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  On average, 50 or 60 new cars are listed together every month, new energy vehicles are gradually becoming the main theme, and the market share of China brand passenger cars is stable at more than 50% … There are many bright spots in the automobile market in the first half of the year. Among these dazzling new cars, China brand, with its faster technical iteration, newer technical breakthrough and stronger power blessing, has set off a wave of innovation in the automobile industry, which not only ignited the enthusiasm of automobile market consumption, but also led the global era of new energy for automobiles.

  Look up at U8

  As one of the most dazzling star models in the first half of this year, it is impressive to look up to U8′ s powerful product strength and worth over one million yuan.

  Looking up at the front face of U8, the design language of "dimension door" is adopted, with high recognition and square overall shape, showing a full-fledged hard-core cross-country style. The closed middle net and "Ding"-shaped light belts on both sides are more sci-fi, the interior has been redesigned, and the flying wing cockpit outline is adopted. The larger vertical screen in the center also enhances the overall sense of science and technology.

  Thanks to BYD’s easy-to-square platform, looking up at U8 can control the power output and rotation direction of four wheels independently, which not only takes three seconds to accelerate at zero speed, but also can realize difficult actions such as turning around in place, moving laterally, driving with flat tire and floating mode. With the support of Yunqi -P system, looking up at U8 can also effectively restrain the posture change of the car body, avoid the vehicle bumping damage caused by terrain, and let the vehicle pass in the most stable and comfortable posture.

  Zhiji LS7

  Zhiji LS7 is the second model of Zhiji brand and the first medium-sized and large-sized pure electric SUV, which focuses on the "big five-seat" spatial layout and has a cruising range of 660 kilometers under CLTC working conditions.

  The interior is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Zhiji LS7. The central control of the new car adopts the triple-screen design of "LCD instrument panel+central control screen+passenger display screen", in which the LCD instrument is integrated with the large LCD screen of the central control, and the huge screen with narrow frame also has the lifting function. The matching "semi-spoke steering wheel" and the embedded touch LCD display panel in the central channel area make this car full of scientific sense.

  Driving quality is a commendable aspect of Zhiji LS7. As a big five-seat vehicle, Zhiji LS7 has made many upgrades in the ride comfort, equipped with zero-gravity floating seat, intelligent control full-flat folding co-pilot seat, super-long electric slide rail, etc., which can make the co-pilot slide and fold under the instrument panel, and provide two personalized functions of "zero-gravity mode" and "lying flat mode".

  Geely Yinhe L7

  No matter the urban roads, highways, provincial roads and country roads … Geely Yinhe L7 equipped with three intelligent electric technologies, namely "Aegis battery safety system, Raytheon hybrid 8848 and brand-new Yinhe N OS", has shown good strength and elegant demeanor.

  It can be said that Geely has applied its latest and strongest technology to the Geely Galaxy L7, which is equipped with a Raytheon electric hybrid 8848 system consisting of a new generation of Raytheon electric hybrid engine and a new generation of Raytheon electric drive, and matched with a 3-speed variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro, with a comprehensive maximum power of 287kw and a comprehensive maximum torque of 535N·m, with the fastest acceleration of 6.9s km at the same level and the lowest power loss and fuel consumption of 5.23L/100km at CLTC.

  At the same time, Geely Yinhe L7 has four driving modes: pure electric, extended range, intelligent and performance, among which the intelligent mode is the most worry-free, especially the 55-kilometer endurance version. The system will automatically determine the driver’s intention, and it can quickly switch between 20 working conditions such as series, parallel and series in 0.2 seconds to ensure good fuel economy and power level.

  Galaxy L7 also shows the "safety" genes carved into Geely’s bones, from battery and intelligent architecture to vehicle safety and software intelligent control, and then to the global integration with the pile end and the cloud, building a global safety protection system for new energy vehicles.

  The intelligent level of Yinhe L7 is also excellent. Thanks to Snapdragon 8155 chip, the startup, response speed and voice wake-up of Yinhe N OS system are very fast, and the communication between people and vehicles is very smooth.

