Fighting fish elder sister "a small group" was warned by over-management! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Original title: Betta’s sister "a small group" was warned of being out of control! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Sister Betta [a small group] was warned by the super tube! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Recently, around"Live background music"There have been several storms, and I believe that friends who often pay attention to webcasting must have heard about it. Because the background music plays an extremely important part in the live broadcast process, it makes the whole network headOnline celebrity PDD, to each platform 18 unknown small anchor, almost never escape the copyright issue of live background music.

Tens of millions of online celebrity and a fighting fish sister.[A small group]The same is true! In a recent live broadcast, a small group was warned and punished on the spot after playing a song.

Previously, online celebrity anchor [PDD] of Betta Top Stream was claimed by related people for playing and singing a famous song during the live broadcast. As a result, the live broadcast industry has ushered in a wave of claims.

After the incident, many live broadcast platforms formally put such actions into the platform’s prohibition in order to prevent their anchors from playing such songs into trouble and turmoil.Due to the wide range of songs involved (both at home and abroad), many anchors are inevitably punished.

Among them, as a fighting fish sister,[A small group] was also warned by the betta fish in the recent live broadcast.

It is reported that when a small group was using a foreign language song, it was stopped by the super-management because the platform did not obtain the relevant copyright. After being stopped, a small group also looked extremely puzzled. At present, it asked, "Are English songs copyrighted now?"

After getting everyone’s positive reply, Xiao Tuantuan also said with concern:"I’m really going to cry, but fortunately they didn’t bother me … if they bother me, I’ll really be ruined!"

Therefore, the small group that intended to sing a song in the live broadcast room had to put this idea away. Those who don’t want to miss this colorful talent show immediately suggest that they sing their own songs.

The small group that has been shadowed by copyright issues is rather hesitant to say: "To tell the truth-I don’t even know if I can sing my own song now! If I sing my own song and get sued, wouldn’t it be ridiculous?"

Hearing this, many water friends reacted more enthusiastically.

Then, under the instigation of all the people in the live broadcast room, a small group of courage values soared and directly said in the live broadcast room: "Anyway, sue me if you can!If I lose 10w singing my own song, I will admit it! "

Editor in charge:

Authoritative release | heavy at the end of the year, attracting attention! Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference is about to open! Please see the transcript of the press conference on Decem

Press conference of Shenzhen Municipal Government Information Office

Time: December 5, 2023 at 15: 00.

Venue: Press Release Hall of Shenzhen Municipal Government

Record content

Moderator Wu Jun (Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Director of Information Office of the Municipal Government):

Good afternoon, media friends! Welcome to today’s press conference. The Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference will be held on December 8th. Today’s press conference is mainly to inform you about the Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference and answer your questions.

Present at today’s conference are:

Ms. Zhang Feimeng, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce;

Mr. Qin Shijie, member of the Party Group of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and second-class inspector;

Mr. Chen Huaping, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology;

Mr. Gu Ting, full-time vice president of the Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries;

Mr. Dong Zhe, member of the Standing Committee of Baoan District Committee and deputy head of the district.

First of all, please invite Ms. Zhang Feimeng, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, to introduce the basic situation and highlights of the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference.

Zhang Feimeng:Dear media reporters and friends,

Hello everyone!

I am very happy to attend today’s press conference. Next, I would like to introduce the preparations for the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference to all journalists.

All along, the municipal party committee and municipal government have attached great importance to attracting investment. Since the beginning of this year, the city has insisted on "sincerity" and "itinerary" as the basic skills, and all employees have launched, and continued to promote "double recruitment and double introduction" to attract investment from around the world. First, focus on strategic emerging industrial clusters and future industries, and focus on foreign-funded enterprises, national and global cutting-edge enterprises, innovative enterprises, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain and supply chain, and take the initiative to attract investment accurately. Second, focus on global resources, make good use of the functions of business associations, exhibitions, events, industrial parks, etc., introduce high-quality production capacity, and enhance the attraction of "bringing in". The third is to improve the city’s unified coordination, command and dispatch mechanism, lay a good combination of policies such as finance, industry, land, talents, state-owned assets, finance, market and innovation, and promote the landing of a number of major projects.

