BYD Qin L DM-i Beijing Auto Show is the world premiere: it will be listed in the second quarter of this year, and it is estimated that the sword finger will be sold at the intermediate level from 120,

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Qin L DM-i, a new member of BYD Dynasty series, made its world premiere. The model is scheduled to be officially launched in the second quarter of this year, and the price is expected to start from 120,000 yuan.

BYD Qin L DM-i Beijing Auto Show is the world premiere: it will be listed in the second quarter of this year, and it is expected to start selling at 120,000 yuan.

Qin L has a body size of 4830mm×1900mm×1495mm and a wheelbase of 2790mm, and is positioned as an intermediate car. Its birth aims to fill the gap between Qin family (compact crown) and Han family (medium and large crown) in the matrix of dynasty cars. On the one hand, Qin L will jointly challenge the joint venture mid-size sedan market represented by Camry with Han, and on the other hand, build a large and small Qin combination with Qin PLUS, aiming at the A+ market.

Based on the development of BYD’s new generation plug-in hybrid vehicle platform, Qin L is committed to breaking the traditional concept of "high fuel consumption" of mid-size cars and establishing a new fashion of "big and economical" mid-size cars through technological innovation.

In terms of intelligent configuration, Qin L is equipped with DiLink intelligent cockpit system, including 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspended Pad, car ETC, NFC digital key and full-scene intelligent voice. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which covers adaptive cruise, intelligent navigation, emergency lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring and other functions to improve driving safety and convenience.

It is reported that Qin L will enter the market in the second quarter of this year, and the pre-sale price will start from 120,000 yuan.

New consumption daily

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  New Consumer Daily, November 28th,The main contents of today’s new consumer daily are as follows: the number of M9 bookings in the world has exceeded 33,000; The report said that Shein submitted an IPO application in the United States; Tims Coffee Company increased its capital to US$ 150 million, an increase of about 24.9%.

  Industry news

  Meituan’s revenue in the third quarter was 76.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.1%.

  On November 28th, Meituan released its financial report for the third quarter of 2023 as of the end of September. Revenue in the third quarter was 76.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.1%, and it is estimated to be 76.01 billion yuan; In the third quarter, core local business income increased by 24.5% year-on-year to RMB 57.69 billion, and new business segment income increased by 15.3% year-on-year to RMB 18.78 billion. Third quarter3.59 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 195.3%, and an estimated 2.92 billion yuan. By the end of the third quarter, the total order volume of instant delivery reached 6.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23%.

  The revenue in the third quarter was 68.84 billion yuan, which greatly exceeded expectations.

  Revenue in the third quarter was 68.84 billion yuan, up 94% year-on-year, and it is estimated to be 54.87 billion yuan. In the third quarter, the adjusted income per ADS is 11.61 yuan, and it is estimated to be 8.81 yuan. NON-GAAP net profit in the third quarter was 17.03 billion yuan, up 37% year-on-year.

  Didi’s "collapse" for 12 hours is estimated to lose 10 million orders and 400 million turnover.

  At about 10:30 am on November 28th, according to the reporter’s actual measurement of Didi Chuxing App in Guangzhou, it was found that Didi Chuxing, including online car service and bike-sharing, had returned to normal, and this comprehensive functional paralysis lasted for nearly 12 hours, which was also the longest breakdown of Didi Chuxing in recent years.

  According to the financial report released by Didi Chuxing in the third quarter of 2023, the total transaction volume of China’s travel business in a single quarter was 72.5 billion yuan, and the average daily single volume reached 31.3 million. Based on the breakdown time, it is estimated that Didi will lose more than 10 million orders and more than 400 million transactions.

  The number of M9 bookings in the industry exceeded 33,000.

  On the afternoon of November 28th, Huawei held a press conference on the whole scene of Zhijie S7 and Huawei. At the meeting, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said that the number of M9 bookings in the industry exceeded 33,000.

  Huawei Whole House Intelligence 5.0 was officially released.

  At today’s new product launch conference of Zhijie S7 and Huawei’s whole scene, Huawei’s whole house intelligence 5.0 was officially released, including the appearance of intelligent switch mondriaan, intelligent MINI Pro, music light of the voice of the sky, universal smart point, new UX interface of HarmonyOS and other products and functional upgrades. According to reports, Huawei’s whole house intelligence adopts PLC home connection, which supports controllable disconnection and the stability of equipment connection can reach 99.99%.

  Tims Coffee Company increased its capital to USD 150 million, an increase of about 24.9%.

  According to Tianyancha, on November 23rd, Tim (Shanghai) Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Tims Coffee, experienced industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital increased from about US$ 120 million to about US$ 150 million, an increase of about 24.9%.

  Cuddy Coffee and other 100 million companies set up a baking company.

  According to Tianyancha, recently, Kuhong Baking (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was established, with the legal representative of Zhang Qingqiu and the registered capital of 100 million RMB. Its business scope includes food sales and consumption.Primary processing,And product sales, internet sales, beverage production, dairy production, grain processing food production, tea products production, liquor management, etc.According to the information, Kudi Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hongshun Baina Technology Development Group Co., Ltd. hold 65% and 35% respectively.

