Xiaomi entered the market strongly, and the new energy auto market was surging.

  Our reporter Lu Hongxing

  On March 28th, Xiaomi Group held the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile with the theme of "Forward" in Beijing, officially released Xiaomi SU7, and unveiled the mysterious price veil. This means that Xiaomi Automobile has entered the eye of the storm in China’s new energy automobile market.

  Will bring positive guidance to the new energy automobile industry.

  Lin Cheng, chief scientist of the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Vehicles of Beijing Institute of Technology, said in an interview with China Economic Times that the strong entry of Xiaomi will greatly improve the level and technical level of new energy vehicles in China, especially in the field of intelligent driving. Xiaomi has a deep network and intelligent foundation, and the participation of such a technologically innovative enterprise will bring positive guidance to the new energy vehicle industry.

  China Economic Times reporter learned that Xiaomi has always been a leading brand in the field of smart phones and smart homes, and it has rich experience in the application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things.

  "For Xiaomi itself, it has a very positive impact. Xiaomi has its own ecology. Xiaomi will apply various scene technologies on his mobile phone to his car. For the whole industry, it is a reshuffle. Different from other new forces making cars, Xiaomi has abundant funds and much less operating pressure, so-called ‘ Don’t panic when there is food in the bowl ’ That’s the truth. From the perspective of future development, Xiaomi should gradually become a mainstream new energy automobile enterprise. " Lin Cheng further stated.

  Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said in an interview with the China Economic Times reporter that Xiaomi’s strong participation in the new energy vehicle market, on the one hand, is a positive driving force for the entire new force car industry; On the other hand, it will promote the comprehensive exploration of the new energy vehicle market and help meet consumers’ demand for intelligence and interconnection.

  Yan Jinghui, an expert from china automobile dealers association, told the China Economic Times reporter that Xiaomi Auto was born with the gene of scientific and technological innovation and intelligent networking. For young people, its own traffic is conducive to guiding and promoting consumption.

  Zhang Guanghou, deputy director of the Technology Center of the Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, said in an interview with the China Economic Times reporter that Xiaomi Automobile is a "new recruit" in the automobile market, but from the market performance of mobile phones and household appliances, Xiaomi has unique features in supply chain integration, technological innovation and product design. The addition of Xiaomi can enrich the pedigree of new energy vehicle products, further accelerate the upstream and downstream integration of the new energy industry and accelerate the iteration of technological updates such as intelligent driving, and at the same time create more new energy vehicle products that meet the needs of consumers and are more internationally competitive.

  It should be noted that the addition of Xiaomi Automobile is also beneficial to the whole automobile industry chain, which will further improve and enrich the layout of the industry chain and provide more growth points and development opportunities. At the same time, the spillover effect of Xiaomi’s entry should not be underestimated. Xiaomi Automobile has driven many enterprises such as Guanghong Technology, Shangluo Electronics, Demais and Lansi Technology to participate in the Xiaomi automobile industry chain.

  Since the concept of "new quality productivity" was put forward last year, the central government has expounded and deployed it many times. New quality productivity includes not only technological innovation, but also changes in production mode, organization mode and marketing. Under the guidance of this strategy, the intelligent networked new energy automobile industry has become an important development direction in the future.

  In Cui Dongshu’s view, as many technology companies build cars across borders, the new energy automobile industry will have the advantages of innovation and integrated development in developing new quality productivity, which is not only an interpretation of new quality productivity, but also an important step in economic transformation and upgrading.

  "Scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new quality productivity. More technology companies build cars across borders, on the one hand, it can accelerate the application of scientific and technological innovations to specific industries and industrial chains; On the other hand, it can enable technology enterprises to face the market demand and application practice, accelerate the iterative upgrading of key technologies by enriching the application of scenarios, and open up the chain from technological innovation and industrial innovation to the development of new quality productivity. " Zhang Guanghou said.

  The market involution of new energy vehicles has intensified.