It is worth mentioning that up to now, the district-level investment promotion conference has been completed. In the competition for attracting investment in the sprint stage at the end of the year, all districts have come up with their own "housekeeping skills", combining their own development orientation and the precise efforts of advantageous industries, with obvious characteristics. From the results, the city’s investment promotion has achieved positive results. First, major projects are pouring in. Sinopharm Group competes with GE Medical, China Agricultural Development and other Fortune 500 companies, foreign capital, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, leading enterprises and unicorn enterprises to settle down. Second, there are many bright spots in industrial characteristics. Focusing on strategic emerging industrial clusters and future industries, Siemens Medical, Intel, Starbucks, etc. have successively settled in Shenzhen. The landing projects cover financial, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, AI, supply chain, digital creativity, modern fashion, high-end medical devices, big health and other industrial fields, which are innovative, leading and supportive. Third, production+R&D is fruitful. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, China Automobile Center, Fosun Pharma and other intelligent manufacturing centers, innovation and technology centers, new energy and new materials research and development centers, medical device engineering innovation centers and a number of production+R&D projects with high "gold content" and "new quantity" have settled down one after another.

In order to showcase the investment promotion achievements of all districts and departments in the city, and fully demonstrate the high-quality economic and social development and world-class business environment in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference, hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and co-hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Information Office, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Baoan District People’s Government, will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on December 8.

From 2019 to 2022, the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference has negotiated and signed more than 900 projects, involving a total intentional investment of over 3 trillion yuan. This year’s Shenzhen Global Investment Conference is the fifth time that Shenzhen has held a global investment conference on the basis of inheriting the successful experience of the past four investment conferences. The theme of this conference is "Creating a New Pattern, Sharing New Opportunities-Investing in Shenzhen for a Win-Win Future", with emphasis on "innovation" in the form of holding and "pragmatism" in the content and effect. The conference will build an investment cooperation platform with global influence in an all-round, wide-ranging, deep-seated and high-level way, highlight Shenzhen’s continuous innovation power as the core engine of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and comprehensively enhance Shenzhen’s attraction and radiation to global resources. At present, the preparations for the conference are progressing smoothly. This conference has the following characteristics:

The first is to focus on the industry and highlight the "four forces." On the basis of the previous four investment promotion conferences, this investment promotion conference will pay more attention to the principle of "being pragmatic, concise and efficient" and fully display Shenzhen’s economic vitality, innovation power, urban charm and investment potential. The conference was organized in the form of "1+1+12+N" series of activities, including "1 main event, investment promotion conference and the city’s investment promotion work summary meeting; 1 investment promotion achievement exhibition area; 12 district-level investment conferences; N overseas venues and industry (industry) investment promotion activities. " We have held 10 overseas sub-venue activities in Madrid, Zurich, Hawaii, Vancouver, San Diego, Brisbane, Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan and other cities, and successfully held 12 industry (industry) investment promotion activities such as energy storage, digital energy, finance, consumption, attracting talents and attracting talents, and high technology.

Second, the form is novel and the content is pragmatic. The conference continued to optimize and upgrade breakthroughs in overall planning, link design and meeting execution with a more open and enterprising attitude. For the first time, this conference set up an investment promotion achievement exhibition area to show the latest investment promotion achievements and development plans of all districts and departments in the city; Set up a product exhibition area of famous local brands in Shenzhen, and display products covering advanced manufacturing, consumer electronics, trendy life, new tea and coffee, etc., so as to bring a visual feast to the guests. In order to further expand Shenzhen’s "Pengyou Circle" for attracting investment, a number of major projects will be signed at the conference site to show the advantages of Shenzhen’s business environment and the confidence of investors around the world in Shenzhen’s future development with real investment projects.