  Bawang Chaji and Chabaidao set up a new company.Technology research and development

  According to Tianyancha, recently, Sichuan Chabenyuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established, with Shang Invention as its legal representative and a registered capital of 20 million RMB. Its business scope includes technology research and development, bio-based materials manufacturing and sales.Manufacturing and marketing, manufacturing and marketing of industrial textile products, manufacturing and marketing of paper products, etc. The panoramic view of the equity shows that the company is owned by Guochao Information Technology (Dongtai) Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Rongshang Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd., which are owned by Bawang Chaji, with 67% and 33% respectively.

  It is worth mentioning that Sichuan Rongshang Jiahe Technology Co., Ltd. was established not long ago. The company is owned by Sichuan Huizhijie Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Sichuan Shuxin Tongyuan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. under Chabaidao, and Guochao Information Technology (Dongtai) Co., Ltd. under Bawang Chaji. 55%, 25% and 20% respectively.

  Huawei MatePad Pro 11 tablet released at 4299 yuan for sale.

  On the afternoon of November 28th, Huawei released the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 tablet at the full scene conference. The price of the 12GB+256GB version (including Wi-Fi) was 4,299 yuan, and the price of the 12GB+512GB version was 4,799 yuan. Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said that this is the world’s "thinnest 11-inch tablet" and the world’s first popular tablet supporting two-way Beidou satellite messages.

  Australia will ban one-off imports from January next year.

  Australian Health Minister Mark Butler announced on the 28th that Australia will ban disposable imports from January next year, and extend the import ban to non-therapeutic categories in March to reverse the "disturbing" growth trend of young people smoking e-cigarettes.

  Zhiran Food Technology Landing in Huzhou

  A few days ago, Professor Jiang Lianzhou, the founder and chairman of the plant meat track company Zhiran Company, revealed to reporters that the company had landed in Huzhou City and established Huzhou Zhiran Food Technology Co., Ltd.

  Cross-border sailing is new

  It is reported that Shein submitted an IPO application in the United States.

  According to a report by Reuters on the 28th, the cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company Shein has secretly applied for listing in the United States, or will launch an initial public offering (IPO) in 2024. The US "Wall Street Times" said that Shein’s listing in the US may become one of the largest IPOs in recent years.

  SHEIN was founded in Nanjing, China Shein 2012 and moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2021. According to the report, it sells clothing products to online shoppers in more than 150 countries at ultra-low prices, and the United States is its largest market. In a round of financing in May this year, the company was valued at about $66 billion. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, in the global market announced by market research firm CB Insights,In the corporate valuation list, Shein ranked third with $66 billion.

  China-Europe trains have accumulated more than 20,000 trains in ten years.

  On the morning of November 28th, the X 8155th China-Europe train loaded with daily necessities, fitness equipment and other goods left Xi ‘an International Port Station for Hamburg, Germany, which indicated that China-Europe train (Xi ‘an) had been in operation for ten years since its first trip on November 28th, 2013, with a total of 20,897 trains.

  At present, China-Europe Train (Xi ‘an) has opened 17 international transportation trunk lines, achieving full coverage of major sources of goods in Europe and Asia.

  Express delivery of industry views

  The whole city of Shenzhen in the first 10 months856.309 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.3%.

  According to statistics from Shenzhen, from January to October, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the city was 856.309 billion yuan, up 7.3% year-on-year. In terms of consumption types, retail sales of goods increased by 6.5%; Catering revenue increased by 14.8%. The sales of basic commodities were good, among which the retail sales of grain, oil and food in units above designated size increased by 12.9%.

  Consumption-upgrading commodities maintained rapid growth, among which the retail sales of communication equipment and cosmetics of units above designated size increased by 20.4% and 11.0% respectively. Online retail sales continued to grow rapidly, and the retail sales of goods realized by units above designated size through the Internet increased by 26.4%.

  The agency predicts that global TV shipments will fall below 197 million units for the first time in 2023.

  On November 28th, according to the TrendForce Jibang Consulting Survey, despite this year’s European and American consumer price index () cool down, but the current high.The environment, the suppression of the overall business and consumer spending, coupled with the downturn in the property market, have suppressed the demand for TV. In addition, the price of TV panels rose sharply this year, causing brands to reduce the scale of large-scale promotional activities, resulting in the decline of TV shipments to 197 million units in 2023, down 2.1% year-on-year.

  TrendForce Jibang Consulting said that TV brand shipments have increased quarter by quarter since this year. However, the growth rate in the traditional peak season in the fourth quarter was only 4.7%, and both the growth strength and shipments hit a new low in nearly 10 years, reaching only 54.55 million units, down 1.7% year-on-year.

What does Aauto Quicker mean?

Aauto Quicker is an application software for short video production and sharing. Users can easily shoot, edit and share their short video works through Aauto Quicker. The usage of Aauto Quicker will be described in detail below.

I. Download and Registration

First, you need to search for "Aauto Quicker" in the app store and download and install it. After the installation, open the application and click the "Register" button to register. You can use mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ and other ways to register, fill in the relevant information and set the password, and you can complete the registration.

Second, shoot video

After the registration is completed, you can start shooting videos. Click the "+"button at the bottom of the app to enter the shooting page. You can choose to shoot a new video or edit an existing video. On the shooting page, you can adjust the camera direction, use filters, add music and other functions to make your video more vivid and interesting.

Third, edit the video

After shooting, you can enter the editing page, edit the video, add subtitles, adjust the volume and so on. The editing page provides a wealth of functions, which you can adjust according to your own needs. After editing, click the "Next" button to enter the publishing page.

