Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car, and the pricing is "a bit expensive".

On December 26th, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference will be held at 2pm on December 28th. Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, answered some questions that netizens are most concerned about today.

Xiaomi’s first car was named SU7. As for how to pronounce it, Xiaomi has also discussed it seriously. In the end, everyone thinks that it is still called "",just like calling a friend’s name.

In addition, Xiaomi SU7 is positioned. As for why he made a car, Lei Jun will introduce it in detail at the press conference. The press conference will start at 2 pm, which is estimated to be about 3 hours.

Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi SU7 has no accurate benchmarking vehicle, and it is in the trial production and climbing stage, and it will take several months for it to be officially listed. In terms of pricing,

The full text of Lei Jun’s answer is attached to IT House:

Viewing brand entertainment marketing from the advertisement of yogurt favored by many stars

    It is reported that Jay Chou, a talented musician, devoted himself to active work in the spring of 2009, and received a brand-new product advertisement. Apart from filming seriously, he personally acted as a producer, continuing Jay Chou’s consistent style of striving for perfection in his works. I learned from the popular TV advertisement that this product is Yili Yogurt, and the advertising effect is really good, and the style is fresh and pleasant. It is said that this advertisement is the first time for Jay Chou to endorse dairy drinks.

    Yili Yogurt, Jay Chou’s favorite endorsement in 2009.

    Looking at Jay Chou’s handsome dance in TV commercials, I can’t help but recall several other spokespersons of Yogurt: Wilber Pan, Yi Jianlian and Liu Yifei, all of whom are heartthrobs who have dumped all beings. The feeling of Yili Yogurt’s "I want my taste" sung from Jay Chou and Wilber Pan is also different, and Yogurt is famous for its different songs.

    The popularity and popularity of Yili Yogurt is a successful example of celebrity endorsement products, which also reveals a message: celebrity endorsement has become an important means of brand entertainment marketing, and the modeling, performance and even soundtrack of stars in advertisements may become classic memories in our minds.

    Wilber Pan and Liu Yifei spoke brilliantly of Yili Yogurt.

    Judging from the celebrity endorsement of Yili Yogurt, Yili’s brand entertainment marketing is indeed quite standard. Liu Yifei, a young and beautiful movie diva, Yi Jianlian, the first registered user of "Youth Rookie Field", and Pan Shuai Wilber Pan, a popular model student who plays cool to the end, let everyone feel the fresh and youthful taste and positive attitude towards life High unique TVC and print advertisements.

    In today’s entertainment-oriented era, choosing a star as a spokesperson has become a popular marketing tool for major brands, but it is rare to choose a star spokesperson who is fully consistent with the brand concept, positioning and image. Yili made almost no mistakes in choosing spokespersons, and each star seamlessly combined his own characteristics with Yili’s brand.

    Some entertainment critics once pointed out: "Wilber Pan’s dumping of sentient beings in Guangzhou University Town, Liu Yifei and Yi Jianlian’s youthful yogurt advertisement are all rare entertainment memories of our generation." Among them, "Yogurt Violin Girl" once became an online celebrity because of participating in the advertisement of Yogurt, which gave a vivid impression and formed the high-quality style of Yogurt Beauty.

    Jay Chou, the "Jiuding Supreme" who signed a contract for Chinese entertainment, is even more powerful for Yili Yogurt. Its significance lies not only in the successful introduction of "Spokesperson 2.0" and the overall improvement of brand attention and goodwill, but also in the creation of a new era of entertainment marketing of milk beverage brands with the help of Jay Chou’s "omniscient and omnipotent".

    From the advertisements of Yili Yogurt in recent years, we can easily find that Yogurt not only chose the right spokesperson, but also used the spokesperson properly. Jay Chou, Wilber Pan and other spokesmen all the way down, put the yogurt changes and progress in recent years are very in place.

    One of the highlights of Yogurt’s new Jay Chou commercial this year is that Jay Chou’s "I want my taste" and Wilber Pan’s tune have changed, and this change has brought about changes in the product itself. In the film, Jay Chou told everyone that Yili Yogurt has now added "excellent+active prebiotics", whose function is to activate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria and improve immune function more easily. "Taste of youth, experience by yourself" → "I want my taste "→" I want the change, I want the taste ",and the product quality and style concept of yogurt have always been in line with consumer demand.

    Numerous facts have proved that simple and formalistic forms of entertainment will eventually be ruthlessly eliminated in the performing arts environment. To really do a good job in entertainment marketing, it is no longer as simple as playing the edge ball and playing with new concepts, but cutting into the essence of entertainment with a high degree of prudence and combining the most appropriate entertainment methods can forge an effect that truly meets the core demands of the brand.

Editor: Gao Song

Wolf Warriors screenwriter Liu Yi’s new work exposes that the story of War Wolf 3 has been completed.

Screenwriter Liu Yi was interviewed by 1905 Film Network in Australia.