Third, it has a larger scale and greater influence. This conference was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center for the first time, and invited the top 500 enterprises in the world, the top 500 enterprises in China, listed companies, senior executives of leading enterprises in the industry, foreign consuls in China, representatives of foreign associations, etc. Up to now, it is estimated that more than 1,000 guests will attend the meeting, from the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions, including representatives from world-renowned enterprises such as American General Medical, Panasonic of Japan and Siemens of Germany. The scale of this conference is even larger, with more exhibitors and greater influence, which fully shows Shenzhen’s urban temperament based on Greater Bay Area and looking at the world. On the day of the conference, guests will be invited to give speeches to share their experiences in investing in Shenzhen and their objective evaluation of the business environment in Shenzhen.

This year, Shenzhen has achieved fruitful results in attracting investment. We will announce the total amount of intentional investment that everyone is most concerned about at the annual investment conference on the day of the conference. In addition, the conference set up a release link, which will release a series of measures to attract investment in Shenzhen in 2024, further demonstrating the greatest sincerity of the municipal party Committee and municipal government in welcoming global merchants from all over the country to invest in Shenzhen. The conference will be held in an "online+offline" way, and will be broadcast live on authoritative media platforms such as Shenzhen. Merchants from all walks of life at home and abroad are welcome to watch and participate online. Here, we once again send an invitation to global merchants: invest in Shenzhen and win-win the future. Welcome to Shenzhen, a hot spot for investment. We will join hands with global partners to seek common development and share opportunities!

That’s all for my introduction. Thank you.

Wu jun:I am very grateful to Director Zhang Feimeng of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce for his detailed introduction to the upcoming global investment conference in Shenzhen. Let’s enter the questioning session below. Please inform the name of the news organization before asking questions. Now start asking questions.




A good business environment is the best "buttonwood", the biggest "magnet" and the core competitiveness of the city. In February this year, the city issued the Key Points of Optimizing the Business Environment in Shenzhen in 2023, and implemented 100 key tasks. In August this year, it concentrated on three three-year work plans to optimize the market-oriented, rule-of-law and international business environment, speeding up the creation of first-class ecology, making it the first choice for global investment, and creating a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment in all directions, in all fields and in depth.

First, strive to create a benchmark for a market-oriented business environment and stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship of market players. This year, we launched the electronic signature function of "one window for starting an enterprise" with double recording of audio and video, realizing the electronic signature without media, promoting the whole process of online operation of foreign-invested enterprises, and further reducing the start-up cost of enterprises. We vigorously implement the "Industrial Upstairs" plan, provide enterprises with high-quality, low-cost and customized industrial space, and vigorously guarantee the demand of market participants for land development. We took the lead in the transformation of industrial parks into power supply in China, completely eliminated the price increase of industrial parks, and completed the transformation of 2172 industrial parks, reducing the electricity cost of enterprises by 3 billion yuan every year. We launched the mobile terminal area of the policy subsidy through train platform on the "I Shenzhen" APP, and added 100 items of "free application and instant enjoyment" to realize the direct enjoyment of the policy of benefiting enterprises and facilitating people. At the same time, we have made great efforts to build five world-class trading platforms, including the International Trading Center for Electronic Components and Integrated Circuits, Shenzhen International Jewelry and Jade Comprehensive Trading Platform, Qianhai United Trading Center, Shenzhen Data Exchange, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Scientific and Technological Achievements and Intellectual Property Trading Center, which has provided convenience for market participants to participate in the trading of commodities, data, scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property rights.

The second is to strive to create a model of a business environment ruled by law and ensure that market players can operate and develop with peace of mind. We have successively formulated and implemented the first local legislation in China, such as the regulations on the management of intelligent networked vehicles in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the regulations on the promotion of artificial intelligence industry and the regulations on the promotion of cell and gene industry, so as to escort the development of emerging industries by the rule of law. We took the lead in implementing the inclusive and flexible law enforcement of "small mistakes are exempted from punishment". Up to now, we have formed four lists of minor violations that are exempted from punishment according to law, given a lighter punishment, mitigated punishment and not enforced in 66 fields, totaling 2,022 items, providing fault-tolerant space for market entities to operate. We have added fast pre-trial channels for patents in high-end equipment manufacturing and jewelry processing to reduce the time for patent examination and authorization. At the same time, we have launched a pilot project for rapid handling of national intellectual property disputes, greatly reducing the processing cycle of intellectual property disputes included in the pilot project by 50%, and further strengthening the creation and protection of intellectual property rights. We have built a high-level enterprise compliance demonstration zone, issued the first local enterprise compliance standard "Enterprise Compliance Management System" in China, established an enterprise compliance risk warning and early warning release mechanism, and escorted all kinds of enterprises to operate in a healthy and compliant manner.

