for the first time.

  Ma Yinping attended the opening meeting of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress in the morning and participated in a panel discussion in the afternoon. The day’s itinerary is tight and full. The reporter noticed that there was a pile of draft paper on Ma Yinping’s desk, which was full of words. Ma Yinping said that for the first time, I was worried that I couldn’t remember the figures and I was well prepared.

  Ma Yinping’s suggestion this year is to increase the intensity of precision poverty alleviation in the old revolutionary areas. She said that according to local conditions, she is "confident in helping the poor accurately" in her village. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to implement the rural revitalization strategy. She said that the next step is to build beautiful countryside, develop tourism resources, and broaden the channels to get rid of poverty and become rich.

  When it comes to the topic of poverty alleviation, Ma Yinping opened a chatterbox. There are many happy things on the road to poverty alleviation, big and small. She told reporters the story of many poor households getting rid of poverty, and she could feel that she knew everything about each situation. She said that a seemingly trivial matter is "a big deal" for poor households. When their problems were understood and solved, Ma Yinping said, "My heart is full of joy and a sense of accomplishment."

  Ma Yinping also introduced the "one household, one policy" program for accurate poverty alleviation to reporters. That is, adhere to the policy of households, vary from person to person, project to household, and policy to people. Ma Yinping said, find out the causes of poverty, formulate a poverty alleviation menu, "don’t rush headlong into it" and formulate a policy of "grounding gas".

  After listening to this year’s government work report, Ma Yinping said that there were many bright spots and she was very touched. She said, especially in the renovation of dilapidated houses of poor households, there has been a great improvement, "feeling particularly obvious." In poverty alleviation work, "more precise" and "more grounded" will bring back the spirit of the meeting and implement it. (Reporter Du Jing Ma Yuan Li Xuenan)

  Viewpoint: increase the investment in mass sports and suggest setting up a national Wuqinxi promotion center.

  Wuqinxi originated in Bozhou, Anhui Province, and was created by Hua Tuo, a physician at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,800 years and is an excellent traditional fitness culture of the Chinese nation. In recent years, with the rise of the national fitness campaign, people’s attention to Wuqinxi has obviously increased.

  However, Chen Jing, who has more than 30 years’ experience in spreading and learning Wuqinxi, found that Wuqinxi is very popular abroad, and its love and promotion are increasing day by day. However, the popularity in China and the province is still lacking, which belongs to "flowers in the wall and fragrance outside the wall".

  Therefore, Chen Jing suggested setting up a national Wuqinxi promotion center to promote the development of national fitness.

  In order to adapt to the development of the national fitness campaign, Chen Jing proposed to revise and promulgate the Sports Law, which has been implemented for more than 20 years. The current "Sports Law" does not clearly define and express citizens and their sports rights, and the right protection mechanism is seriously lacking; There are more and more sports disputes, but the dispute resolution mechanism is obviously absent.

  Chen Jing suggested that relevant legislation should be improved. At the same time, in the form of legislation, the "National Fitness Day" on August 8 will be established as a national sports festival. It is also suggested that the whole people should have a holiday on this day, so that the people of the whole country can take various kinds of physical exercises, so as to drive the people to remember the glorious history, carry forward the Olympic spirit and promote national fitness, thus realizing the new sports rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. (Reporter: Wang Li)

  Person: [Fang Min, deputy of the National People’s Congress and senior engineer in charge of thermal control of Yinchuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region]

  Viewpoint: Promote the reform of energy structure in the east and west by using the west-to-east power transmission channel.

  "When you are a representative, you have to do something and solve some problems better." In his first year in office, Fang Min, a representative of the 13th National People’s Congress, set himself a goal. This year, she focused on the problem of overcapacity in the power industry, using the West-to-East Power Transmission Channel and big data to promote the reform of energy structure in the east and west, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

  Fang Min, a senior engineer in charge of thermal control in Yinchuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, has participated in the innovation and transformation of thermal control system for more than 20 times, and is a veritable technical backbone of the company. As a newly elected deputy to the National People’s Congress, Fang Min actively prepares for the two sessions of the National People’s Congress and earnestly performs her duties with her consistent craftsman spirit.

  In recent years, Ningxia has built a positive and negative 660 kV DC transmission project from Ningdong to Shandong and a positive and negative 800 kV HVDC transmission project from Ningdong to Zhejiang, and a large power transmission channel from west to east has been completed. In view of the relatively backward development in the western region and the strong demand for electricity in the eastern region, she suggested that three power plants with a total scale of 5.32 million kilowatts should be put into operation in 2018, effectively promoting the adjustment of energy structure in the east and west.

  One month after being elected as a deputy to the National People’s Congress, Fang Min also consulted experts extensively, collected data and compared experiments. She found that there was a waste of resources in the usual power grid dispatching. If the national power grid needs a 500,000-kilowatt adjustment range, and more than two small thermal power units with 300,000 kilowatts participate in peak shaving, the coal consumption will be greater than that of a 600,000-kilowatt unit. In short, the coal consumption of two small units is higher than that of one large unit. Nowadays, more and more new energy power, such as wind power, photoelectricity, etc., are incorporated into the national power grid, and the peak shaving and dispatching of the power grid will become more frequent, and the waste of resources will become more serious. Fang Min hopes that relevant departments should organize power grid dispatching departments and thermal power generation enterprises to set up a project to jointly discuss the scientific dispatching scheme of thermal power units supported by big data, rationally dispatch power plants with different energy levels, and introduce corresponding incentive and subsidy policies to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. (Reporter: Xu Sheng)

  Viewpoint: "Make way for ambulances" depends on the system rather than praise.

  Whenever I drive on the road, whenever I see an ambulance passing by, Li Yan, deputy of the National People’s Congress and president of Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., always lets the ambulance go first, and at the same time, I feel a sweat for the patient in my heart, even a little worried. "Because the 120 ambulances that perform the task are racing against time, once some vehicles are blocked on the road, it will cause a waste of ambulance time." Therefore, during the two sessions this year, Li Yan brought a proposal on "unblocking the ambulance" life channel ".

  In an interview with a reporter from the Central Broadcasting Network, Li Yan appealed that it is suggested to install a camera on the ambulance to take pictures of private cars that refuse to let go, and the behavior of not avoiding the ambulance must be clearly stipulated and severely punished. She seems a little urgent to implement the above suggestions. This year, she also plans to shoot a public service advertisement about comity ambulances.

  Li Yan said: "In real life, there are some car owners who refuse to give way when they meet 120 ambulances to perform emergency tasks, and even occupy the emergency passage. I usually feel very angry when I meet such car owners. This is a disregard for life. We are in the pharmaceutical industry, and we have a strong desire in ourselves: there will be a strong rescue complex in our hearts. Therefore, when I heard that I died because of time delay, not because of medical skills or medicine, I couldn’t accept it. "

  It is understood that at present, in Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Fujian, Nanjing, Jiangsu and other places in China, attempts have been made to establish relevant systems on ambulance avoidance. For example, Shenzhen has launched a "worry-free avoidance" penalty-free system, but those who fail to avoid it for more than the set time will be entered into the law enforcement database as illegal information, and 300 yuan will be fined and deducted 3 points according to law. For another example, on October 17th last year, Jinan City, Shandong Province launched the "Fearing for Life and Avoiding Worry" campaign, and the newly-developed "Intelligent Driving Recorder" was put into use in 75 ambulances under the Jinan Emergency Center ….. and so on, which are all worth learning.

  For unblocking the ambulance "life channel", Li Yan suggested that a camera should be installed in front of every 120 ambulance to collect evidence for vehicles that cut in line, cut off or give way to ambulances, and relevant data should be shared with the traffic control department as evidence of punishment. In addition, Li Yan also suggested that the unimpeded ambulance "life channel" should be included in the evaluation index system of civilized cities (units). From the system to the concept, the fundamental solution to this problem is to make the ambulance become everyone’s conscious action. (Reporter: Jing Wong)

  Person: [Chen Jianyin, deputy to the National People’s Congress, chairman of the trade union of Chuzhou RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. and director of the human resources department]

  Viewpoint: It is suggested that every city or public place should set up a maternal and child room reasonably according to its size, and incorporate it into relevant laws and regulations.

  "Being elected as a deputy to the National People’s Congress is very exciting on the one hand and a heavy responsibility on the other. This time, I pay more attention to the content of setting up a maternal and child room in public places. " Chen Jianyin, deputy to the National People’s Congress, chairman of the trade union of Chuzhou RT Mart Commercial Co., Ltd. and director of the human resources department, suggested that every city or public place should reasonably set up a maternity room according to its size and incorporate it into relevant laws and regulations.

  According to Chen Jianyin, in her previous research, she found that although the construction of maternal and child nursing rooms in some cities has been relatively perfect, the construction progress of maternal and child nursing rooms in public places such as expressway service areas, railway stations and bus stations is still unsatisfactory.