Fourth, release the video

On the publishing page, you can add a title, select a category, set the visible range and so on. You can choose to publish the video to your home page or to a popular recommendation page, so that more people can see your work. After the release, your video will appear on the Aauto Quicker platform for other users to watch and interact.

V. Interaction and socialization

Besides watching videos, you can also interact and socialize with other users on the Aauto Quicker platform. You can follow other users, like and comment on their videos, or participate in topic discussions. Through interaction and socialization, you can make more like-minded friends and share your life and creativity.

In a word, Aauto Quicker is a powerful short video production and sharing application software. With simple operation, you can easily shoot, edit and share your own short video works, and interact and socialize with other users. I hope this tutorial can help you use Aauto Quicker better and enjoy the fun brought by short videos.

September 7-8 Theme: Vehicle Observation

      A white line on the crosswalk of a city street, also called zebra crossing. Zebra crossing originated from jumping stones in ancient Rome. As early as in ancient Rome, on some streets of Pompeii, chariots and horses crossed with pedestrians, which often caused traffic jams and accidents in the city. To this end, people separated the sidewalk from the carriage road, raised the sidewalk, and built blocks of stones protruding from the road near Ma Lukou as signs to instruct pedestrians to cross the street. Pedestrians can step on these jumping stones and slowly cross the road. When the carriage is running, the jumper is just between the two wheels of the carriage. Later, many cities used this method. At the end of the 19th century, with the invention of automobiles, the traffic in the city was rolling, and people were crossing the street at will, which hindered the traffic. The previous kind of stone jumping could not avoid the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents.

      In the early 1950s, the British designed a kind of crosswalk on the street, which stipulated that pedestrians should only take crosswalks when crossing the street, so a series of striking crosswalks appeared on the streets of London, which looked like white stripes on zebras, so people called it zebra crossing. When the driver sees this white line, he will automatically slow down or stop to let pedestrians pass safely. Zebra crossings are still everywhere in the streets.

Development Status of Artificial Intelligence AI Industry in China

     1. Development status of AI

    With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence has gradually entered reality from science fiction. Since the concept of artificial intelligence was first put forward in 1956, the development of artificial intelligence has experienced ups and downs. With the breakthrough of core algorithms, the rapid improvement of computing power, and the support of massive Internet data, artificial intelligence finally ushered in a qualitative leap in the second decade of the 21st century, and became the focus of science and technology attracting worldwide attention.
    For China, the development of artificial intelligence is a historic strategic opportunity, which is crucial to alleviate the pressure of population aging in the future, meet the challenges of sustainable development and promote the transformation and upgrading of economic structure. As the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation and the strategic technology leading the future development, the state attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence industry. In 2017, the State Council released the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" to strategically deploy the artificial intelligence industry; In the government work reports in March 2018 and March 2019, it was emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate the development of emerging industries and promote research and development of artificial; applicationCultivate a new generation of information technology and other emerging industrial clusters to expand the digital economy.
    Since the deep learning algorithm was put forward in 2006, the application of artificial intelligence technology has made a breakthrough. Since 2012, the explosive growth of data has provided sufficient "nourishment" for artificial intelligence, and deep learning algorithms have achieved breakthroughs in speech and visual recognition, making it possible for the artificial intelligence industry to land and commercialize.
    2. Development layout of AI