  "It’s really not 99,000, 149,000, or 199,000." At the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile held on the evening of March 28th, Lei Jun, the chairman of Xiaomi Group, shouted out the final selling price of Xiaomi SU7, of which the standard version sold for 215,900 yuan, the Pro version sold for 245,900 yuan and the MAX version sold for 299,900 yuan. The data shows that the SU7 has only been on the market for 27 minutes, that is, it has exceeded 50,000 units.

  On March 31st, Lei Jun released Weibo, saying, "During the initial edition ordering process, we identified and intercepted some abnormal orders and scalper orders. Therefore, the second round of additional sales will be opened. "

  In Yan Jinghui’s view, the price of Xiaomi SU7 should be relatively close to the people, and it still has a certain market impact on new forces such as Wei Xiaoli. However, Xiaomi has just entered the market, and the market impact needs further feedback. In the future, with the continuous introduction of Xiaomi products, the price may rise or fall, but it remains to be seen whether it will cause a price war in the short term.

  In Zhang Guanghou’s view, at present, the competition in China’s new energy vehicle market is relatively full, and different enterprises, brands and models focus on relatively segmented markets, which has formed a certain user stickiness. Xiaomi automobile first came out, but its market share is still blank, and its products have yet to be tested by the market and consumers, which will not trigger a new round of price war in the short term.

  "Xiaomi Auto officially joined the new energy vehicle market, and the price is relatively close to the people, which will basically not cause price wars." Cui Dongshu said.

  However, in Lin Cheng’s view, since 2023, the price war of new energy vehicles has been going on. At present, it is an indisputable fact that the new energy automobile industry is "rolled up". Objectively speaking, the price of Xiaomi SU7 is lower than expected, and its configuration, mileage and performance all exceed expectations, which brings great pressure to other automobile enterprises. After Xiaomi launches such a model, it will become a trend for other car companies to cut prices.

  "The strong entry of Xiaomi has made the market competition in the new energy automobile industry more intense, and a number of enterprises may be eliminated in the next few years. When there is little or no profit, capital will withdraw, and parts companies will do what they can. In the long run, prices will gradually return to rationality. " Lin Cheng further stated.

  What is the result of this change in the new energy vehicle market caused by the entry of Xiaomi SU7? Time will give the answer.

Sexual harassment, injury and disability, overlord clause beware of these "pits" in the gym

   Sexual harassment and verbal insults should only be regarded as "mouth addiction"

   On April 9, it was reported by the media that Ms. Xiaoqian of Hangzhou paid a deposit for private lessons in a gym. Afterwards, she felt that the price was too expensive and wanted to return it. In order to retain her, the fitness instructor proposed the conditions of accompanying sleep. Xiao Qian told the media: "I said that I can find their coach or him to sleep with me for one night, and that if I need a woman, they can also provide a woman, saying that their director is a lesbian, so that their director can sleep with me for one night." When asked, a supervisor of the fitness center said that the social atmosphere was more open, but it was just a mouth addiction.

   Prior to this, Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Nanjing, was inexplicably "helped" by a fitness instructor while running in the gym. She felt harassed and called the police station. Finally, the gym apologized to him and refunded the card fee in full.

   Article 38 of China’s Constitution stipulates that the personal dignity of People’s Republic of China (PRC) citizens is inviolable, and it is forbidden to insult or slander citizens by any means. Article 40 of the Law on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests stipulates that sexual harassment of women is prohibited. Article 38 of the Beijing Measures for Implementing the Law on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests in People’s Republic of China (PRC) (Revised Draft) stipulates that it is forbidden to sexually harass women in any form such as language, writing, images, electronic information and physical behavior. The Measures for Implementing the Law on the Protection of Women’s Rights and Interests in People’s Republic of China (PRC) Province stipulates that "it is forbidden to sexually harass women in the form of obscene language, words, pictures, electronic information and behaviors that violate laws and ethics."

   The coach put forward a clear demand for small money, which caused him to have obvious psychological discomfort and constituted sexual harassment. According to the law, if sexual harassment of women in violation of the law constitutes a violation of public security management, the victim may request the public security organ to impose administrative punishment on the illegal act according to law, or bring a civil lawsuit to the people’s court according to law.