  Chen Jianyin believes that this phenomenon is incompatible with the pace of social civilization and progress since the reform and opening up. "Society is constantly improving, especially women need more private privacy."

  Therefore, Chen Jianyin suggested that the establishment of maternal and child rooms should be rationally allocated according to the size of each city or place. At the same time, she also hopes to incorporate this content into laws and regulations to better protect the rights and interests of women and children. (Reporter: Xu Peng)

Senior Arts and Crafts Artist of Banknote Printing Factory talks about ingenuity: Doing things well and doing rough work carefully.

  Respondent: Su Xihua

  Presenter: Wu Bingcong

  Time: January 28, 2018

  biographical notes

  Su Xihua was born in Baoding, Hebei Province in 1933 and graduated from Hebei Finance College in 1955. Senior Arts and Crafts Artist, Beijing Banknote Printing Factory, China People’s Bank Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation. His carved head of the Queen of England won China a good reputation in the international banknote printing industry; Soong Ching Ling portrait was selected by Soong Ching Ling Foundation; The giant portrait of Chairman Mao at Work was collected by Chairman Mao’s former residence and Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. China’s fourth set of portraits carved by him on the face of 100 yuan, 50 yuan and 10 yuan in RMB represents the highest level of carving technology in China. He has won the Meritorious Medal of the Banknote Printing and Minting System of the People’s Bank of China, and the Labor Medal of the Capital on May 1st, and enjoyed the special government allowance issued by the State Council.

  Interview notes

  On March 22nd, the central bank released a news. With the approval of the State Council, the central bank decided to stop the circulation of the fourth set of RMB in full denomination in the market from May 1st. From 1987 to 2018, the fourth set of RMB 31-year circulation will also come to an end. This set of RMB is the product of meeting the needs of China’s economic development, further improving China’s monetary system, and making breakthroughs in design ideas, styles and printing techniques. Among them, Su Xihua, a senior arts and crafts artist in Beijing Banknote Printing Factory of China People’s Bank, is responsible for carving portraits of people in 100 yuan, 50 yuan and 10 yuan vouchers. The 100 yuan Voucher carved by him is not only the "resurrection" of the hundred-dollar bill in China after the reform and opening up, but also the first time that the portraits of Mao, Zhou, Liu and Zhu were selected together on the RMB. In this set of RMB, he became the main sculptor of the fourth set of RMB with his skillful carving techniques and bold innovative spirit. When the fourth set of RMB is about to bid farewell to the public, we contacted Mr. Su Xihua to talk about his sculpture story.

  You went to Hebei Institute of Finance in 1952 and studied accounting at Baoding Bank School at that time. How did you get the chance to start carving later?

  There is a little history in it. I grew up in the war years, because the war was raging at that time, and my family let me drop out of school. After liberation, I didn’t go to primary school until I was seventeen or eighteen. After graduating from primary school, I was admitted to Baoding Bank School. This school has good conditions, and it doesn’t charge tuition fees. Because this school has excellent conditions and can reduce the financial burden on my family, I gave up other schools I was admitted to to to study there.

  At school, I studied banking accounting for three years. At that time, I had to learn junior high school culture courses plus junior college banking courses. After studying for three years, we graduated. At that time, Sino-Soviet relations had begun to break down, and our country urgently needed to issue new RMB and stamps, and people were needed in the factory. Our group of graduates went directly from Baoding to Beijing’s 541 Factory (now Beijing Banknote Printing Co., Ltd.) to support the industrial construction of the capital. In all, more than 100 people gave up their accounting major and went to work in the factory.

  After I entered the factory, my initial position was as a worker in the sealing workshop. Although it was a pity to give up my original major, I also like it here because I can come to Beijing, which is a state-owned enterprise in a special industry with a good environment and complete facilities. At that time, I worked hard and made progress in my thoughts. I joined the party in the first year of entering the factory, and I was transferred to the design room more than a year later. When I was first transferred, I didn’t understand it. I told our section chief that I was doing well here and didn’t want to leave. However, the section chief said that our students were of good quality, and their cultural level was relatively high at that time. The design department needed us to "take technical classes and catch up with the international level", so I transferred to the design department to engage in hand carving.

  ② You carved characters at first, and then gradually set foot in decoration, landscape and portrait carving. What was the process?

  At that time, more than a dozen of us were transferred from the sealing workshop to the design room, and each of us was assigned a different direction to start studying and working. This department is divided into three parts: design, hand carving and machine carving, and I was assigned to the direction of hand-carved text carving. Carved characters have the lowest technical content in hand carving, followed by decoration, scenery and portraits, among which portrait carving is the most difficult and the most contribution. At that time, I was assigned the job of carving words, and I was not half-hearted, so I obeyed the assignment and concentrated on carving words. After studying with Master for eight years, Master retired, just in time to carve the third set of RMB, so I took over the master’s class and carved the text of 5 yuan and 10 yuan banknotes in the third set of RMB. In the process of completing the carving task, the teacher also taught me to carve patterns, so I tried it myself, changed the original method of carving layer by layer, and the carved patterns were better than the most advanced universal carving machine in the factory at that time, which was recognized by the leaders, so the patterns I carved were also selected into this set of RMB.

  At that time, the technology was somewhat closed, and the technicians who carved landscapes could naturally carve portraits when they reached a certain level, but no matter how well they carved words and decorations, they could not. Although some boundaries were broken after liberation, there was no specific opportunity to learn all-rounders at that time, let alone "job-hopping" now. At that time, it was very difficult to directly transfer from engraving characters to engraving portraits, and in order not to affect others, I learned layer by layer, sincerely asked the teacher for advice, first learned to engrave decorations, then learned to engrave landscapes, and finally attacked portraits. I have been studying by taking the path for 26 years, so I really started carving portraits, only ten years before I retired.

  (3) in the decade of the "Cultural Revolution", someone criticized you for being "only expert but not red". What was the situation at that time?

  During the "Cultural Revolution", the ultra-left ideological trend was serious. Our department belonged to the technical department, and the technicians were also called "smelly Laojiu". Some leaders were sent to the May 7th Cadre School. At that time, some young people didn’t like my study. At the meeting, they insinuated that I was "not prominent in politics, only professional and not red, and purely technical". But at that time, the thought in my heart was, how can we catch up with the international level when we are out of work and making revolution like you? But I didn’t do anything special, so I chose a work of "Chairman Mao inspects the Red Guards" to express my love for Chairman Mao, and I also avoided the edge.

  ④ You worked very hard when carving the portraits in the fourth set of RMB, and worked overtime for 120 working days to complete the task. What was the state at that time?

  At first, I carved characters, and I was junior in carving portraits, but I also hoped to show my achievements in years of study in the fourth set of RMB, so I worked very hard. The first task was to carve the workers and peasants intellectuals on the 50 yuan voucher. I won the competition with the Shanghai sculptor, and the original was selected. When the second 10 yuan coupon was carved, the leader only assigned me to carve it, so the pressure was even greater. There was no mistake, otherwise there was no substitute. I worked hard for more than two months and completed the task on time. Carving the heads of Mao, Zhou, Liu and Zhu on 100 yuan paper money was the most important thing at that time. Many experts from Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan will spend four months to complete the statue. At that time, I thought that it was not appropriate to use traditional carving techniques to express the characters in relief style, and the content and form were not uniform enough. So I made up my mind to break away from convention and innovate, and changed the traditional curve carving techniques to use parallel lines and points to express them. At that time, time was tight and the task was important. I got up at four or five o’clock every morning to work overtime, and I didn’t get off work until 10 o’clock in the evening. Every day, I had to carve it under a magnifying glass for more than 13 hours.

  Who do you admire most and why?

  My vision is more about the industry I am engaged in, so the people I admire most are also in the industry. For example, the first generation of sculptors and the second generation of sculptors that we passed down, their technology and development have had a lot of help and influence on me, so I admire these people more. There are also people I admire in the society, such as program hosts. They have a wide range of knowledge and can talk, but we are engaged in different industries and have different advantages. I admire outstanding talents in all aspects.

  ⑥ Many people call you a "great country craftsman". How do you understand "ingenuity"?

  I think "ingenuity" is a persistent spirit of Excellence. Just like I finished repairing the steel, it is not artistic, but it is done carefully bit by bit. For example, when carving a portrait, it is always hard to leave this small place for several months, but it is also necessary to ensure that the quality of the finished product is not problematic. "Ingenuity" is what we advocate now, and it is also a requirement and encouragement for technicians to do things well and do the rough work carefully.

  ⑦ What do you do for those who are trained?