The third is to strive to create a pioneer in the international business environment and enhance the international competitive advantage of market players. We actively promote the convergence of international rules, carry out cross-border credit cooperation pilot projects in Qianhai, promote mutual recognition with cross-border credit reporting standards of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, allow Shenzhen banks to obtain corporate credit reports issued by credit reporting agencies of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan through Shenzhen credit reporting agencies, and facilitate the financing of overseas enterprises. We have provided credit loans to seven Hong Kong-funded enterprises. We have promoted the convergence of inspection rules between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and piloted the "one inspection in two places" mode for Shenzhen and Hong Kong liquor, so that when enterprises declare imports in Qianhai, the customs will recognize the inspection reports of Hong Kong inspection agencies. We have further strengthened the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Arbitration Center, and introduced eight internationally renowned arbitration and mediation institutions in a cooperative manner, making it a preferred place for international arbitration. We first set up a foreign-invested public service organization in China, namely the service workstation for protecting the rights and interests of foreign-invested enterprises, covering the whole city’s foreign-invested enterprises. We have made greater efforts to introduce international talents. This year, we have added overseas professional qualification recognition in the fields of emergency safety and environmental protection, and the scope of overseas professional qualification convenience practice list has been expanded to 11 fields and 30 categories.

The business environment is only better, not the best. Next, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, together with the relevant departments of the city, will fully implement the work arrangements of the municipal party committee and municipal government on optimizing the business environment, continue to promote the construction of the business environment with the first demonstration standards, plant fertile soil for the growth of market players, and provide enterprises with a fair, orderly and fully competitive market environment. Finally, warmly welcome Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs to invest and develop in Shenzhen, and create a new and greater miracle in Shenzhen. Thank you.

Reporter: The Securities Times asked questions. I would like to ask Deputy Director Chen Huaping, Shenzhen is a big industrial city. What work has been done and what achievements have been made in attracting investment in the field of advanced manufacturing this year?

Chen Huaping:Thank you for your question.

Industry is the foundation of a country and a strong country. The Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, adheres to the principle of establishing a city by industry, enriching the city by industry and strengthening the city by industry, and accelerates the construction of a leading and important advanced manufacturing center in the world and a modern industrial system with Shenzhen characteristics and advantages. We adhere to the combination of stable stock and incremental investment, and constantly increase the intensity of attracting investment in advanced manufacturing industries to promote development through investment.

First, urban linkage and synergy. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has continuously explored the working mechanism of joint investment attraction for advanced manufacturing industries with overall planning, coordination of all parties, key breakthroughs and overall linkage, so as to achieve "non-stop investment attraction, steady business and no relaxation", and set up a joint investment attraction office with the district government to jointly carry out special investment attraction actions in industries such as smart sensors and smart terminals. Since the beginning of this year, it has jointly visited more than 20 cities at home and abroad to attract investment, and has visited and contacted domestic and foreign high-quality enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, new energy, biomedicine and advantageous industries, attracting a number of major projects such as Siemens and China Automotive Research Institute.

The second is global vision and expanding the pattern. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has always adhered to the global coordinate system, carried out exchange activities in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and reached a number of cooperation intentions with various global leading enterprises and institutions such as Mercedes-Benz, stmicroelectronics and GSMA. In addition, we also planned and organized Sino-German (Shenzhen) Economic Forum, China-ASEAN Emerging Industries Matchmaking Meeting (Shenzhen), China (Shenzhen, Hong Kong)-ASEAN (Kuala Lumpur) and other activities, which led to the signing of more than 40 cooperation agreements, with the signing amount exceeding 15 billion yuan, involving new energy vehicles, electrochemical energy storage materials, smart cities, digital economy, medical devices and other fields.