Special feature of 1905 film network Liu Yi, the screenwriter of the series of films, recently accepted an exclusive interview with 1905 Film Network at the Australian AACTA Awards Ceremony, and he revealed that War Wolf 3 has a relatively complete story. At the same time, Liu Yi also revealed that his new work will once again challenge the theme of military action. This time, he set the story in a submarine deep in the South China Sea. What kind of deep-sea legend Liu Yi will create for the audience this time is quite exciting.

The stories of "Wolf Warriors 2" and "War Wolf 3" were reversed, and Liu Yi exposed Jason Wu to be very competitive. 

Although there is still more than half a month before the end of the year, the box office performance of "Wolf Warriors 2" of 5.6 billion yuan has already been booked as the box office champion this year, bringing the box office record of Chinese movies to a high point of 5 billion yuan. After the nationwide rush to watch Wolf Warriors 2, the audience also looked forward to the third part of Wolf Warriors. In fact, War Wolf 3 had a complete story.

"At present, Wolf Warriors 2, which the audience saw, actually used the story of War Wolf 3, and the original script of Wolf Warriors 2. Because some working conditions were not available at that time, I put it down first. At present, it is very likely that the original "Wolf Warriors 2" story will be put directly behind the film as a continuation of the whole story. Of course, we will make a series of adjustments to the specific details. " Liu Yi revealed that the script of War Wolf 3 has not been revised yet, but the overall story is relatively complete and the main line is relatively clear, so the audience can get a glimpse from the eggs at the end of Wolf Warriors 2.

Wolf Warriors 2 poster

Referring to director Jason Wu, Liu Yi said frankly, "He is a very competitive person! When Jason Wu made the first film of Wolf Warriors, no one was optimistic, even friends around him opposed it, saying that the audience would not watch such a film, but Jason Wu kept insisting that he was such a competitive person, so he could make the Wolf Warriors series. " Liu Yi said with a smile, "Therefore, when we cooperate, we will have a fierce debate and collide with many innovative things. Even when we are discussing the script, we already have a very specific action design." Liu Yi said that as a creator, it is very happy to cooperate with Jason Wu. "He knows exactly what he wants, so we all rack our brains to help Jason Wu realize it. If you meet a director who is always reinventing himself, it will be difficult. "

It is also worth mentioning that "Wolf Warriors 2" will also represent China for the Best Foreign Language Film Award in the 90th Academy Awards. Liu Yi was very excited about this. "The box office performance of" Wolf Warriors 2 "really exceeded all our expectations, but I think the biggest surprise was being chosen to represent China’s" Chongao ",which is also an honor for us." The nominations for the best foreign language film in this year’s Academy Awards will also be announced this month. Let’s wish China the best of luck.

The diving photo taken by Martin, the Scottish captain, for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s new work challenges the battle of the deep sea and will extend its tentacles to science fiction movies in the future.

Referring to his new work, Liu Yi revealed, "I’m writing a story about a submarine called Deep Sea, which is set in the South China Sea and similar in genre to Wolf Warriors 2. It’s still a military action movie."

Liu Yi himself is a senior diver and a technical diver. Compared with ordinary divers, Liu Yi often goes to deeper waters or confined spaces to experience a more wonderful underwater world. "I have tried to be hit by rocks falling from caves, and I have been pinned down by broken steel beams in shipwrecks, but in the end I have successfully escaped." Liu Yi said that his diving experience was not thrilling, but this hobby brought infinite inspiration to his new book Deep Sea.

The sunken ship photographed by Liu Yi in diving.

Undoubtedly, after the great success of Wolf Warriors 2, more and more producers asked Liu Yi to write military movies. In Liu Yi’s heart, he still had an unfinished dream of sci-fi movies. Liu Yi said, "I will definitely write a story close to sci-fi in the future, and now I have an idea. I hope I can find a suitable production company and complete this dream with me."

However, it must be said that science fiction films have always been the weakness of China films, and China’s lack of imagination has also been criticized. Liu Yi has different views on this. "Not only in the creative process, but also in the production and self-confidence. Taking science fiction films as an example, in addition to their own imagination, we must also improve our understanding of science fiction films and improve film technology. " Liu Yi said, "You see, this time the Australian Aita Award has added the Best Asian Film Award for the first time, and China’s film Wolf Warriors 2 has also been shortlisted. What does this mean? On the one hand, China’s position in the world has improved; on the other hand, China’s films are more industrialized and commercialized, and their values are more detailed! On the contrary, I think that science fiction films will be a feasible way. "

As a successful screenwriter, Liu Yi is still very modest, saying that he still has a lot to learn. When it comes to the advice to China’s screenwriter, Liu Yilian said "I dare not". "Let me talk about my own feelings, or we should learn the skills and rules of genre movies and commercial movies in a down-to-earth and all-round way. Everyone always thinks that movies are art, and art has no rules. In fact, art has rules to find."