  In this respect, I have really made efforts. It can be said that I have broken the division of labor of manual carving taught by American sculptors. From the time I taught my disciples to carve words, I told them that carving words should also lay the foundation for carving people. I can’t learn skills like running a marathon like me, and I can’t only carve words all my life like my master. I also arranged training for them to learn multi-faceted techniques, paving the way for carving portraits. Later, I served as the deputy director of the design room. At that time, the talents of portrait carving were not available, so I organized all the old, middle-aged and young sculptors who had a certain carving foundation to invest in the portrait carving technology, which improved the overall level of portrait carving and provided talent guarantee for later engraving the fifth set of RMB.

  When carving the portraits on the fifth set of RMB 50 yuan coupons, according to the requirements of the head office, the design studio sent two young designers to compete for carving, and I served as their guidance. When one of the young sculptors carved the fifth set of portraits of Chairman Mao with RMB 50 yuan coupons, the first edition widened the overall line spacing, so that the skin texture of the characters could not be expressed in place and could only be invalidated. Later, I told her a value that could ensure the success of the line pattern and asked her to change the plate and engrave it again. Finally, her work was successfully adopted. Later, when carving the 5 yuan coupon, the sculptor widened the temporal pattern spacing when carving the portrait of Chairman Mao, which made the overall line pattern out of proportion and affected the image. However, it was too late to carve it again, so I quickly taught her my "steel-mending stunt" to help her repair and adjust the pattern spacing, so that she completed the task on time and was finally adopted. I have spared no effort to help young sculptors grow up, and I have not failed to live up to the expectations of the leaders.

  Did your early life experience have any influence on later sculpture creation?

  Speaking of this problem, I really can’t ignore the influence of my family on me. Although my family is not a noble family, it has a certain cultural foundation. My great-grandfather was a gongsheng and my second grandfather was a scholar. My grandfather didn’t catch up with the imperial examination. Growing up in such a family that attaches great importance to education, I was seventeen or eighteen years old after liberation, and my family also supported me to go to primary school. Because of my family’s education, I went to school and had a successful "stepping stone".

  Pet-name ruby from farmers to a generation of masters in the field of sculpture, what do you think is the most important factor for your high achievements?

  In fact, the most important thing is the spirit of hard work and hard study, which is the foundation of success. It is not enough to be smart without hard work, but to pursue it persistently. Of course, I may have relatively strong adaptability and acceptance in carving.

  Attending are you a perfectionist?

  Yes, I am a person who pursues perfection, and the idea of perfection above perfection is very serious. I will do things more seriously, which is one of my advantages and a magic weapon to win.

  ⑾ If you don’t take this job, what career will you choose?

  I work diligently and sincerely wherever I go. At first, I did seal inspection in the workshop. I didn’t think about doing anything else. I just wanted to do this job well. The sealing work needs quick eyes and quick hands. I am not particularly talented in this field, but I have also worked hard and hard. Later, I started carving, and I didn’t pick and choose. I carved whatever I asked. Generally speaking, I try my best to do it well when I am assigned to do it. I have no great ideal. In this environment where I work, what I want to do most is to carve portraits, and I have tried my best to do it now.

  ⑿ How to describe your life after retirement? What have you done during this time?

  I don’t have any special hobbies, but I wrote better than others when I was in primary school. I didn’t have so much work pressure in the ten years after I retired, so I picked up my pen at home and practiced my handwriting again. At that time, I sorted out the old copybooks at home. There were copybooks used by my great-grandfather and grandfather more than 100 years ago. Some of them were rained and some were bitten by insects. I spread the wrinkled copybooks flat and then mounted them, then bound them into a book and practiced calligraphy with them. Later, I can also write some banners such as "home and everything" to my family and fellow villagers.

  I also carved a stamp after that. At that time, when the chief engineer of our factory was transferred, he must ask me to carve a stamp. I said I carved steel plates. How can I get a stamp? But he insisted that I carve it and brought me the stone I bought, so I couldn’t refuse any more. I bought a set of tools myself and used a knife for carving steel plates to carve stamps. To be honest, what I carved can be seen as a stamp, but the artistry is still not enough. After carving a few square seals, my eyes failed, so I didn’t carve any more.

  Do you have any hobbies in your life? Do you like traveling, cooking or sports?

  I like traveling very much. I have been to Meishan, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Hong Kong and Daqing in Sichuan before. Now that I am old, it is inconvenient to go out again. Speaking of cooking, the rice cake I made is very good, and it is a dessert in my hometown. To make this rice cake, you need to use yellow wheat, jujube and jujube, and steam them together with sugar. Only I can cook this at home. Every time I made rice cakes, everyone liked them.

  [14] What do you think is your most precious thing? Is it a work?

  Looking back now, I think the most precious thing is these honors given to me. I can’t take credit and be complacent about honors, but I cherish them very much. Some honors are just a certificate and a piece of paper, but it represents the process of my hard work and I have not wasted my time.

  ⒂ In today’s developed industrial level, what contribution did the profound accumulation of hand-carved in those days make to the present art sculpture?

  Hand-carved is not what it used to be. Now laser carving is used, and the previous carving tools are basically no longer used. However, the basic usage of carving, such as the use of points and lines, still continues the foundation of manual carving.

  You have left your mark on several generations of RMB. What’s it like to face and use your own works for decades?

  In fact, I didn’t say that I would look at it and think that this is my carved work, that is, money. The blue one is 100 yuan, and the green one is 50 yuan. How much money should be given to others? There will be no concept of works in life. But my family will feel very proud, and sometimes they will tell others that it was carved by my relatives.

  This edition/Wu Bingcong

The initial heart of the new era "Awesome, My Country"

Editor’s note:

  The documentary film Awesome, My Country records the super projects such as China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port and China Net, and shows the landmark scientific research achievements that lead people to a new era, such as the largest radio telescope FAST in human history, the world’s largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2", the research and development of maglev train and 5G technology.

  The young post-90s and post-00s, as a "powerful generation", will witness and build a socialist modernization power in the next 30 years. "China Youth Daily" invited a group of college students to write about the feelings of watching "Awesome, My Country" and write down their initial feelings in the new era.

  (This edition is supported by China University Media Alliance)


Faster, how can I slow down?

Xu Jingran, 2017 graduate student of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  "What can I do?" I often ask myself this question, but after I went to college, the frequency of asking myself increased again. When I watched "Awesome, My Country" in the cinema, I was half proud and half nervous, as if I had pulled out some thoughts, lowered my head from a height, leaned over to examine and even asked myself: "What can I do? What can I do for this country and society? "

  The film shows China’s brilliant achievements in scientific and technological development, economic construction, national defense construction, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, internal affairs and diplomacy since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. For me, the most inspiring thing in the film is the display of a series of major construction projects and scientific and technological achievements in China in recent years: the world’s largest radio astronomical telescope "FAST", the largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2", the most advanced quantum communication satellite "Mozi", the high-speed railway "Fuxing" with a speed of up to 350 kilometers per hour, and Airbus. …

  This makes me feel excited and scared: I am excited to board a great ship of the times, but I am afraid whether I can make a little contribution to this great ship. No one asked me to do anything, but I think it is a kind of responsibility, a kind of self-questioning, self-encouragement, self-alarm and self-reflection derived from "being proud".

  Soon after school started, I got together with a senior sister. When chatting, she brushed the mobile phone news, and her expression suddenly collapsed. "Teacher Nan Rendong died, and I interviewed him." The atmosphere suddenly cooled down and we ended the party hastily. At that time, I still couldn’t understand the complicated feelings of my senior sisters. These scientists seemed to be very far away from me, just a name.

  Later, I visited the two bombs and one satellite memorial hall and the innovation exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I listened to stories such as "Mr. Turbulence can’t get away". I watched the WeChat public platform "Voice of Chinese Academy of Sciences" and pushed the latest scientific research achievements of scientists and technicians every day: the dark matter particle detection satellite "Wukong", the world’s first cloned monkey, the 11-bit cloud superconducting quantum computing platform, and the world’s first "chorea" gene pig & HELIP; … New discoveries and progress emerge one after another.

  I took classes with academicians and people whose names have been seen in textbooks. My teachers are meticulous academically and love students as much as children in life; My classmates are serious and lovely. In the class of dialectics of nature, the classroom presentations submitted by everyone are "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Uplift and Its Influence", "The Mystery of Solar Neutrino Absence" and "The Loss of Mathematical Uncertainty — — Godel’s great discovery "and so on are" shivering "topics. This makes me feel that I am so close to science that science and scientists are alive by my side.

  Everyone in this school is different, but what they have in common is "working very hard". Whenever, they are rushing to the next thing to do. A biology teacher once said, "Doing scientific research is like washing clothes in the dark. You can’t see the real-time progress of others’ washing, so you should keep washing, try your best to wash, and you can’t stop until the light comes on."

