What does Aauto Quicker mean?

Aauto Quicker is an application software for short video production and sharing. Users can easily shoot, edit and share their short video works through Aauto Quicker. The usage of Aauto Quicker will be described in detail below.

I. Download and Registration

First, you need to search for "Aauto Quicker" in the app store and download and install it. After the installation, open the application and click the "Register" button to register. You can use mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ and other ways to register, fill in the relevant information and set the password, and you can complete the registration.

Second, shoot video

After the registration is completed, you can start shooting videos. Click the "+"button at the bottom of the app to enter the shooting page. You can choose to shoot a new video or edit an existing video. On the shooting page, you can adjust the camera direction, use filters, add music and other functions to make your video more vivid and interesting.

Third, edit the video

After shooting, you can enter the editing page, edit the video, add subtitles, adjust the volume and so on. The editing page provides a wealth of functions, which you can adjust according to your own needs. After editing, click the "Next" button to enter the publishing page.

Fourth, release the video

On the publishing page, you can add a title, select a category, set the visible range and so on. You can choose to publish the video to your home page or to a popular recommendation page, so that more people can see your work. After the release, your video will appear on the Aauto Quicker platform for other users to watch and interact.

V. Interaction and socialization

Besides watching videos, you can also interact and socialize with other users on the Aauto Quicker platform. You can follow other users, like and comment on their videos, or participate in topic discussions. Through interaction and socialization, you can make more like-minded friends and share your life and creativity.

In a word, Aauto Quicker is a powerful short video production and sharing application software. With simple operation, you can easily shoot, edit and share your own short video works, and interact and socialize with other users. I hope this tutorial can help you use Aauto Quicker better and enjoy the fun brought by short videos.