    On the whole, China’s artificial intelligence industry has formed a pattern of coordinated development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region, especially in the eastern coastal areas. According to IDC’s Evaluation Report on the Development of Artificial Intelligence Computing Power in China in 2019-2020, the TOP5 cities in China’s list of artificial intelligence cities in 2019 are Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou in turn.
    Among them, Beijing has a relatively mature layout and a relatively complete industrial chain. In particular, Zhongguancun Science City and other institutions provide favorable policies, technologies and talents for the development of Beijing’s artificial intelligence industry. At present, the number of enterprises with artificial intelligence in Beijing ranks in the forefront of the country, about 300.
    The number of artificial intelligence enterprises in Shanghai is less than that in Beijing, but it is also ahead of other provinces and cities. Shanghai plans to build an artificial intelligence highland and create a first-class artificial intelligence innovation ecology. At present, it has laid out a "human-shaped" spatial structure, which is distributed in 8 regions and 11 industries. In addition to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places are also actively deployed, and artificial intelligence enterprises are more concentrated.
    Guangdong’s scientific and technological innovation ability is also in a leading position, especially the planning and development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area attaches importance to the layout of artificial intelligence. Up to now, Guangdong Province has successfully identified two batches of 8 parks as "Guangdong Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park". In addition, relying on the important opportunities of national characteristic towns, thousands of enterprises and thousands of towns projects, the Pearl River Delta National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, Guangdong encourages local cities to speed up the application layout of artificial intelligence industry and build a number of artificial intelligence towns.
    Hangzhou attaches great importance to the basic research of artificial intelligence. The "Xiangyun" DRMS system is the first data resource platform based on artificial intelligence in China. It is a full-volume, real-time "data warehouse" of Hangzhou’s urban data brain, which can provide functions such as real-time data collection, data Rubik’s cube and data governance, and creatively apply artificial intelligence to data exchange, sharing and opening. Driven by leading enterprises such as Alibaba, Netease, zhejiang dahua, Hikvision and Straight Flush, Hangzhou has formed a number of distinctive applications in smart cities, finance and other fields. In addition, Hangzhou actively builds an artificial intelligence industrial cluster, taking Hangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Hangzhou Chengxi Science and Technology Innovation Corridor as the core, optimizing the layout of the city’s artificial intelligence industrial structure and realizing orderly competition and dislocation development.
    3. Market demand and scale of AI
    China’s artificial intelligence industry focuses on diversified application scenarios. Under the guidance of China’s national conditions and market demand, it aims at the practical needs of intelligent transformation and upgrading in transportation, medical care, finance, security and other fields, and focuses on selecting one or several key areas for key layout, focusing on the whole life cycle of big data in the industry, and taking the lead in promoting commercialization by optimizing scene design. In recent years, the competitive situation of differentiation and regionalization has attracted a large number of emerging artificial intelligence enterprises in China, which has promoted the continuous outbreak of China’s industrial scale.
    According to the statistics of Gaozhan think tank, the scale of China’s artificial intelligence industry reached 8.31 billion US dollars in 2018, and by 2019, the industrial scale exceeded 10 billion US dollars, reaching 10.55 billion US dollars. Among them, the industrial scale of AI basic layer, technology layer and application layer reached 1.99 billion US dollars, 3.06 billion US dollars and 5.5 billion US dollars respectively. Driven by policies and markets to accelerate the implementation of a new generation of artificial intelligence application scenarios, it is estimated that the industrial scale will approach 30 billion US dollars in 2022.
    Chart: The scale of artificial intelligence industry in China from 2015 to 2019 (USD 100 million)
    Source: Gaozhan think tank
    4. Number of AI enterprises
    According to the statistics of Gaozhan think tank, by the end of 2019, there were 779 artificial intelligence enterprises in China, accounting for 21.9% of the total number of artificial intelligence enterprises in the world, second only to the United States. In terms of the distribution of start-up time, the establishment time of artificial intelligence enterprises in China concentrated in 2010-2016, accounting for 67.3%, and reached its peak in 2015, and the number of enterprises established in 2016-2019 gradually declined.
    Chart: Time distribution of artificial intelligence enterprises in China as of 2019.
    Source: Gaozhan think tank
    In terms of geographical distribution of enterprises, artificial intelligence enterprises in China are mainly concentrated in the three metropolitan areas of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, accounting for 44.8%, 28.7% and 16.9% respectively. Among the provinces and cities, artificial intelligence enterprises are mainly distributed in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, accounting for 88.4% of the total.
    Chart: Regional distribution of artificial intelligence enterprises in China in 2019
    Source: Gaozhan think tank
    5. Market structure and market share of AI enterprises
    The artificial intelligence application market mainly includes three aspects: computer vision application, speech semantic application and machine learning algorithm platform. Among them, computer vision application scenarios are rich and have great commercial value, and about 40% of artificial intelligence enterprises are concentrated in the field of visual artificial intelligence. According to the statistics of Gaozhan think tank, in 2019, the largest manufacturers in China’s artificial intelligence computer vision application field included Shangtang Technology, Defiance Technology, Yuncong Technology, Yitu Technology, Hikvision, Innovative Qizhi, Smart Eye Technology and Dahua Co., Ltd., accounting for 79.5% in total; The manufacturers occupying the largest market in the field of artificial intelligence speech semantic application include Iflytek, Tulsi and Xiao I.robot, Baidu Net News, Jietong Huasheng, Yunzhisheng, Shenzhou Taiyue, Alibaba Cloud and Spirits, accounting for 39.2% in total; The leaders of artificial intelligence algorithm learning platform include Fourth Paradigm, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Tencent Cloud, AWS and Microsoft. The main participants include Merrill Lynch Data, Jinshan Cloud, Jiuzhang Yunji, Intelligence Explorer, Xinghuan Technology, Xinhua III and Neusoft.
    Chart: China artificial intelligence market pattern in 2019

The initial heart of the new era "Awesome, My Country"

Editor’s note:

  The documentary film Awesome, My Country records the super projects such as China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port and China Net, and shows the landmark scientific research achievements that lead people to a new era, such as the largest radio telescope FAST in human history, the world’s largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2", the research and development of maglev train and 5G technology.

  The young post-90s and post-00s, as a "powerful generation", will witness and build a socialist modernization power in the next 30 years. "China Youth Daily" invited a group of college students to write about the feelings of watching "Awesome, My Country" and write down their initial feelings in the new era.

  (This edition is supported by China University Media Alliance)


Faster, how can I slow down?

Xu Jingran, 2017 graduate student of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  "What can I do?" I often ask myself this question, but after I went to college, the frequency of asking myself increased again. When I watched "Awesome, My Country" in the cinema, I was half proud and half nervous, as if I had pulled out some thoughts, lowered my head from a height, leaned over to examine and even asked myself: "What can I do? What can I do for this country and society? "

  The film shows China’s brilliant achievements in scientific and technological development, economic construction, national defense construction, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, internal affairs and diplomacy since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. For me, the most inspiring thing in the film is the display of a series of major construction projects and scientific and technological achievements in China in recent years: the world’s largest radio astronomical telescope "FAST", the largest offshore drilling platform "Blue Whale 2", the most advanced quantum communication satellite "Mozi", the high-speed railway "Fuxing" with a speed of up to 350 kilometers per hour, and Airbus. …

  This makes me feel excited and scared: I am excited to board a great ship of the times, but I am afraid whether I can make a little contribution to this great ship. No one asked me to do anything, but I think it is a kind of responsibility, a kind of self-questioning, self-encouragement, self-alarm and self-reflection derived from "being proud".