  Whenever I see the persistence in these people’s eyes, I will tell myself, "How can you slow down if you are faster?" History will only care for the determined, the enterprising and the fighters, and will not wait for the hesitant, the lazy and the fearful.

  After watching the movie, any China people will strongly feel their sense of identity, belonging, security and pride in their motherland. My friends, study astronomy, ocean, geology, biology, artificial intelligence … … Frankly speaking, the first year of graduate students is like a screw. What you can do is to drill and tighten it.

  We are scattered in the basic unit of scientific research — — The 114 research institutes in China insist on facing the major international frontiers, facing the national strategic needs and facing the main battlefield of the national economy, and writing scientific and technological achievements on the land of the motherland. Starting from basic scientific research, we should explore things close to the truth, find ways to make life happier, and break the status quo to meet more possibilities.

  I have no doubt that there will be future scientists among my friends, which makes me a little envious of not studying science and engineering anymore. I study science communication, and I am very satisfied that I can call myself half a scientist.

  Walking on the path to the classroom, thinking about the time allocated to each academic task, I think, I am willing to be a purely practical person. "This era is too good, you have to work hard, you can’t be unworthy of this era."

Dreams are like a seed.

Duan Jingwen, a 2016 undergraduate of Nankai University.

  Recently, I went to the cinema to watch Awesome, My Country. Before the movie started, an old woman in a wheelchair was pushed into the cinema and sat next to me. She has white hair and trembling legs, and her face is covered with wrinkles and age spots left by years. As the film story unfolded, the tears on grandma’s face flashed in the dim light, and the crutch trembled.

  Many people may feel a little confused after watching "Amazing, My Country": "How big is the gap between national strength and individual happiness? How close will national prosperity be to everyone? " At this moment, my grandmother’s tears answered me. Probably only those who have experienced the history wash can understand what the power of this country really means.

  "At that time, I walked from our home to Yunnan for many days. It was a bus and a train. Zhengzhou stopped for a long time and Zhuzhou rested for a night. I also sent some big cakes to satisfy my hunger … …” On the plane to Kunming to see his comrades-in-arms, Grandpa slowly told the story of going to the army that year. Now, the worrying "many days" has been shortened to three hours on the plane, and many long hardships have been replaced by convenient high-speed trains.

  Undoubtedly, high-speed rail has become a new business card for China, which has brought us closer to our hometown. In Spring Festival travel rush, the high-speed trains lined up on the track carry thousands of homesick hearts like bullets on standby, allowing homesick people to cross the north, south, east and west, and come and go freely without being trapped by homesickness.

  Last year, when I went to Wuhan by train, I crossed the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. This bridge, which was completed in 1957, witnessed the Yangtze River water rolling eastward, taking away the decline of the nation and bringing about the strength of the country. In addition to the Yangtze River, China Bridge also stands on the vast sea, among the steep mountains, and at the junction of national history and future. From then on, it is no longer difficult for Shu Dao to go to the sky, and the country has the ability to let people go out of places where only birds used to fly out.

  When I saw my hometown, a county-level city also has seven expressways, I really felt that the strength of the country is closely related to my personal life, and I can proudly say, "My country is really powerful!"

  "Awesome, My Country" shows us many achievements made by the country since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The country is no longer a rose with only fragrance but no thorns in Lao She’s Four Generations under One roof, and every citizen no longer needs to use silence to cover up his grief over national subjugation like Qi Ruixuan. Festive scenery does not treat each other, Sangtian blue sea needs to be changed in an instant, looking back at history, the predecessors have gone through thousands of difficulties to make China stand in the east of the world again; Looking forward to the future, a better life depends on our common struggle and common achievement.

  A dream is like a seed. If everyone in China can plant it in his heart and take good care of it, the Chinese dream will come true when all the seeds take root, sprout, blossom and bear fruit.

"Powerful country generation" has a long way to go.

Zhai Yujie, a 2015 undergraduate of Southwest University.

  "In the wind and rain, the voyage is magnificent, thousands of miles away in Wan Li, the sun is in my heart, my dream shines ahead, and your faith ignites courage … …” Accompanied by soothing and inspirational music, my heart repeatedly replayed "Awesome, My Country".

  In the form of documentary, the film presents the development achievements of the motherland on the big screen, pushes and pulls the swaying motion lens and degradation lens, brings together scattered pictures and scenes, and conveys to us an image of the motherland that is at the forefront of world development.

  A series of high-speed trains shuttle through the motherland, from the northeast of Snow Country to tropical Hainan; Cars are running on the expressway, reshaping the new symbol of China geography; The automated seaport terminal can handle the world trade quickly and effectively; China’s network has achieved global connectivity in minutes. During the running, China also kept slowing down, stopped to look back, and reflected on various problems encountered in the process of modernization.

  Tears and laughter of Luocuo and Rosandanda, poverty alleviation cadres in Zhaxigang Village, Xizang Autonomous Region, children having free lunches in the mountains, China soldiers "No matter where you are, don’t forget that behind you is a great motherland, and there is a speed called China’s rescue, and there is a kind of luck that I am from China" … … The film’s rigorous but vivid commentary expresses the rapid development of the motherland in a slow-flowing daily life.

  A British media reported the transition from the old platform to the new platform at Longyan Railway Station in Fujian, which only took nine hours, which made the British amazed at the advanced infrastructure project in China. Musk, an American entrepreneur who just sent a sports car into space, couldn’t help forwarding this report and praised that "China’s advanced infrastructure is developing more than 100 times faster than the United States".

  The mountain peaks that Shan Ying once couldn’t fly can now be climbed in 10 minutes; It used to take 12 hours from Beijing to Shanghai, but now it only takes 4.5 hours; 2.99 million base stations and 890 million users, and the total length of optical cable lines in China has reached 30.41 million kilometers; China has contributed more than 30% to the world economy, becoming the first engine to drive the global economy … … Long after the film ended, these pictures and figures still reverberated in my mind.

  The grand vow of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is echoing in the east of the world. The film not only brought the double shock of vision and soul, but also made China people proud and proud, and made our younger generation full of fighting spirit and vitality!

  The first three hours of the film’s release broke the box office record of this kind of film in China. The noteworthy data is that young people constitute the main force of watching "Amazing, My Country". Cat’s eye data shows that 55.5% of the audience in this film are 20-29 years old. On the Internet, a large number of post-90s and post-00s praised the film. The young mode of communication makes the young audience, as the main force of the box office, feel cordial and causes our personal thinking.

  As soon as Qiao Wenwen, a college student, walked out of the cinema, she excitedly took out her mobile phone and chatted with her grandmother in the countryside, telling her that more welfare policies would be distributed to the grassroots. Qiao Wenwen’s dream is to become a grass-roots worker, and transform the mountains that gave birth to her with both hands and the villagers. Wang Jie Shao, a young man from Lanzhou, said that it takes six hours to get home by high-speed train when he goes home for the New Year. In the past, it took more than ten hours to get a hard seat in the Spring Festival travel rush train.

  At the beginning of the film, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s lifelong struggle is to hope that China will become "the richest country in the world, the happiest country in the world, and the people of China will become the happiest people in the world". Today, the rapidly developing motherland has created a good employment environment and a world of innovation for us. As a "powerful generation", this is the best time and a challenging time, and we have a long way to go.

After 90, we should also tell the "China story"

Zhong Yang, a master student of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2016

  After reading "Amazing, My Country", I can’t calm down for a long time like an electric shock. I am not only confident and proud of the development achievements of my motherland, but also moved by the ordinary stories of countless people who are fighting in the front line of building the motherland. When the shocking sound effect, the magnificent narrative picture, and the eloquent story are integrated, my blood is boiling all over and my eyes are wet many times, and I sincerely give my thumbs up to praise my motherland.

  In addition to the magnificent narrative, the film also shows the lives of ordinary people struggling in their jobs from an equal perspective. What impressed me the most was a Tibetan poverty alleviation cadre. In order to persuade her poverty alleviation object to move, she tried her best, tried her best, and made a lot of efforts, just for the poverty alleviation object to live a good life, but her kindness was often not understood. She is the epitome of countless poverty alleviation cadres in China. She has devoted herself wholeheartedly and selflessly, just to contribute to the construction of the motherland.

  This poverty alleviation cadre is about my age, which is one of the reasons why she left a deep impression on me. She is so young, but she shoulders the mission of getting rid of poverty and working silently in precision poverty alleviation, which has become the pillar of the times. In addition to being moved, I am also rethinking: What can I do for the construction of the motherland?

  As future news media practitioners, we have the obligation to open up the public opinion field between the government and the people, to assume the responsibility of media supervision, and to strive for more right to speak in the public opinion field of the international community with pen as a sword and mouth as a knife. Have the obligation to tell the "China Story" well, and inherit and spread the profound and profound China culture from ancient times to modern times.