  Weilai brand new ES6

  The new ES6 is based on the latest NT2.0 platform of Weilai, and adopts the second generation design language of Weilai, which integrates the sensor layout of watchtower with the roof. Compared with the previous generation, the new ES6 has a longer wheelbase, wider body and lower height, showing a more dynamic body posture. The interior adopts an open double-layer embracing design, and the renewable rattan wood and the hidden air outlet are integrated, which is very layered. For the first time, the speaker is made of exclusive customized acoustic fabric, which has good sound permeability.


  Thanks to the new platform, the new ES6 is equipped with the Banyan 2.0.0 system, which brings more than 120 new functions and experience optimization. Based on Aquila Weilai extrasensory system and ADAM Weilai supercomputing platform, the new ES6 comes standard with 23 safety and driving assistance functions. In addition, through the self-developed ICC intelligent chassis domain controller and CDC dynamic suspension damping control system, the new ES6 can switch freely between sports and comfort.

  Tucki G6

  Tucki G6 is regarded by the industry as Xpeng Motors’s masterpiece, which integrates many new technologies, such as SEPA 2.0 global intelligent evolution architecture, integrated casting, 800V high-voltage SiC silicon carbide platform, CIB battery body integration and so on.

  Tucki G6 can be said to be a car born for driving control. The short front/rear suspension design makes the G6 more flexible and greatly improves the handling stability. The only front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting body in China has higher integration and stability; The torsional stiffness of the car body is as high as 41600N·m;; The stronger body rigidity greatly improves the body support and deformation resistance when the vehicle turns, making the vehicle posture more stable and easier to control.

  Intelligence is the proudest place of Tucki G6, which is equipped with a high-order intelligent assisted driving system XNGP, including a new generation of high-speed NGP, urban NGP, VPA-L parking lot memory parking and other functions. Especially in the driving process, Tucki G6 will also open the "God’s perspective". The ——XNet Deep Visual Neural Network, a new generation visual perception framework in Tucki, can fuse the data collected by multiple cameras in multiple frames before the time sequence, and output the 4D information of dynamic objects and the 3D information of static objects from a bird’s eye view, such as the size, distance, position, speed, behavior prediction, lane line and road edge position of vehicles and two-wheelers.

  Deep blue S7

  Deep Blue S7 is the second model of Deep Blue Automobile under Changan Automobile. It claims to have "five industry starters, two at the same level, 31 at the same level, and 62 at the same level."

  Under the support of EPA1 platform, Deep Blue S7 combines the advantages of pure electricity and fuel, which not only has lower vehicle cost, but also solves various problems such as mileage anxiety and inconvenience in recharging of pure electric vehicles. Among them, the extended-range version of Deep Blue S7 has a super-long comprehensive cruising range of up to 1120km, which can meet the demand of long-distance travel, without looking for a charging station along the way, just refuel and leave. In addition, the technical team of Deep Blue Auto also found the "password" for the battery to heat up rapidly in extremely cold environment, which effectively solved the problem of power decline caused by battery performance attenuation in extremely cold environment. In terms of intelligence, Deep Blue S7 supports the sound zone isolation function to create a voice interaction scene, and users can edit interesting and personalized wake-up and response. In addition, the whole scene of the car’s screen is "visible and can be said", and the user can replace the finger touch screen operation with voice only, making the operation more convenient.

  It is worth noting that Deep Blue S7 also pays great attention to the air health in the car. Its forest air purification system can monitor and display the air quality information in the car in real time, accurately know the surrounding air quality information, and automatically realize the air purification in the car by using high-efficiency filter and ion purification technology.

  Extreme krypton x

  Extreme Krypton X is the third car owned by Extreme Krypton. The design of the mecha wind is very chic, and the edges and corners are very sharp, which is full of strong fighting atmosphere.