  Soon after school started, I got together with a senior sister. When chatting, she brushed the mobile phone news, and her expression suddenly collapsed. "Teacher Nan Rendong died, and I interviewed him." The atmosphere suddenly cooled down and we ended the party hastily. At that time, I still couldn’t understand the complicated feelings of my senior sisters. These scientists seemed to be very far away from me, just a name.

  Later, I visited the two bombs and one satellite memorial hall and the innovation exhibition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I listened to stories such as "Mr. Turbulence can’t get away". I watched the WeChat public platform "Voice of Chinese Academy of Sciences" and pushed the latest scientific research achievements of scientists and technicians every day: the dark matter particle detection satellite "Wukong", the world’s first cloned monkey, the 11-bit cloud superconducting quantum computing platform, and the world’s first "chorea" gene pig & HELIP; … New discoveries and progress emerge one after another.

  I took classes with academicians and people whose names have been seen in textbooks. My teachers are meticulous academically and love students as much as children in life; My classmates are serious and lovely. In the class of dialectics of nature, the classroom presentations submitted by everyone are "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Uplift and Its Influence", "The Mystery of Solar Neutrino Absence" and "The Loss of Mathematical Uncertainty — — Godel’s great discovery "and so on are" shivering "topics. This makes me feel that I am so close to science that science and scientists are alive by my side.

  Everyone in this school is different, but what they have in common is "working very hard". Whenever, they are rushing to the next thing to do. A biology teacher once said, "Doing scientific research is like washing clothes in the dark. You can’t see the real-time progress of others’ washing, so you should keep washing, try your best to wash, and you can’t stop until the light comes on."

  Whenever I see the persistence in these people’s eyes, I will tell myself, "How can you slow down if you are faster?" History will only care for the determined, the enterprising and the fighters, and will not wait for the hesitant, the lazy and the fearful.

  After watching the movie, any China people will strongly feel their sense of identity, belonging, security and pride in their motherland. My friends, study astronomy, ocean, geology, biology, artificial intelligence … … Frankly speaking, the first year of graduate students is like a screw. What you can do is to drill and tighten it.

  We are scattered in the basic unit of scientific research — — The 114 research institutes in China insist on facing the major international frontiers, facing the national strategic needs and facing the main battlefield of the national economy, and writing scientific and technological achievements on the land of the motherland. Starting from basic scientific research, we should explore things close to the truth, find ways to make life happier, and break the status quo to meet more possibilities.

  I have no doubt that there will be future scientists among my friends, which makes me a little envious of not studying science and engineering anymore. I study science communication, and I am very satisfied that I can call myself half a scientist.

  Walking on the path to the classroom, thinking about the time allocated to each academic task, I think, I am willing to be a purely practical person. "This era is too good, you have to work hard, you can’t be unworthy of this era."

Dreams are like a seed.

Duan Jingwen, a 2016 undergraduate of Nankai University.

  Recently, I went to the cinema to watch Awesome, My Country. Before the movie started, an old woman in a wheelchair was pushed into the cinema and sat next to me. She has white hair and trembling legs, and her face is covered with wrinkles and age spots left by years. As the film story unfolded, the tears on grandma’s face flashed in the dim light, and the crutch trembled.

  Many people may feel a little confused after watching "Amazing, My Country": "How big is the gap between national strength and individual happiness? How close will national prosperity be to everyone? " At this moment, my grandmother’s tears answered me. Probably only those who have experienced the history wash can understand what the power of this country really means.

  "At that time, I walked from our home to Yunnan for many days. It was a bus and a train. Zhengzhou stopped for a long time and Zhuzhou rested for a night. I also sent some big cakes to satisfy my hunger … …” On the plane to Kunming to see his comrades-in-arms, Grandpa slowly told the story of going to the army that year. Now, the worrying "many days" has been shortened to three hours on the plane, and many long hardships have been replaced by convenient high-speed trains.

  Undoubtedly, high-speed rail has become a new business card for China, which has brought us closer to our hometown. In Spring Festival travel rush, the high-speed trains lined up on the track carry thousands of homesick hearts like bullets on standby, allowing homesick people to cross the north, south, east and west, and come and go freely without being trapped by homesickness.

  Last year, when I went to Wuhan by train, I crossed the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. This bridge, which was completed in 1957, witnessed the Yangtze River water rolling eastward, taking away the decline of the nation and bringing about the strength of the country. In addition to the Yangtze River, China Bridge also stands on the vast sea, among the steep mountains, and at the junction of national history and future. From then on, it is no longer difficult for Shu Dao to go to the sky, and the country has the ability to let people go out of places where only birds used to fly out.

  When I saw my hometown, a county-level city also has seven expressways, I really felt that the strength of the country is closely related to my personal life, and I can proudly say, "My country is really powerful!"

  "Awesome, My Country" shows us many achievements made by the country since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The country is no longer a rose with only fragrance but no thorns in Lao She’s Four Generations under One roof, and every citizen no longer needs to use silence to cover up his grief over national subjugation like Qi Ruixuan. Festive scenery does not treat each other, Sangtian blue sea needs to be changed in an instant, looking back at history, the predecessors have gone through thousands of difficulties to make China stand in the east of the world again; Looking forward to the future, a better life depends on our common struggle and common achievement.

  A dream is like a seed. If everyone in China can plant it in his heart and take good care of it, the Chinese dream will come true when all the seeds take root, sprout, blossom and bear fruit.