  As a future news media practitioner, in my daily life, I also want to contribute to the cultural communication of the motherland. During the exchange study in Taiwan Province, I became a Chinese volunteer, teaching foreign students Chinese and actively carrying out the mission of "telling the story of China and spreading and inheriting China culture". I found that foreign students not only revere the long-standing traditional culture of China, but also yearn for the lively and open modern culture of China. "The whole world is speaking Chinese" not only exists in songs, but also is fully reflected in our real life.

  In addition, I found that Taiwan Province people’s understanding of the mainland is not comprehensive enough, but in fact, many young people in Taiwan Province are full of yearning for the mainland. They have been exposed to the development status of many mainland cultural industries through the Internet. Mainland film and television dramas, mainland music, mainland variety shows and mainland apps are imperceptibly affecting young people in Taiwan Province. With the economic development of the mainland of China and the introduction of the policy of Taiwan Province compatriots coming to the mainland to enjoy national treatment, many Taiwan Province people have the opportunity to come to study, find jobs, start businesses and live. Through on-the-spot experience, they can feel the changes in the mainland and get to know the real mainland. They have virtually become the folk mouthpiece of cross-strait exchanges and spread the real mainland message.

  As media practitioners and researchers, we should also devote ourselves to presenting a more comprehensive, three-dimensional and positive image of China to people all over the world through various media channels and forms, so as to enhance the all-round attraction of China culture.

  The post-90s generation was once regarded by public opinion as "tricky in character and weird in behavior", a bit like the "beat generation", but now, we are given a new mission and responsibility — — I am sincerely proud of the "powerful generation". We should constantly improve ourselves and actively become young people with ideals, morality, education and discipline.

  The "powerful generation" happens to be at the historical intersection of the goal of "two hundred years". History gives us a mission and also gives us opportunities. It is our advantage of "maverick, unconventional and pursuing individuality" that makes us full of innovative spirit and infinite possibilities in the future.

  In the new era, our small life will be like a meteor, breaking the sky, blooming gorgeous sparks in the long river of history, reflecting the meaning of life. The "powerful generation" has a heavy sense of responsibility, but at the same time, their self-confidence is stronger. There are so many charming people in the country, and it depends on the present.

I am willing to be a pawn for a strong army and jump down to the grassroots.

Liu Weichao, Ph.D. student of the 17 th Team of Political College of National Defense University

  It is lucky and even greater to throw yourself down and do one thing well all your life.

  "Amazing, My Country" begins with the introduction of a China Bridge that can be called a miracle of the world — — Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. What moved people was not only its grandeur, but also the memory of its chief designer Lin Ming: "When I first accepted this project, I was 48 years old. Today, the final joint installation is carried out, and I am over 60 years old. " In the past twelve years, my hair has become fashionable, which makes people feel the passing of time. But what is even more impressive and admirable is the self-confidence evaluation of Mr. Lin’s designer: "What we see here is the best equipment, the best construction method, the best technology and the best project in the world." Behind the four "best in the world", it is the dedication and concentration of the great country craftsmen represented by Mr. Lin.

  This dedication and dedication have deepened my understanding of "going to the place where the motherland needs it most" and solved the problem of "going to the grassroots" that has been bothering me for a long time. My father is a veteran. From his age of eighteen to mine, he devoted his best forty years to the fiery grass-roots military camp. May be influenced by my father’s subtle influence, after graduating from a local university, I was admitted to the graduate school of the military academy; And after three years, I was fortunate to be one of the few direct doctoral students in National Defense University. At the beginning, I chose to join the army, hoping that one day, like my father, I could burn myself and exercise myself in the fiery melting pot of grass-roots military camps. After reading the blog, my initial heart was shaken from time to time, and I was concerned about which unit was closer to home and more comfortable.

  Until I saw the miracle of China and the silent efforts behind the speed of China in Awesome, My Country, I understood. Yes, the grassroots are indeed more bitter and tired, and they will encounter more difficulties. However, if you are afraid of hardship and tiredness and covet "promotion and wealth", you can "please go elsewhere". Why did you join the army with a pen to serve the country when you graduated from college? Young people have many ways to live: working close to home, surrounded by relatives and friends; Or decent and tidy, with high income … … These are not necessarily the most suitable for your life. Because what really suits you is never the appearance of reality, but the inner feelings brought by your own values and beliefs. "Today’s responsibility lies not with others, but with my youth." I threw myself down and made myself a pawn on the road to strengthening the army. I think it is more glorious than "setting a small goal and earning him 100 million yuan."

  Do not seek comfort, unwilling to be mediocre. Dedicated to the grassroots, but also a hero!

  As a "powerful generation", besides having a firm will to be down-to-earth and rooted at the grassroots level, we should also focus on establishing the following three consciousnesses: First, we should establish mass consciousness and fight as soldiers. First of all, uphold the concept that "doctors and masters are all soldiers" and truly blend in with their comrades. A first-class army needs a first-class team, and it should be the first step for itself to enter the grassroots.

  The second is to establish a model consciousness. There are many examples in Awesome, My Country. One sentence "Look at me" is better than ten thousand sentences "Give me the job". Combining with oneself, we must first take the lead in ability, learn from teachers, classmates, books and practice, and effectively improve our own ability and quality; In the future grass-roots work, we should give play to our comparative advantages of strong understanding and fast learning, and give play to the leading role of the backbone. In addition, it is necessary to take the lead in attitude, have a good command of knowledge and skills, and it is difficult for a person to master everything. However, in the face of hard work, tiring work, dirty work and dangerous work, he should dare to be the first to show his responsibility and attitude of "dedicating himself to the mission and leading troops" in the Political College.

  The third is to establish a sense of learning. Doctors and masters are all soldiers, but they can’t just be soldiers. First of all, we must establish a lifelong learning concept. The progress of various undertakings in "Awesome, My Country" requires builders to keep up with the pace of the times and keep learning and moving forward. The military affairs of grass-roots companies are complicated, and it is easy for people to delay their studies and forget to study under various excuses, so they should always be self-vigilant; Secondly, it is necessary to change from information sender to knowledge sharer. The information transmitter was once one of the important roles of grass-roots political cadres and the key mechanism for political work to play its role. However, with the continuous improvement of the informationization and intelligence level of the military camp, being a doctor does not necessarily have more information resources to serve comrades. Therefore, it is necessary to change roles and use the academic thinking cultivated by scientific research experience to reprocess and further process "information" so that "information" can become "knowledge" more suitable for the needs of officers and men.

  Looking back at history, the fate of the country and the nation has always been closely linked with the strength of the army and the victory or defeat of the battlefield. In today’s China, the goal of national rejuvenation has never been so firm, and the desire to realize the Chinese dream has never been so strong. A generation has a generation’s mission and responsibility, and the heavy responsibility of strengthening the army falls on our shoulders. If we want to provoke this burden, we must jump down. As a "powerful generation", I don’t want to be named Hou, I hope Hai Boping.

A new era of temperature, strength and grace

Ye Zipeng, a master student majoring in Party building at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

  The word "time" makes people feel that there is a sense of historical vicissitudes, which seems out of reach. When we read or hear the stories of a certain era, we often envy or feel the people who are in different times. But just as we can’t detect the revolution of the earth, it is difficult for us to have an overview of the magnificent times when we are there.

  Fortunately, there is such a film, "Awesome, My Country", which shows us the era we live in — — This is a new era.

  The new era is an era with temperature. From the three generations of Bashang plantation to the health administrators who work in households, from the poverty alleviation of the whole population to the weaving of the world’s largest basic medical security network … … Every ordinary hero’s dream should not be hidden in the snow. This is the temperature in China.

  The new era is an era of strength. From "Jilong" going into the sea to "Mozi" going up to the sky, from "Sea Beast" Blue Whale 2 to "Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST)" FAST, from "Liaoning" aircraft carrier going out to sea smoothly, to C919 aircraft successfully soaring … … The hard struggle behind it turned into a sonorous step.

  The new era is an era of grace. From the community of human destiny to the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, from the establishment of the AIIB to the establishment of the Silk Road Fund, from the APEC meeting in Beijing by Yanqi Lake to the G20 Summit in Hangzhou by Xizi Lake … … Today’s China is closer to the center of the world than ever before, taking on more responsibilities in the center of the stage.

  Not long ago, a tribute film to Tsinghua University also triggered a discussion boom. What makes people unable to calm down for a long time is the different times of each generation and the choices that people made in different times. "Ask nothing about the west and the east" has also become a hot word for a while. This word is selected from Tsinghua University’s school song "Lide makes a point, asks nothing about the West and the East". "Nothing to ask about the West and the East" is actually a kind of "pursuit without personal utility". It is actually a blend of feelings of home and country and historical responsibility, and it is also an initial heart belonging to the times.