The third is to practice internal strength hard and accumulate strength. The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has continuously enriched investment factors and resources, done a good job in ensuring stable prices and reducing costs, actively developed open application scenarios, continuously improved the level of public services, created a first-class business environment with marketization, rule of law and internationalization, and created a first-class industrial ecology. At the same time, speed up the construction of 20 advanced manufacturing parks, vigorously implement the "industrial upstairs" high-quality factory space construction plan, and build a number of high-quality, low-cost and customized factory spaces including Bao’ an New Bridge East, Nanshan Honghualing and Longgang Specialized Special New Industrial Park, so that good enterprises and projects can land in Shenzhen.

Next, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will fully implement the work arrangements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, give full play to the role of the competent departments of the industry as a whole and as the "main force", continuously strengthen the investment attraction work in the industrial and information fields of the whole city together with various districts and departments, establish and improve the investment attraction work mechanism of urban linkage and integration, vigorously carry out investment attraction around the "20+8" industrial clusters and key links in the industrial chain, and focus resources such as space, finance, talents and data on high-quality enterprises and key projects to improve investment attraction.

thank you

Reporter: Hello, Xinhua News Agency asked questions. Everyone is very concerned about the foreign investment situation this year. May I ask Director Zhang Feimeng what is the foreign investment situation in Shenzhen this year? thank you

Zhang Feimeng:Thank you very much for your attention to foreign investment in Shenzhen. This year, Shenzhen has the following highlights in attracting foreign investment: First, the number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises has increased rapidly. From January to October, 6,469 foreign-funded enterprises were newly established in our city, up 69% year-on-year, indicating that the momentum of foreign investment in Shenzhen has not diminished, and multinational companies continue to be optimistic about the investment prospects in Shenzhen. Second, the investment structure has been continuously optimized. The actual use of foreign capital in manufacturing industry was 17 billion yuan, up by 186% year-on-year, and the high-tech industry increased by 16%. Third, developed economies have increased their investment in Shenzhen. From January to October, the investment of Canada, the United States, Singapore and Switzerland increased rapidly, with the growth rates of 655%, 272%, 148% and 77% respectively.


Thank you!

Reporter: China Daily asked, since this year, foreign delegations visiting Shenzhen have become increasingly frequent. Could you please tell President Gu Ting about Shenzhen’s foreign exchange this year? thank you

Gu ting:Thank you for your question. This year, the city’s foreign exchanges and cooperation in various fields have indeed made new progress and achieved new results, effectively serving the overall diplomatic situation of the country and the high-quality economic and social development of Shenzhen. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the number of high-level foreign guests groups has surged, and the international influence of our city has been further enhanced. This year, our city has successfully received the presidents of five countries, including Congo (DRC), Malawi, Algeria, Venezuela and Zambia, the prime ministers of three countries, including Hungary, Papua New Guinea and Mozambique, the foreign guests at the level of deputy heads of state or government of six countries, including Cuba, Indonesia and Vietnam, and 83 groups of foreign guests at the ministerial level, greatly enhancing the city’s visibility and reputation. The above-mentioned high-level delegations’ visits to Shenzhen often focus on cooperation with industries such as electronic communication, new energy and biomedicine in our city, which effectively promotes our enterprises to "go global" and expand overseas markets.

Second, many large-scale foreign activities were successfully held, attracting more global high-quality resource elements to gather. These activities, including large-scale exhibitions such as Hi-Tech Fair and Cultural Fair, as well as national multilateral meetings such as China Listening to the World Forum, China-ASEAN Senior Officials Consultation and International Parliamentarians Friendly Exchange Forum, have effectively served the overall diplomacy of the country, introduced the achievements of Shenzhen’s economic and social development to the international community since the reform and opening up, and created a good external environment for the high-quality development of our city.

Third, local exchanges have become more active, and the city’s diplomatic network has been continuously optimized and improved. As the window of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen has established friendly relations with 90 provinces and cities in 57 countries on five continents (including 24 pairs of sister cities and 66 pairs of friendly exchange cities). This year, Shenzhen has had frequent exchanges with foreign local cities and achieved fruitful results. Dozens of delegations from California, Mato Grosso, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Bavaria, Munich, Russian Tatarstan, Penang, Malaysia and Haiphong, Vietnam visited Shenzhen successively. Relying on sister cities and non-governmental diplomatic networks, our city has made full use of its advantages in location, resources and openness, and built a solid bridge to promote the communication between the people and enhance pragmatic cooperation.