  The configuration of this car is very high. The entry-level model has 360-degree panoramic image, reversing side warning system, full-speed adaptive cruise, electric memory trunk, hidden door handle, AR-HUD, multi-color atmosphere lights and other functions. Among them, Extreme Krypton X is the only vehicle in the whole industry equipped with a car refrigerator capable of refrigerating at minus 15 degrees, which can realize triple temperature control modes of extreme freezing, refrigeration and heat preservation, with the temperature control range from minus 15 degrees to minus 50 degrees.


  Thanks to the full empowerment of intelligent drive, Extreme Krypton X staged a real version of "Speed and Passion": on the four-wheel drive version with the best performance, Extreme Krypton X was equipped with a high-performance permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system, and the layout of the front and rear double motors provided a strong power guarantee for the whole vehicle. The zero-speed acceleration only took 3.7s, and its power performance was comparable to that of V6 twin-turbo engine, making Extreme Krypton X one of the fastest compact luxury cars ever.

  Byd seagull

  The stylish and tough appearance, the leading configuration performance at the same level, the endurance of 405km and the pre-sale price of the entry version of 78,800 yuan make BYD Seagull quite eye-catching in its class.

  BYD Seagull is a brand-new small pure electric vehicle launched by BYD in the first half of the year, which has a more exquisite and compact body design. Although the body length is not long, the overall sense of movement is excellent. At the same time, Seagull’s interior design has not been weakened because of its size, and it is also equipped with a practical DiLink Zhilian system.


  Although it is mainly used in the scooter market within 100,000 yuan, BYD Seagull is still equipped with a permanent magnet motor with a maximum power of 55kW(75Ps), which can provide a maximum torque of 135 N m. The batteries are divided into 30.08kWh and 38.88kWh, which can fully meet the needs of daily walking or short-distance travel.

  Thanks to the technical empowerment of e-platform 3.0, BYD Seagull also has the exclusive safety body structure of pure trams, with high-strength steel in the body-in-white accounting for 61%, and hot-formed steel with tensile strength exceeding 1500MPa is used in key parts, which can provide the most direct safety protection for the occupants in the car.

  Ideality L7

  Ideal L7 is an upgraded model based on Li ONE. This car adopts five seats, and still implements the design concept of "second bedroom" in LI. It has two rows of space and comfort beyond D-class luxury cars, creating a spacious, comfortable and warm exclusive space experience for a family of three.

  In terms of configuration, the ideal L7 has only two versions, Pro and Max, and the different versions are different between the intelligent cockpit and the intelligent driver assistance system. For example, in the intelligent cockpit, the Max version has a 15.7-inch rear roof entertainment screen than the Pro version, and the Max version uses two 8155 car chips, which can connect VR glasses and Nintendo Switch, and is more comprehensive in intelligent experience.

  In terms of power, the ideal L7 adopts the extended-range power layout. The whole system consists of a 1.5T extended-range device and front and rear motors, which can provide the maximum power of 330kW(449Ps) and the maximum torque of 620N·m, and the maximum endurance of CLTC in extended-range mode can reach 1315km. In addition, the combination of a 42.8 kWh battery pack and a 65-liter fuel tank is equivalent to storing more than 200 kWh of electricity for the whole vehicle. With the external discharge of 3.5 kW, an outdoor "starry playground", an open "kitchen" and a "viewing restaurant" for the whole family can be created, and the "home" can be moved to the most beautiful scenery.

  Haval Xiaolong MAX

  Xiaolong MAX is regarded as Harvard’s desperate work of new energy. Its face value is deeply loved by young people. The interior is designed with triple screen, equipped with Snapdragon 8155 chip and a new generation of Coffee OS system, and its performance in intelligence is excellent.