  This year is the year of reform and opening up. The extension line of reform and opening up has been drawn to this day, and we still have many problems to face, to think about and to solve. The situation we are facing now is no easier than it was 40 years ago. However, it is this difficulty that has become the responsibility of our generation.

  Without reform and opening up, there would be no "awesome, my country" today. Looking back at the whole time axis of reform and opening up, the beginning is ideological emancipation, the big discussion about the standard of truth. Nowadays, we still need to emancipate our minds.

  We do face many difficulties and challenges, at the same time, we also face many opportunities and opportunities. At this moment, we need to hold the banner of reform and opening up higher.

  Looking back at history, from the household contract responsibility system in Xiaogang Village of Fengyang to the implementation of the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services", from the rapid rise of Pudong New Area to the spread of the "Belt and Road", it is always inseparable from our understanding of the national conditions, our understanding of practice and our grasp of the present. The new era is a promising period of historical opportunities, and we should stick to seeking truth from facts. Seeking truth from facts as the motto of my school, I think its significance lies not only in my school, but also in a wider range.

  Countries in the new era need to seek truth from facts, and seeking truth from facts here is a determined force. "Don’t take the rigid and closed old road, and don’t take the evil road of changing the flag." For a country, the choice of development path must be deeply rooted in the soil of the motherland, and it is not allowed to "digress" at all. This requires firm self-confidence and finding strength in self-confidence.

  The society in the new era needs to seek truth from facts, and seeking truth from facts here is a joint effort, "thinking in one place and making efforts in one place." With the rapid change of society, flowers are becoming more and more attractive, and various values are rampant. Individuals in society should ask themselves what kind of us are needed for the current development. We need to build a broader consensus and follow it to make the society better.

  Young people in the new era need to seek truth from facts. Seeking truth from facts here is a relay to "walk the long March of our generation". Each generation has different historical experiences and different historical missions. But the same thing is, history has chosen those who have chosen the motherland without exception, and those who have striven and taken responsibility without exception. Only when the younger generation has ideals and can successfully take over the "baton" of history can the country and society have hope.

  The country, society and youth in the new era need to return to the initial heart of the times, and the initial heart of the era of "asking nothing about the West and the East" is actually seeking truth from facts. In line with the principle of seeking truth from facts and unremitting struggle, we can see a more powerful country.

The story of the high wall | (with video atTAched) ta said with personal experience that these behaviors should be "imprisoned"



World Consumer Rights Day


These acts are illegal and criminal!

-315 topics

The French open is long and sparse, but it does not leak.

Another year, 3.15.

Food and drug safety

Relate to people’s health and life safety.

However, some unscrupulous merchants

In order to pursue the immediate "interest"

And finally send yourself into a high wall …


【 production and sale of toxic,

Crime of harmful commodities]

Article 144 of the Criminal Law: Whoever adulterates toxic and harmful non-food raw materials into food produced or sold, or sells food knowingly adulterated with toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years and fined; Whoever causes serious harm to human health or has other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than ten years and fined; Whoever causes death or has other particularly serious circumstances shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 141 of this Law.


[Crime of Counterfeiting a Registered Trademark]

Article 213 of the Criminal Law: Whoever uses the same trademark as its registered trademark on the same commodity or service without the permission of the owner of the registered trademark, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years and shall also, or shall only, be fined; If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years and shall also be fined.


Crime of producing, selling and providing counterfeit drugs

Article 141 of the Criminal Law, whoever produces or sells counterfeit drugs shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention and shall also be fined; Whoever causes serious harm to human health or has other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years and fined; Whoever causes death or has other particularly serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death, and shall also be fined or confiscated.

obey the law

Legal operation is the bottom line, and legal provisions are the red line. Greedy for small profits, loss of trust, and contempt for the law will pay a corresponding price. Only by joint efforts of all parties can we create a legal, fair, healthy and harmonious consumption environment.

Chongzhou Prison will adhere to the principle of "combining punishment with reform, aiming at reforming people", strictly enforce the law and scientifically reform prisoners involved in manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy goods, harming consumers’ rights and interests, and guide them to tell their criminal experiences with their own words, so that consumer "scams" and "traps" have nowhere to hide, and jointly build a more stringent consumer rights and interests protection system.

Original title: "The Story of the High Wall | (with video attached) TA tells the story with personal experience, and these behaviors will be" imprisoned ".

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Strengthening cultural self-confidence and building a national cultural soft power communication platform

  During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress this year, cultural self-confidence once again became the focus of hot discussion. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that cultural self-confidence is a more basic, deeper and more lasting force in the development of a country and a nation. Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the new era, China’s cultural construction has ushered in new opportunities for development, which should lead to the prosperity of socialist literature and art and the development of cultural undertakings and industries. We should tell the story of China well, improve the national cultural soft power and enhance the world influence of Chinese culture.

  Carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture and strengthen cultural self-confidence

  The 2018 government work report suggests that the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security should be continuously improved. The report puts forward that it is necessary to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, inherit revolutionary culture, develop advanced socialist culture and cultivate and practice socialist core values. Strengthen ideological and moral construction and create mass spiritual civilization. Accelerate the construction of philosophy and social sciences with China characteristics, prosper literary and artistic creation, and develop news publishing, radio, film and television, archives and other undertakings. Strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage. Build a new type of think tank. Strengthen the construction of Internet content. In-depth implementation of the project of benefiting the people through culture and cultivation of new cultural formats. Deepen cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

  China’s cultural self-confidence stems from the excellent traditional Chinese culture nurtured by the Chinese nation’s 5,000-year history of civilization. During the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, many deputies suggested that we must vigorously carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture, speed up the construction of a modern public cultural service system, and strive to provide rich spiritual food for the people to live a better life.

  "The values of Chinese culture have become the most basic cultural gene of the Chinese nation. We talk about cultural self-confidence, mainly the confidence of values. " Chen Lai, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and professor of philosophy department of Tsinghua University Humanities College, believes that one of our important tasks today is to vigorously inherit and develop Chinese excellent culture, strengthen cultural self-confidence and undertake the historical mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  In the view of Jia Pingwa, a representative of the National People’s Congress and a writer, the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, such as literary classics and historical sites all over the country, all reflect our cultural confidence. He said that to strengthen cultural self-confidence, we must learn and inherit excellent traditional culture and literary classics. He admits that in recent years, advocacy and initiatives such as reading by the whole people and restoring traditional culture are conducive to understanding, understanding and strengthening cultural self-confidence.

  Liao Huage, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Nanyang Federation of Literary and Art Circles in Henan Province, believes that strengthening cultural self-confidence must start with teenagers. Young people are the pillars of the country’s future development. It is suggested that we should increase the intensity and scope of excellent traditional culture education from kindergarten to primary schools, middle schools and universities, so that young people can "remember to dig wells while enjoying the cool, and not forget to plant trees", so that they can learn nutrition from excellent traditional culture, find motivation, discover the beauty of Chinese culture, root their cultural confidence in their hearts, and be subtly affected, thus rallying a powerful force for building a great Chinese dream.

  Deepen cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and tell the story of China well.

  Practicing cultural self-confidence requires us to tell the story of China well, spread the voice of China well, let Chinese culture go global, and promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and foreign countries. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that in the new era, China will actively promote the "Belt and Road" international cooperation, strengthen cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, promote international communication capacity building, tell the story of China well, show a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, and improve the country’s cultural soft power.

  The Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Humanities Exchanges between China and Foreign Countries issued by the General Offices of the General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council proposes to strengthen the comprehensive communication capacity building of humanities exchanges between China and foreign countries, promote the joint production, joint interview and cooperative publication of Chinese and foreign radio, film and television, publishing institutions and news media, promote the mutual broadcast and exchange of Chinese and foreign film and television programs, implement special exchange projects and plans in the fields of books, films and television, and cultural performances, and enrich the literary and artistic contents and carriers of humanities exchanges; Make "People-to-People Exchange in internet plus" bigger and stronger, and realize the mutual complement and benign interaction between the entity and the virtual exchange platform. By enriching the forms of media communication and building all-media and cultural communication institutions with international influence, we can tell the story of China well, spread the voice of China, explain the road of China, and enhance the closeness of China’s cultural image.

  Wang Shucheng, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and editor-in-chief of the overseas edition of People’s Daily, believes that telling the world the story of China in the new era is to promote the excellent Chinese culture in a moist and silent way, so that cultural integration can become a bridge for the community of human destiny. China’s culture is extensive and profound, and many ideas reflect the common value pursuit of human civilization. It is necessary to further enhance cultural self-confidence, and tell the story of China carefully by broadening horizons, expanding channels and integrating resources, so that Chinese and foreign cultures can realize benign interaction in exchanges and mutual learning; By further improving the level of creativity, China cultural symbols can be transformed into world-famous cultural products and ideas, and the world can perceive China and understand China through culture, thus effectively improving China’s cultural soft power.