Fourth, senior executives of multinational enterprises have intensively visited Shenzhen, and pragmatic cooperation in various fields has been deepening. This year, senior executives of multinational companies from Heicks Kang, Siemens, Starbucks, Richemont, Sanofi, Merlin Entertainment and Anda visited Shenzhen one after another, covering advanced manufacturing, medical devices, biomedicine, cultural tourism and other industries. In addition, the heads of China European Union Chamber of Commerce, Britain-China Business Association and other business promotion agencies have also visited Shenzhen. Multinational enterprises and institutions highly recognize Shenzhen’s market-oriented, rule-based and international business environment, saying that they will continue to expand their investment layout in Shenzhen and further promote pragmatic cooperation in a wider field and at a deeper level.

Fifth, cross-border exchanges between business people have become increasingly frequent, and foreign exchanges between private enterprises have accelerated. This year, in order to serve the city’s high-quality development and help it open to the outside world at a high level, the city has handled more than 2,200 APEC business travel cards for business people, which is four times that of the whole year of 2019. The number of cards handled ranks among the best in all provinces and cities, reflecting that private enterprises in our city are more active in foreign exchanges, further integrated with the world economy, and have closer ties and interactions with countries around the world.

Generally speaking, this year, the exchanges and cooperation between our city and foreign governments, international organizations, localities, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and other levels have shown a thriving trend, which shows that Shenzhen’s international influence has been further enhanced, it plays a decisive role in the global economic network, and it has taken solid steps towards the goal of building a more globally influential economic center city and a modern international metropolis!

thank you

Reporter: Shenzhen Radio and Television Group asked a question from Shenzhen. I would like to ask Dong Zhe, deputy head of the district. The Shenzhen Global Investment Conference was held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center. What has Baoan District done in terms of service guarantee? thank you

Dong Zhe:Thank you for your question. The global investment promotion conference is honored to be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is recognized as one of the most advanced and complete exhibition centers in the industry. It should be said that the location itself is a highlight of our conference. Under the overall planning and guidance of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Baoan District has set up a special service guarantee class to do a good job in public transportation, accommodation and catering, emergency medical care, cultural and travel experience and so on.

The first is public transportation. On the basis of normal traffic security, we will combine the actual situation during the conference to ensure the overall smooth traffic by increasing traffic control personnel, encrypting traffic shifts, and reserving emergency capacity. In addition, a traffic command and dispatch room will be set up in the convention and exhibition center to coordinate the traffic management of the whole area, and optimize the moving line of vehicles entering and leaving and the drop-off area of parking in advance to ensure the convenience of guests. In addition, this time, we have a special arrangement to provide self-driving shuttle bus service to and from the International Convention and Exhibition Center at Intercontinental and Hilton Hotels.

The second is accommodation and catering. There are 5 high-end hotels in the exhibition area, which can provide more than 5,000 rooms for the guests, and there are more than 50 hotels of various types around, which can provide a variety of accommodation options. Bao ‘an District has comprehensively sorted out and rectified the hotels around the convention and exhibition center, focusing on improving food safety, sanitary environment and service quality to ensure that the participating guests can eat and live with peace of mind.

The third is emergency medical care. We will arrange seven large-scale emergency support vehicles, including emergency, ambulance, fire fighting, power supply and communication, and arrange professional and technical personnel to perform their duties on site. In addition, a medical point is set up near the main venue, and professional medical staff provide emergency medical support.

The fourth is the experience of cultural travel. We are committed to providing zero-distance cultural travel experience services. We will set up cultural tourism service desks in hotels such as Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Hilton Garden, etc., where the guests are concentrated, to provide the guests with publicity materials on Baoan District’s history, humanities, non-genetic heritage, natural landscape and tourist attractions, and at the same time send special personnel on duty to provide cultural tourism consulting services.