   Injuries and disabilities are not uncommon. The qualification review of coaches needs to be standardized.

   In recent years, a large number of newcomers have poured into the field of fitness, but there is a lack of professional private education, and disability incidents are frequent due to improper or unprofessional guidance.

   In July, 2014, Zhang Wanting, a 17-year-old girl from Shenyang, died suddenly in a gym weight-loss training camp. According to media reports, Zhang Wanting had undergone high-load training and was strictly controlled in diet, and the coach at the time of the incident had no relevant qualifications and first-aid knowledge.

   In 2015, a fat man accidentally fell down and broke his achilles tendon because of bending over and lifting his legs, which was not suitable for his weight load. At that time, private teachers and members were still laughing and chatting, thinking that there was no serious problem.

   In 2016, Pearl Krabs, a second-year graduate student in Beijing, bought 4,500 yuan of private education courses in a fitness chain. Three months later, the hospital diagnosed the second degree damage of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus of the right knee; Previously, Pearl Krabs’s coach had been encouraging her to keep exercising. When defending rights, the coach could not produce any professional certification. Finally, the gym returned 4,000 yuan to Pearl Krabs and dismissed the coach.

   It is understood that there are roughly three types of private education sources in the industry: graduates from major sports colleges, retired athletes and social fitness enthusiasts. Even some are just in good shape, and they can be employed after attending some short-term training courses. There is no uniform standard for the post qualification of private education in the whole fitness industry, and the threshold for employment is completely grasped by the fitness institutions themselves.

   According to the 2015 Career Development Report of Fitness Coaches in China issued by the Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center of the State General Administration of Sport, 52% of the fitness coaches who have been employed for 1-3 years are students from sports colleges, and the remaining 48% have no professional background.

   At present, there are two types of qualification certificates recognized by the fitness industry, one is the "national job certificate". The other is the qualification certificate certified by non-governmental organizations, or the award-winning certificate of bodybuilding competition. Among them, the "national job certificate" belongs to the level evaluation category and is not mandatory. Just because a fitness instructor wants to be employed does not mean that he must pass the national vocational examination and obtain a "national vocational certificate".

   Lu Dajiang, a graduate tutor at the School of Sports Science of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, suggested that the admission system for fitness instructors should be established with reference to the supervision methods of high-risk industries such as swimming and rock climbing. The relevant coach qualifications are subject to the access system, that is, the personnel engaged in guiding teaching must obtain the national vocational qualification certificate before they can take up their posts and engage in related work.

   Article 32 of the National Fitness Regulations stipulates that those who engage in high-risk sports must have a specified number of social sports instructors and rescuers who have obtained national vocational qualification certificates. The first batch of high-risk sports announced by the state in 2013 include swimming, skiing, rock climbing and diving.

   Fitness institutions have overlord clauses, and it is difficult for consumers to transfer or return their cards.

   At present, many fitness cards on the market require me to hold the card. If consumers require to pay a handling fee ranging from several hundred yuan, some gyms even stipulate that they cannot transfer cards.

   Jiang Dianliang, a southern legal aid lawyer, said that because the consumer card generally indicates that "this card is not transferable", if the consumer does not sign the relevant agreement on returning, transferring and stopping the card before handling the card, when he gets the card, he has already acquiesced that the merchant needs to pay for the card transfer. Before handling various consumer cards such as fitness cards, you need to read the relevant agreements carefully, ask whether the fitness card can be extended or transferred or returned in case of illness, business trip, etc., and sign the relevant payment agreement for returning, transferring and stopping the card. When signing the relevant consumer card agreement, in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, you must read the terms carefully. If you find anything unclear or unreasonable in the terms, you should raise it in time.

   In addition to high transfer fees and prohibition of card transfer, it is also difficult for many consumers to return the card.