  "To spread the voice of China to the world and tell the story of China well, we need to study and choose the most effective communication strategy. It is necessary to understand each other’s historical traditions, cultural psychology and information acceptance habits. " An Laishun, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the International Association of Museums, believes that today, China culture has taken a decisive step to go abroad. What needs to be further strengthened is to let China culture really go in, enter each other’s hearts, resonate emotionally, and let people of all countries truly and naturally realize that Chinese culture is an excellent culture with eternal charm across time and space.

  Wu Hongliang, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Beijing Painting Academy, said that telling the story of China well requires innovation in ways and means. He suggested that in the process of foreign cultural exchange, we can fully tap the international art collections and talent resources, and make use of the existing conditions in other countries to complete the exhibition, research and dissemination of China art locally. The result is low cost, quick effect, great influence and deep integration, which can improve China’s cultural soft power with half the effort and provide new ideas for promoting the international communication ability of China traditional culture.

  China Cultural Exchange Network: Actively Building a National Cultural Soft Power Communication Platform

  China Cultural Exchange Network, a comprehensive, public-welfare and cultural information website under the academic guidance of China Institute of Economic Reform and Development of Renmin University of China and Guosheng Think Tank, takes "promoting traditional culture and serving China in the future" as its purpose, actively implements "Several Opinions on Strengthening and Improving People-to-People Exchanges between China and Foreign Countries", earnestly strengthens the construction of communication capacity, and is committed to building an Internet cultural exchange platform and a national cultural soft power communication platform.

  China Cultural Exchange Network integrates the Internet, mobile terminals, WeChat, Weibo, video, newspapers and other media platforms, and is forming a multi-level communication mode such as graphics, text, audio and video. The website has carried out strategic cooperation with domestic authoritative academic institutions, book publishing, film and television production, intangible cultural heritage protection, tourism, big data, industrial parks and other industrial entities, forming a systematic independent intellectual property right of "culture+",which has demonstrated China’s cultural soft power and cultural self-confidence in external communication. In September 2017, China Cultural Exchange Network was awarded the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" by the National Copyright Administration of People’s Republic of China (PRC) (registration number: 2017SR541515). It has successively obtained the trademark right granted by the State Trademark Office (registration number: 13524174), the copyright registration certificate issued by the State Copyright Administration (Guo Zuo Deng Zi -2014-F-00156441), and won the "China Government Website Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015", and the innovative service platform of "internet plus Culture" in 2016, which was approved by Beijing Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau.

  The large-scale network digital platform of "Window of China Digital Expo Hall" established by the website’s independent innovation spreads Chinese excellent traditional culture through the whole media with the digital technology of "Silk Road Cloud" from five aspects: network art museum, network literature museum, network intangible cultural heritage museum, network photography museum and network academic center. Among them, the network academic center is a new network think tank platform launched by China Cultural Exchange Network to promote the integration and innovation of "media think tanks". At present, many famous experts and scholars such as Wang Yiwei, Zhao Lei, Chen Ping, Zhang Xuedong, Ke Yinbin, Yuan Li, Zhao Jianjun, Zhang Baotong and Lu Yintao have been launched, and their important viewpoints, academic achievements and social influence have been presented and displayed intensively.

  China Cultural Exchange Network has long been concerned about the cultural communication and economic development of the "Belt and Road", and cooperated with the launch of large-scale special topics and special actions involving the "Belt and Road" cultural exchange, tourism, ecology, pension, health, intangible cultural heritage protection, Chinese medicine, film and television, logistics and other fields. The website launched a series of new media projects such as "Silk Road Meeting Room" and "Think Tank Meeting Room", and through the platform information channel of "internet plus", The Belt and Road Cultural Communication and Economic Development Forum, the Belt and Road Intangible Heritage Protection Special Action, the Belt and Road Forum for 100 People, the Silk Road Business Leaders (Xi ‘an) Summit, the montana International Forum, the Silk Road International Film Festival New Silk Road Youth Video Contest, the Belt and Road Friendship City Dialogue, and the Belt and Road (Weinan) were launched one after another. Henan Zhongyuan Aquatic Logistics Port and other large-scale topics, deeply interpret and promote the demonstration projects and sample projects in the field of "One Belt, One Road" cultural communication and economic development, and explore a new model of "One Belt, One Road" humanities exchange.China Cultural Exchange Network held the "Light of Civilization, Person of the Year in China Cultural Exchange" for five consecutive years, focusing on individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of the "Belt and Road" cultural communication and economic development and the mutual learning of Chinese culture and Chinese and foreign civilizations, and encouraging all sectors of society to participate in cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

  CHINA Cultural Exchange Network participated in the co-sponsored "CHINA in My Eyes" city brand publicity project, covering the "China in My Eyes" photo essay contest and many sub-activities such as China Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Guiyang, Dali, Quanzhou, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The theme of "CHINA in My Eyes" is "Tell the story of China well and spread the voice of China well". Through images and words, it truly records and reflects the new normal in China’s cultural, economic and social fields, promotes people-to-people exchanges and shows the achievements and great progress of urban development. After several years of operation, it has become a large-scale publicity project to display the image of China and shape the city brand, and has made positive contributions to enhancing the country’s cultural soft power.

The Story of China People: Wang Mingli: From a War Hero to a Poverty Alleviation Hero

  The breeze blows gently, and the tea in Sinan Chenxi Ecological Tea Garden is fragrant.

  Ten years ago, it was once a barren hill, and the per capita annual income of villagers nearby was less than that of 800 yuan. Ten years later, thousands of acres of tea gardens here are a million hectares, and the per capita annual income has increased by nearly seven times.

  With a 6 kg prosthetic leg, Wang Mingli dragged his broken legs on this road for 10 years. He led the veterans and the local people to find a way where there was no road, and turned the barren hills and stone ridges into more than 4,000 acres of ecological tea gardens.

  Wang Mingli, Party branch secretary and trade union chairman of Chenxi Ecological Agriculture Professional Cooperative in Sinan County, Guizhou Province, and chairman of Dongsheng Forest Breeding Family Farm in Sinan County, is in the tea garden. Photo courtesy of myself

  Blood-stained battlefield, the iron-hearted hero will never regret losing his leg

  "It is not easy to survive, we must be strong!"

  In April 1984, the battles of Laoshan and Zheyinshan started. At the age of 20, Wang Mingli wrote six letters of invitation, urging the company to hand over the most difficult combat tasks to the sharp knife class he led.

  On the battlefield, he rushed to the front and died, but unfortunately he was injured by enemy shrapnel in his right leg and blew up his left leg. Wang Mingli, who woke up from a pool of blood, did not flinch. While fighting back, he dragged his disabled body to continue fighting, completed the combat mission with tenacious perseverance and rescued the injured comrades.

  Although the war cost him a leg, it didn’t take away his hope for life. In the eyes of Wang Mingli, he is still lucky. "Many of my comrades-in-arms have died, and I am still alive. I am lucky. I should cherish my hard-won life."

  Return from disarmament, take root at the grassroots level and open up a new battlefield.

  In 1985, Wang Mingli retired to his hometown. The fighting spirit of "I’d rather die before and never take a step back" was like a bright lamp, which lit up his way forward. In 2000, Wang Mingli was selected as a resident cadre. He found that there were some veterans in the countryside, and they had a hard time because they didn’t have any skills. Seeing that his comrades-in-arms and local people are suffering from poverty, his heart is very unpleasant. How can we find a way for them to get rich? Wang Mingli turned his attention to Wanjiashan, the origin of Yan tea in history.

  Sinan, where Wang Mingli is located, is located between Wuling Mountain Range and Daloushan Mountain Range. It is rocky and full of thorns. In the eyes of local people, Wanjiashan is a "dead mountain" without access, water and electricity!

  Can you dig out a tea garden on the "Dead Mountain"? Almost everyone thinks this is impossible, but Wang Mingli believes it. Sinan has a long history of planting tea, and suitable soil and climate conditions have made Yan tea a tribute tea. Today, Sinan can also grow good tea.

  He dragged his heavy prosthetic leg and climbed up Wanjiashan. The land here is barren, and the people on the mountain eat corn and potatoes for every meal. Only during the Chinese New Year are I willing to eat a little rice, wearing all patched clothes, and my liberation shoes are worn out.

  "Be sure to make this ‘ Dead mountain ’ Become a golden mountain! " The living conditions of the local people have strengthened Wang Mingli’s determination to plan mountains and grow tea.

  Have faith in your heart and swear to turn the "dead mountain" into a golden mountain.

  Wang Mingli’s "absurd" idea was opposed by almost everyone.

  "He just likes to show off, so let him have a taste of losing everything." "Not only has his leg been blown off, but now his brain is out of order" … … It is said that Wang Mingli will plant tea trees on Wanjiashan, but people don’t believe that he can succeed. However, Wang Mingli did not flinch.