"Powerful country generation" has a long way to go.

Zhai Yujie, a 2015 undergraduate of Southwest University.

  "In the wind and rain, the voyage is magnificent, thousands of miles away in Wan Li, the sun is in my heart, my dream shines ahead, and your faith ignites courage … …” Accompanied by soothing and inspirational music, my heart repeatedly replayed "Awesome, My Country".

  In the form of documentary, the film presents the development achievements of the motherland on the big screen, pushes and pulls the swaying motion lens and degradation lens, brings together scattered pictures and scenes, and conveys to us an image of the motherland that is at the forefront of world development.

  A series of high-speed trains shuttle through the motherland, from the northeast of Snow Country to tropical Hainan; Cars are running on the expressway, reshaping the new symbol of China geography; The automated seaport terminal can handle the world trade quickly and effectively; China’s network has achieved global connectivity in minutes. During the running, China also kept slowing down, stopped to look back, and reflected on various problems encountered in the process of modernization.

  Tears and laughter of Luocuo and Rosandanda, poverty alleviation cadres in Zhaxigang Village, Xizang Autonomous Region, children having free lunches in the mountains, China soldiers "No matter where you are, don’t forget that behind you is a great motherland, and there is a speed called China’s rescue, and there is a kind of luck that I am from China" … … The film’s rigorous but vivid commentary expresses the rapid development of the motherland in a slow-flowing daily life.

  A British media reported the transition from the old platform to the new platform at Longyan Railway Station in Fujian, which only took nine hours, which made the British amazed at the advanced infrastructure project in China. Musk, an American entrepreneur who just sent a sports car into space, couldn’t help forwarding this report and praised that "China’s advanced infrastructure is developing more than 100 times faster than the United States".

  The mountain peaks that Shan Ying once couldn’t fly can now be climbed in 10 minutes; It used to take 12 hours from Beijing to Shanghai, but now it only takes 4.5 hours; 2.99 million base stations and 890 million users, and the total length of optical cable lines in China has reached 30.41 million kilometers; China has contributed more than 30% to the world economy, becoming the first engine to drive the global economy … … Long after the film ended, these pictures and figures still reverberated in my mind.

  The grand vow of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is echoing in the east of the world. The film not only brought the double shock of vision and soul, but also made China people proud and proud, and made our younger generation full of fighting spirit and vitality!

  The first three hours of the film’s release broke the box office record of this kind of film in China. The noteworthy data is that young people constitute the main force of watching "Amazing, My Country". Cat’s eye data shows that 55.5% of the audience in this film are 20-29 years old. On the Internet, a large number of post-90s and post-00s praised the film. The young mode of communication makes the young audience, as the main force of the box office, feel cordial and causes our personal thinking.

  As soon as Qiao Wenwen, a college student, walked out of the cinema, she excitedly took out her mobile phone and chatted with her grandmother in the countryside, telling her that more welfare policies would be distributed to the grassroots. Qiao Wenwen’s dream is to become a grass-roots worker, and transform the mountains that gave birth to her with both hands and the villagers. Wang Jie Shao, a young man from Lanzhou, said that it takes six hours to get home by high-speed train when he goes home for the New Year. In the past, it took more than ten hours to get a hard seat in the Spring Festival travel rush train.

  At the beginning of the film, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s lifelong struggle is to hope that China will become "the richest country in the world, the happiest country in the world, and the people of China will become the happiest people in the world". Today, the rapidly developing motherland has created a good employment environment and a world of innovation for us. As a "powerful generation", this is the best time and a challenging time, and we have a long way to go.

After 90, we should also tell the "China story"

Zhong Yang, a master student of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2016

  After reading "Amazing, My Country", I can’t calm down for a long time like an electric shock. I am not only confident and proud of the development achievements of my motherland, but also moved by the ordinary stories of countless people who are fighting in the front line of building the motherland. When the shocking sound effect, the magnificent narrative picture, and the eloquent story are integrated, my blood is boiling all over and my eyes are wet many times, and I sincerely give my thumbs up to praise my motherland.

  In addition to the magnificent narrative, the film also shows the lives of ordinary people struggling in their jobs from an equal perspective. What impressed me the most was a Tibetan poverty alleviation cadre. In order to persuade her poverty alleviation object to move, she tried her best, tried her best, and made a lot of efforts, just for the poverty alleviation object to live a good life, but her kindness was often not understood. She is the epitome of countless poverty alleviation cadres in China. She has devoted herself wholeheartedly and selflessly, just to contribute to the construction of the motherland.

  This poverty alleviation cadre is about my age, which is one of the reasons why she left a deep impression on me. She is so young, but she shoulders the mission of getting rid of poverty and working silently in precision poverty alleviation, which has become the pillar of the times. In addition to being moved, I am also rethinking: What can I do for the construction of the motherland?

  As future news media practitioners, we have the obligation to open up the public opinion field between the government and the people, to assume the responsibility of media supervision, and to strive for more right to speak in the public opinion field of the international community with pen as a sword and mouth as a knife. Have the obligation to tell the "China Story" well, and inherit and spread the profound and profound China culture from ancient times to modern times.

  As a future news media practitioner, in my daily life, I also want to contribute to the cultural communication of the motherland. During the exchange study in Taiwan Province, I became a Chinese volunteer, teaching foreign students Chinese and actively carrying out the mission of "telling the story of China and spreading and inheriting China culture". I found that foreign students not only revere the long-standing traditional culture of China, but also yearn for the lively and open modern culture of China. "The whole world is speaking Chinese" not only exists in songs, but also is fully reflected in our real life.