At the same time, we will closely focus on new formats and new scenes such as "One Street, One River, One mall" and "National Pavilion" to make a tour route for the guests. Along the street in high line park, with the theme of "science and technology+cultural creation", we have carefully set up 16 characteristic exhibition halls integrating display, transaction and interaction, fully demonstrating the charm of Baoan in science and technology, consumption, intangible cultural heritage and cultural creation. At the same time, the whole line will build an air camp with "double star camp, leisure and entertainment belt and dynamic stage" to provide shopping, consumption and leisure and entertainment services for the guests. In Fuhai River, the greening and lighting atmosphere on both sides of Waihe River have been completed and opened to the public. We will make full use of the surface of the outer river and the green space on both sides of the river to carry out colorful water activities, and the pet park built on the banks of Fuhai River will also hold pet competitions and other activities. The Garden City, a large shopping mall, will be capped at the end of this year, and investment promotion is now in full swing. In addition, together with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, we are building a "National Pavilion" to showcase the products of European and Asian Belt and Road countries for the guests and the public through cross-border bonded shops and pop-up shop.

In a word, we hope that through our above work and efforts, we can ensure the success of this conference and bring a brand-new and unforgettable experience to the guests. thank you

Wu jun:Thank you, Dong Zhe, deputy head of Bao ‘an District, for your introduction, and also thank the Shenzhen reporter of Radio and Television Group for asking questions. Time, that’s all for today’s question. Thank you!

Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference is an annual event, which attracts the attention of the public at the end of the year. In fact, attracting investment is a long-term work, an all-round, all-round and whole-system effort throughout the year, a "journey" of Qian Shan’s thousands of waters, a sincere "sincere", a service by all means, and a genuine effort.

Shenzhen is a city that has created miracles for more than 40 years and is a city of miracles. Entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurs, and talents from all sides voted with their feet, educating, co-creating, co-building, and sharing a hot land for innovation and entrepreneurship. Shenzhen’s market-oriented, rule-based and international business environment has always been its recognition and confidence, and it is also the number one project of continuous intensive cultivation. At present, in the process of building a new development pattern and promoting high-quality development with Chinese modernization, Shenzhen, as a pioneering demonstration area and the core engine of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is holding and displaying new business opportunities, vitality, space and prospects from its strategic position, industrial future layout, open attitude and pattern, and institutional innovation. We can expect the weight, energy and "gold content" of this year’s Shenzhen Global Investment Conference. The conference has issued an invitation to invite people from all walks of life at home and abroad and people of insight to come to Shenzhen to seize the opportunity, see the future, win a win-win situation and create another miracle. See you at Shenzhen Global Investment Conference on December 8th!

This concludes today’s press conference. The graphic record of the conference will be released in Shenzhen and official platforms such as Shenzhen Government Online. At the same time, there will also be release and video playback on media platforms such as Reading Special, Shenzhen I and Shenzhen I.. Thank you, publishers, and friends from the media, thank you!

The Battle at Lake Changjin’s "Father’s Generation" and other heavy hits hit the National Day file!

Special feature of 1905 film network When the National Day movie hits in 2021, it is undoubtedly a matter of great concern to many viewers when they are looking forward to the holiday, whether they can make history, whether Zhu Yu’s previous glory can continue, whether he can achieve a counterattack full of youthful atmosphere, and how many parent-child movies will contribute a movie feast for everyone during the National Day holiday.

The National Day file brings movies back to hot search, in which the word "Hui" is the key word. Because of the repeated epidemic, the movie market has gradually slowed down since August. Both the cinema and the audience are waiting for one or even several explosive movies to stimulate the market and provide a reason to go to the cinema during the Golden Week leisure time. Then, is the movie on the National Day file expected to be searched on the screen? Which movies have the potential to be hot searched? Today’s Film Review invited Zhang Jinfeng, deputy editor-in-chief of China Film News, to look forward to the National Day file with you.