   In December 2016, consumer Mr. Chen complained to Hebei Consumers Association that in September 2015, he applied for an annual card with an amount of 2,300 yuan in a gym in Shijiazhuang. Since then, Mr. Chen has been suffering from illness and needs chemotherapy. The doctor’s advice is not suitable for exercise. The previous annual card was not used, and Mr. Chen proposed to return the card to the gym. The other party refused to refund the money on the grounds that there are clauses in the contract, such as "The contract shall not be terminated except for force majeure" and "The service cannot be accepted due to its own reasons, and the individual shall bear the responsibility".

   Hebei Consumers Association believes that after the establishment of the contract, the objective situation has undergone major changes that are not commercial risks and cannot be foreseen by the parties at the time of conclusion of the contract. It is obviously unfair for one party to continue to perform the contract or the purpose of the contract cannot be achieved. If the consumer proposes to change or terminate the contract, the operator should change or terminate the contract accordingly according to the principle of fairness. It is illegal for the operator not to change or cancel the conformity. In other words, consumers have the right to terminate the contract according to law in special circumstances.

Picturesque novel

Wisteria (Chinese painting) Wu Guanzhong is selected from the Chinese Art Palace (Shanghai Art Museum) "Chinese Scenery-Lin Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong Art Exhibition"

I read Wang Zengqi’s novel "The Apprentice", in which I wrote that the great grandfather of the fourth season was jealous of the people, and I thought of Mr. Wang himself.

Mr. Wang is famous for painting, and he also wants to be a painter. His father is a painter. He went to The National SouthWest Associated University at the age of 19. Mr. Wang once said that if he failed, he would go to the National College of Fine Arts. However, Mr. Wang has been admitted. If he fails, he will go to the Art College. Perhaps there will be another master in the history of modern painting in China.

The plot of The Appreciator is very simple, telling the story of a great painter and a fruit delivery vendor. It is also a story about a bosom friend. We all know that Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi, one playing the piano and the other listening to the piano, performed a deep feeling of "high mountains and flowing water". Although Ye San is a fruit vendor, he knows Ji Xianmin and his paintings. Ji Xianmin’s paintings are never seen by people, but he can see them in Yuzryha. Ye San’s appreciation of his paintings is what Ji Xianmin is proud of. Ji Jian-min painted the wrong lotus, and Ye San pointed it out, so Ji Jian-min repainted it and gave it to Ye San. Sometimes Ji Jian-min gave Ye San a painting without the title, and Yuzryha San could sell it. Ye San said, I won’t sell any of your paintings. Sure enough, after Ye San’s death, according to his will, his son buried all the paintings given by Ji Yumin.

Mr. Wang Zengqi knows Chinese painting. He wrote this novel to pay tribute to the literati paintings in China after the Song and Yuan Dynasties (he knew many painters in ancient China), and also devoted his understanding of China ink painting (including techniques) to the text. For example, Mr. Wang painted the ink lotus and wisteria, such as "there is wind in wisteria, and the flowers are messy". Mr. Wang himself painted many wisteria with this kind of messy flowers.

During his visit to Iowa, Mr. Wang gave a speech entitled "My Creative Career". When talking about the relationship between China’s literature and painting, he said that some people say that his novels are poetic novels, but he hopes that some people will say that his novels are picturesque novels.

This is really what Mr. Wang hopes, and it is also the case. Mr. Wang’s works are indeed full of painting meaning-China’s ink spirit, the art of blank space in Chinese painting.

He also visited some art galleries and museums in America. In the Boston Museum, he saw a Song Huizong’s copy of Zhang Xuan’s "Dao Lian Tu" and admired it immensely. He mentioned this painting in a conversation and said, "That thread is so long that I can’t wait to kowtow to it when I write it." In the novel, Mr. Wang used Zhang Daqian to write about the painting of Mohe lotus by Ji Yumin, saying that "the lotus leaves he painted are not hooked, and the lotus stalks are not pricked, and he likes to make them long, and the lotus stalks are very long, and they are all in one stroke." This is all Mr. Wang’s own experience.

Author: Subei

Text: Northern Jiangsu Picture: Wu Guanzhong Editor: Wu Dongkun Editor: Shu Ming

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