  In addition, I found that Taiwan Province people’s understanding of the mainland is not comprehensive enough, but in fact, many young people in Taiwan Province are full of yearning for the mainland. They have been exposed to the development status of many mainland cultural industries through the Internet. Mainland film and television dramas, mainland music, mainland variety shows and mainland apps are imperceptibly affecting young people in Taiwan Province. With the economic development of the mainland of China and the introduction of the policy of Taiwan Province compatriots coming to the mainland to enjoy national treatment, many Taiwan Province people have the opportunity to come to study, find jobs, start businesses and live. Through on-the-spot experience, they can feel the changes in the mainland and get to know the real mainland. They have virtually become the folk mouthpiece of cross-strait exchanges and spread the real mainland message.

  As media practitioners and researchers, we should also devote ourselves to presenting a more comprehensive, three-dimensional and positive image of China to people all over the world through various media channels and forms, so as to enhance the all-round attraction of China culture.

  The post-90s generation was once regarded by public opinion as "tricky in character and weird in behavior", a bit like the "beat generation", but now, we are given a new mission and responsibility — — I am sincerely proud of the "powerful generation". We should constantly improve ourselves and actively become young people with ideals, morality, education and discipline.

  The "powerful generation" happens to be at the historical intersection of the goal of "two hundred years". History gives us a mission and also gives us opportunities. It is our advantage of "maverick, unconventional and pursuing individuality" that makes us full of innovative spirit and infinite possibilities in the future.

  In the new era, our small life will be like a meteor, breaking the sky, blooming gorgeous sparks in the long river of history, reflecting the meaning of life. The "powerful generation" has a heavy sense of responsibility, but at the same time, their self-confidence is stronger. There are so many charming people in the country, and it depends on the present.

I am willing to be a pawn for a strong army and jump down to the grassroots.

Liu Weichao, Ph.D. student of the 17 th Team of Political College of National Defense University

  It is lucky and even greater to throw yourself down and do one thing well all your life.

  "Amazing, My Country" begins with the introduction of a China Bridge that can be called a miracle of the world — — Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. What moved people was not only its grandeur, but also the memory of its chief designer Lin Ming: "When I first accepted this project, I was 48 years old. Today, the final joint installation is carried out, and I am over 60 years old. " In the past twelve years, my hair has become fashionable, which makes people feel the passing of time. But what is even more impressive and admirable is the self-confidence evaluation of Mr. Lin’s designer: "What we see here is the best equipment, the best construction method, the best technology and the best project in the world." Behind the four "best in the world", it is the dedication and concentration of the great country craftsmen represented by Mr. Lin.

  This dedication and dedication have deepened my understanding of "going to the place where the motherland needs it most" and solved the problem of "going to the grassroots" that has been bothering me for a long time. My father is a veteran. From his age of eighteen to mine, he devoted his best forty years to the fiery grass-roots military camp. May be influenced by my father’s subtle influence, after graduating from a local university, I was admitted to the graduate school of the military academy; And after three years, I was fortunate to be one of the few direct doctoral students in National Defense University. At the beginning, I chose to join the army, hoping that one day, like my father, I could burn myself and exercise myself in the fiery melting pot of grass-roots military camps. After reading the blog, my initial heart was shaken from time to time, and I was concerned about which unit was closer to home and more comfortable.

  Until I saw the miracle of China and the silent efforts behind the speed of China in Awesome, My Country, I understood. Yes, the grassroots are indeed more bitter and tired, and they will encounter more difficulties. However, if you are afraid of hardship and tiredness and covet "promotion and wealth", you can "please go elsewhere". Why did you join the army with a pen to serve the country when you graduated from college? Young people have many ways to live: working close to home, surrounded by relatives and friends; Or decent and tidy, with high income … … These are not necessarily the most suitable for your life. Because what really suits you is never the appearance of reality, but the inner feelings brought by your own values and beliefs. "Today’s responsibility lies not with others, but with my youth." I threw myself down and made myself a pawn on the road to strengthening the army. I think it is more glorious than "setting a small goal and earning him 100 million yuan."

  Do not seek comfort, unwilling to be mediocre. Dedicated to the grassroots, but also a hero!

  As a "powerful generation", besides having a firm will to be down-to-earth and rooted at the grassroots level, we should also focus on establishing the following three consciousnesses: First, we should establish mass consciousness and fight as soldiers. First of all, uphold the concept that "doctors and masters are all soldiers" and truly blend in with their comrades. A first-class army needs a first-class team, and it should be the first step for itself to enter the grassroots.

  The second is to establish a model consciousness. There are many examples in Awesome, My Country. One sentence "Look at me" is better than ten thousand sentences "Give me the job". Combining with oneself, we must first take the lead in ability, learn from teachers, classmates, books and practice, and effectively improve our own ability and quality; In the future grass-roots work, we should give play to our comparative advantages of strong understanding and fast learning, and give play to the leading role of the backbone. In addition, it is necessary to take the lead in attitude, have a good command of knowledge and skills, and it is difficult for a person to master everything. However, in the face of hard work, tiring work, dirty work and dangerous work, he should dare to be the first to show his responsibility and attitude of "dedicating himself to the mission and leading troops" in the Political College.