At the moment when the epidemic situation is repeated, whether the films of the National Day archives can be searched on the screen or not, and the topic before the return, will bring a movie-watching craze, which is of inspiring significance to China filmmakers. In this regard, Zhang Jinfeng believes: "I think it will, because the blockbuster itself has its own traffic and is a topic maker. The production cycle and publicity of The Battle at Lake Changjin and "My Father and I" have kept everyone’s appetite because of the repeated epidemic. These two films will create more hot searches while creating high box office, so that China films can return to the center of the audience. " Before the deadline, the total box office of movie screening and pre-sale in The Battle at Lake Changjin has exceeded 100 million.

Teacher Zhang Jinfeng once said: "The explosion may be late, but it will never be absent." Many films in this year’s National Day archives have the ability to board the hot search, and the possible hot search entries also highlight the selling points and characteristics of the films. For example, what hot search terms may appear in The Battle at Lake Changjin, which is highly anticipated? Zhang Jinfeng mentioned: "First of all, can The Battle at Lake Changjin surpass the box office and the total box office of participating movies become the highest among all actors. Other acting skills, as well as his sacrifice and dedication for the film, will also become a hot topic for everyone. Jason Wu and Jackson Yee play a pair of brothers, and their brotherly love may get a hot search. Finally, there is "urine point", because the film lasts for nearly three hours, and many viewers can’t last for three hours. Where is its "urine point" will also be a hot topic for the audience. "

As the third work of "Me and Me" series, "Me and My Father" has a directing tube, which I believe will give fans more freshness and is also one of the main forces to board the hot search topic. Zhang Jinfeng said: "Zhang Ziyi and Shen Teng will definitely become the key words of hot search. As the only director who participated in the whole series, the fragments he directed in the first two films have won the welcome of many audiences; In his directing part, Jason Wu is also a subject of military war that he is good at. By desperately performing Saburo, he shows a particularly masculine temperament, which will also become the focus of hot discussion. In The Battle at Lake Changjin, Jason Wu and Jackson Yee play a pair of brothers, and in My Father and I, Jason Wu plays the father. These three people will have a series. What is the relationship between Leo and Jackson Yee? I think it is very fun. Jackson Yee and Leo may wish to have a dialogue from a distance during the National Day. "

In addition to the above two heavyweight blockbusters, there is actually a youth-themed film in the National Day file, that is, "Five Boys Who Save the Water". In the case that The Battle at Lake Changjin and My Father and I may occupy the largest proportion of the National Day movies and box office, the space left for other movies is very small. Whether Five Boys Who Drove the Water can become a dark horse in the fierce National Day movie schedule and board the hot search by strength is also concerned by many people.

Zhang Jinfeng’s prospect: "As a theme of youth and sports, if the film can win the popularity of young mainstream audiences, then the film arrangement will definitely become the key word. Fans will form tap water for the film arrangement, become a hot search, and slowly seize the market space of those two blockbusters. I believe that "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" can achieve a counterattack of our market expectations in the National Day file, and some elements of this film are very in line with the National Day file. The soundtrack of the synchronized swimming team is "March of Steel Torrents" during the National Day military parade, which matches the atmosphere of the National Day. In fact, as long as it is a good film, the market and the audience will not live up to it. "

In addition to the above three films, there are many parent-child movies in the highly competitive National Day, which often have a fixed audience. Zhang Jinfeng said: "It was created in the 1990s, and Zheng Yuanjie himself is a writer with his own hot search body. When he expresses some opinions on Weibo, he always gets on the hot search. Then I think this time his film is released, he may often have something to say during the release, and this film will also be one of the strong contenders for hot search words."

The hot search terms predicted for the National Day films are actually the expectations of these films. At present, the epidemic is not completely over, so we can’t be blindly optimistic now, and filmmakers need to continue to overcome difficulties with everyone. China movies have experienced so many twists and turns since last year. The road is tortuous, but the future is bright. If we can do a good job in the film content, we will definitely be able to return to the high point that China movie market should have after the epidemic is over.

Today’s film reviewDirector observation

This year, the movie market is so deserted that everyone is particularly looking forward to the arrival of the National Day file. The National Day file is indeed an arduous task. I also hope that several films can live up to expectations, so that the hot search terms predicted in this program can come true and the movies will become the topic of everyone’s leisure time again. (Director of Ma Hongyu’s Today’s Film Review)