  In 2007, the roar of excavators broke the silence of Wanjiashan for many years. Without funds, he took out all his savings, borrowed from the east and borrowed from the west, and even mortgaged the property. His wife finally couldn’t help but feel distressed and complain about him, and the two were facing a divorce.

  Dragging his broken legs, people don’t know how many unimaginable hardships the pioneers of today’s entrepreneurship have suffered. All he said was, "Dig even if you lose everything!"

  Wang Mingli has to face three major problems in cultivating tea gardens on Wanjiashan Mountain: difficulty in entering the mountain road, difficulty in using water on the mountain and difficulty in supplying electricity. What should we do? No matter how hard it is, we must go on!

  He took several laid-off comrades-in-arms and set up tents on the barren hills thousands of meters above sea level. There was no road on the mountain, so he led the villagers to cut a 3-kilometer mountain road on Wanjia Mountain at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. There was no water on the mountain, so he led everyone to dig more than 40 water cellars and carry water with horses. When there was no electricity on the mountain, he lit the lantern with kerosene. When his hand was blistered, he found a band-aid to stick it on. During the day, he dug mountains with his comrades. At night, he took off his prosthetic leg as a pillow. When the prosthesis was worn, he tied it tightly with wire; When the wound became inflamed, he quietly put on the painkiller … … Finally, the tea base was built.

  After the tea garden was built, before Wang Mingli could enjoy the joy of success, a disaster came. The newly planted tea seedlings suffered from heavy snow disaster and freezing weather for two consecutive years, and lost 40% at once. That night, man of iron, who had fought his life on the battlefield without tears, cried. He is tired! Because of Chashan, he has worn out many prosthetic limbs and suffered many misunderstandings. However, he stood up again when he thought of his comrades who had been buried in his hometown.

  "Can’t cry! The comrades who died on the battlefield will not forgive me for giving up. "

  In the spring, he brought the masses to replant tea seedlings. It is another year of tea picking, and it is no longer a wilderness, but an endless tea garden; It is no longer cold, but spring full of hope.

  Stick to the position of poverty alleviation and make new contributions to the hero of poverty alleviation

  Every morning, Wang Mingli will stumble slightly in a thousand acres of tea garden. Looking at this green hill and thinking about the road he came, a smile appeared on his mouth.

  Driven by tea gardens, six poor villages around have taken off their "poverty hats" one after another, and many villagers have bought cars. The vigorous development of ecological tea gardens has convinced Wang Mingli that only by building a good platform for entrepreneurship and employment can more people get rid of the "hat" of poverty. He founded Sinan County Veterans Entrepreneurship and Employment Demonstration Base with the model of "Party branch+veterans+enterprises+bases+farmers".

  In 2009, together with several veterans, he seized the opportunity of Sinan county party committee and government to develop ecological tea industry and established Sinan Dingsheng Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. in Guizhou Province. In recent years, through leasing land and farmers’ participation in land, the company has concentrated on transferring more than 4,000 mu of land for tea garden construction in a large scale, radiating six national poverty-stricken villages around, making the local per capita annual income jump from more than 800 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan.

  "I did it with him, not by accident, but by necessity." "I really appreciate him, because he made me useful." When my comrades expressed their gratitude to him, Wang Mingli always said, "You are all rich, so I have no regrets."

  As night fell, Wang Mingli dragged his tired body home. He collapsed on the bed, rolled up his trouser legs, silently removed his heavy prosthetic leg, peeled off layers of gauze, washed the bloody wound with salt water, applied medicine, and wrapped it in layers of new gauze. Early the next morning, he rushed around his thousand acres of tea garden in high spirits. He said that he will always stick to his "position" and protect his tea mountain. (China Youth Network reporter Yang Yue Zhang Wei trainee reporter Li Huihui)

Wolf Warriors screenwriter Liu Yi’s new work exposes that the story of War Wolf 3 has been completed.

Screenwriter Liu Yi was interviewed by 1905 Film Network in Australia.

Special feature of 1905 film network Liu Yi, the screenwriter of the series of films, recently accepted an exclusive interview with 1905 Film Network at the Australian AACTA Awards Ceremony, and he revealed that War Wolf 3 has a relatively complete story. At the same time, Liu Yi also revealed that his new work will once again challenge the theme of military action. This time, he set the story in a submarine deep in the South China Sea. What kind of deep-sea legend Liu Yi will create for the audience this time is quite exciting.

The stories of "Wolf Warriors 2" and "War Wolf 3" were reversed, and Liu Yi exposed Jason Wu to be very competitive. 

Although there is still more than half a month before the end of the year, the box office performance of "Wolf Warriors 2" of 5.6 billion yuan has already been booked as the box office champion this year, bringing the box office record of Chinese movies to a high point of 5 billion yuan. After the nationwide rush to watch Wolf Warriors 2, the audience also looked forward to the third part of Wolf Warriors. In fact, War Wolf 3 had a complete story.

"At present, Wolf Warriors 2, which the audience saw, actually used the story of War Wolf 3, and the original script of Wolf Warriors 2. Because some working conditions were not available at that time, I put it down first. At present, it is very likely that the original "Wolf Warriors 2" story will be put directly behind the film as a continuation of the whole story. Of course, we will make a series of adjustments to the specific details. " Liu Yi revealed that the script of War Wolf 3 has not been revised yet, but the overall story is relatively complete and the main line is relatively clear, so the audience can get a glimpse from the eggs at the end of Wolf Warriors 2.

Wolf Warriors 2 poster

Referring to director Jason Wu, Liu Yi said frankly, "He is a very competitive person! When Jason Wu made the first film of Wolf Warriors, no one was optimistic, even friends around him opposed it, saying that the audience would not watch such a film, but Jason Wu kept insisting that he was such a competitive person, so he could make the Wolf Warriors series. " Liu Yi said with a smile, "Therefore, when we cooperate, we will have a fierce debate and collide with many innovative things. Even when we are discussing the script, we already have a very specific action design." Liu Yi said that as a creator, it is very happy to cooperate with Jason Wu. "He knows exactly what he wants, so we all rack our brains to help Jason Wu realize it. If you meet a director who is always reinventing himself, it will be difficult. "

It is also worth mentioning that "Wolf Warriors 2" will also represent China for the Best Foreign Language Film Award in the 90th Academy Awards. Liu Yi was very excited about this. "The box office performance of" Wolf Warriors 2 "really exceeded all our expectations, but I think the biggest surprise was being chosen to represent China’s" Chongao ",which is also an honor for us." The nominations for the best foreign language film in this year’s Academy Awards will also be announced this month. Let’s wish China the best of luck.

The diving photo taken by Martin, the Scottish captain, for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s new work challenges the battle of the deep sea and will extend its tentacles to science fiction movies in the future.

Referring to his new work, Liu Yi revealed, "I’m writing a story about a submarine called Deep Sea, which is set in the South China Sea and similar in genre to Wolf Warriors 2. It’s still a military action movie."

Liu Yi himself is a senior diver and a technical diver. Compared with ordinary divers, Liu Yi often goes to deeper waters or confined spaces to experience a more wonderful underwater world. "I have tried to be hit by rocks falling from caves, and I have been pinned down by broken steel beams in shipwrecks, but in the end I have successfully escaped." Liu Yi said that his diving experience was not thrilling, but this hobby brought infinite inspiration to his new book Deep Sea.

The sunken ship photographed by Liu Yi in diving.

Undoubtedly, after the great success of Wolf Warriors 2, more and more producers asked Liu Yi to write military movies. In Liu Yi’s heart, he still had an unfinished dream of sci-fi movies. Liu Yi said, "I will definitely write a story close to sci-fi in the future, and now I have an idea. I hope I can find a suitable production company and complete this dream with me."

However, it must be said that science fiction films have always been the weakness of China films, and China’s lack of imagination has also been criticized. Liu Yi has different views on this. "Not only in the creative process, but also in the production and self-confidence. Taking science fiction films as an example, in addition to their own imagination, we must also improve our understanding of science fiction films and improve film technology. " Liu Yi said, "You see, this time the Australian Aita Award has added the Best Asian Film Award for the first time, and China’s film Wolf Warriors 2 has also been shortlisted. What does this mean? On the one hand, China’s position in the world has improved; on the other hand, China’s films are more industrialized and commercialized, and their values are more detailed! On the contrary, I think that science fiction films will be a feasible way. "

As a successful screenwriter, Liu Yi is still very modest, saying that he still has a lot to learn. When it comes to the advice to China’s screenwriter, Liu Yilian said "I dare not". "Let me talk about my own feelings, or we should learn the skills and rules of genre movies and commercial movies in a down-to-earth and all-round way. Everyone always thinks that movies are art, and art has no rules. In fact, art has rules to find."