  The third is to establish a sense of learning. Doctors and masters are all soldiers, but they can’t just be soldiers. First of all, we must establish a lifelong learning concept. The progress of various undertakings in "Awesome, My Country" requires builders to keep up with the pace of the times and keep learning and moving forward. The military affairs of grass-roots companies are complicated, and it is easy for people to delay their studies and forget to study under various excuses, so they should always be self-vigilant; Secondly, it is necessary to change from information sender to knowledge sharer. The information transmitter was once one of the important roles of grass-roots political cadres and the key mechanism for political work to play its role. However, with the continuous improvement of the informationization and intelligence level of the military camp, being a doctor does not necessarily have more information resources to serve comrades. Therefore, it is necessary to change roles and use the academic thinking cultivated by scientific research experience to reprocess and further process "information" so that "information" can become "knowledge" more suitable for the needs of officers and men.

  Looking back at history, the fate of the country and the nation has always been closely linked with the strength of the army and the victory or defeat of the battlefield. In today’s China, the goal of national rejuvenation has never been so firm, and the desire to realize the Chinese dream has never been so strong. A generation has a generation’s mission and responsibility, and the heavy responsibility of strengthening the army falls on our shoulders. If we want to provoke this burden, we must jump down. As a "powerful generation", I don’t want to be named Hou, I hope Hai Boping.

A new era of temperature, strength and grace

Ye Zipeng, a master student majoring in Party building at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee.

  The word "time" makes people feel that there is a sense of historical vicissitudes, which seems out of reach. When we read or hear the stories of a certain era, we often envy or feel the people who are in different times. But just as we can’t detect the revolution of the earth, it is difficult for us to have an overview of the magnificent times when we are there.

  Fortunately, there is such a film, "Awesome, My Country", which shows us the era we live in — — This is a new era.

  The new era is an era with temperature. From the three generations of Bashang plantation to the health administrators who work in households, from the poverty alleviation of the whole population to the weaving of the world’s largest basic medical security network … … Every ordinary hero’s dream should not be hidden in the snow. This is the temperature in China.

  The new era is an era of strength. From "Jilong" going into the sea to "Mozi" going up to the sky, from "Sea Beast" Blue Whale 2 to "Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST)" FAST, from "Liaoning" aircraft carrier going out to sea smoothly, to C919 aircraft successfully soaring … … The hard struggle behind it turned into a sonorous step.

  The new era is an era of grace. From the community of human destiny to the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, from the establishment of the AIIB to the establishment of the Silk Road Fund, from the APEC meeting in Beijing by Yanqi Lake to the G20 Summit in Hangzhou by Xizi Lake … … Today’s China is closer to the center of the world than ever before, taking on more responsibilities in the center of the stage.

  Not long ago, a tribute film to Tsinghua University also triggered a discussion boom. What makes people unable to calm down for a long time is the different times of each generation and the choices that people made in different times. "Ask nothing about the west and the east" has also become a hot word for a while. This word is selected from Tsinghua University’s school song "Lide makes a point, asks nothing about the West and the East". "Nothing to ask about the West and the East" is actually a kind of "pursuit without personal utility". It is actually a blend of feelings of home and country and historical responsibility, and it is also an initial heart belonging to the times.

  This year is the year of reform and opening up. The extension line of reform and opening up has been drawn to this day, and we still have many problems to face, to think about and to solve. The situation we are facing now is no easier than it was 40 years ago. However, it is this difficulty that has become the responsibility of our generation.

  Without reform and opening up, there would be no "awesome, my country" today. Looking back at the whole time axis of reform and opening up, the beginning is ideological emancipation, the big discussion about the standard of truth. Nowadays, we still need to emancipate our minds.

  We do face many difficulties and challenges, at the same time, we also face many opportunities and opportunities. At this moment, we need to hold the banner of reform and opening up higher.

  Looking back at history, from the household contract responsibility system in Xiaogang Village of Fengyang to the implementation of the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services", from the rapid rise of Pudong New Area to the spread of the "Belt and Road", it is always inseparable from our understanding of the national conditions, our understanding of practice and our grasp of the present. The new era is a promising period of historical opportunities, and we should stick to seeking truth from facts. Seeking truth from facts as the motto of my school, I think its significance lies not only in my school, but also in a wider range.

  Countries in the new era need to seek truth from facts, and seeking truth from facts here is a determined force. "Don’t take the rigid and closed old road, and don’t take the evil road of changing the flag." For a country, the choice of development path must be deeply rooted in the soil of the motherland, and it is not allowed to "digress" at all. This requires firm self-confidence and finding strength in self-confidence.

  The society in the new era needs to seek truth from facts, and seeking truth from facts here is a joint effort, "thinking in one place and making efforts in one place." With the rapid change of society, flowers are becoming more and more attractive, and various values are rampant. Individuals in society should ask themselves what kind of us are needed for the current development. We need to build a broader consensus and follow it to make the society better.

  Young people in the new era need to seek truth from facts. Seeking truth from facts here is a relay to "walk the long March of our generation". Each generation has different historical experiences and different historical missions. But the same thing is, history has chosen those who have chosen the motherland without exception, and those who have striven and taken responsibility without exception. Only when the younger generation has ideals and can successfully take over the "baton" of history can the country and society have hope.

  The country, society and youth in the new era need to return to the initial heart of the times, and the initial heart of the era of "asking nothing about the West and the East" is actually seeking truth from facts. In line with the principle of seeking truth from facts and unremitting struggle, we can see a more powerful country.