  Most importantly, Haval Xiaolong MAX is the first vehicle equipped with Hi4 intelligent electric hybrid four-wheel drive system, a new hybrid architecture of Great Wall. The biggest highlight of this system is the deep integration of hybrid and four-wheel drive. It is equipped with a 1.5L hybrid engine, front and rear dual motors and a DHT hybrid gearbox, which can realize "three engines and nine models" and has excellent multi-scene adaptability. The fuel consumption of four-wheel drive models has reached the level of two-wheel drive hybrid models. In addition, as a plug-in hybrid system, it also supports pure battery life of 105km(NEDC working condition), with an acceleration of 6.8s per 100 km, and its overall performance is balanced and comprehensive.

  (This version of the manuscript was written by reporter Fu Yongcai)

Krypton 001 FR, the strongest pure electrode on the surface, is on the market, and the price starts at 769,000 yuan.

  [October 27, 2023, Beijing] Today, Extreme Krypton Intelligent Technology officially released the pure electric hunting super run — — Krypton 001 FR, the official retail price starts at 76.9 yuan. Extreme Krypton 001 FR combines the performance of tens of millions of super-running, the extreme safety of "highway", the luxury and comfort of executive cars, the ability of off-road SUVs to get rid of difficulties, as well as the top intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving experience, the driving ability of F1 world champions, and the car satellite phone that never loses contact, which subverts the limits of traditional super-running and brings users real super-running in the era of intelligent electric power.

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  Pure electric hunting super running pole Krypton 001 FR official retail price

  Users who decide before December 31st can not only enjoy the six-year or 150,000-kilometer vehicle warranty, three-power lifetime warranty, free data flow, free road rescue during the warranty period, and free 7kW smart home pile-filling package (50 meters), but also get a "Raikkonen model" worth 60,000 yuan, with the same adjustment and driving experience as the "F1 champion".

  Extreme performance continues to evolve, with an acceleration of 2.02 seconds and a maximum horsepower of 1300 horses.

  Since its debut, Krypton 001 FR has been launched with five core technologies in global mass production: the four-motor distributed electric drive launched in global mass production, the world’s first ZVC four-wheel torque vector control, the world’s first "dragonfly structure" middle-section integrated die casting, the world’s first 8295 intelligent cockpit computing platform and the world’s first mass production satellite communication technology, making it the strongest pure electricity on the surface in the era of intelligent electric power.

  In just over a month, Krypton 001 FR once again subverted the limit and continued to evolve. Extreme krypton’s pursuit of the ultimate makes its acceleration from 2.07 seconds to 2.02 seconds, and it only takes 6.29 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 200km/h, which is more than half a second ahead of the tens of millions of super-runs. Under the continuous adjustment of the engineering team, the 001 FR has added a special "ejection mode", which makes its starting time 0.02 seconds faster than the normal acceleration. With it, the 001 FR straight-line racing can always be one step ahead of others.

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  The 0-200km/h acceleration of Krypton 001 FR takes only 6.29 seconds.

  The intelligent drive evolution of Krypton 001 FR is not only an instantaneous explosion, but also a full-range high-energy power output. The "overclocking mode" developed by Krypton for 001 FR turns the "nitrogen acceleration" function in racing games into reality, making the maximum horsepower burst instantly. The power of overclocking mode is increased by 10% compared with that of standard mode at high speed, and it can be started at any time of acceleration, so that the extreme krypton 001 FR can maintain a strong explosive force during the whole acceleration, whether it is cornering acceleration or overtaking straight. After the overclocking mode was started in "Raikkonen mode", the maximum horsepower of Krypton 001 FR was also increased from 1,265 at the time of debut to an astonishing 1,300.

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  Relying on Raikkonen mode and overclocking mode, Krypton 001 FR racing shows full-range high energy.

  Behind the extreme performance of Krypton 001 FR is the core technology of Krypton high-efficiency hard core. Extreme Krypton 001 FR is equipped with the world’s first mass-produced 800V high-voltage system of silicon carbide, and each motor is equipped with a silicon carbide electronic control module separately, which is stable, efficient and accurate in control. The combined output power of the four motors can reach up to 956kW, matching with the leading performance of 100kWh Kirin battery, and the maximum charging rate can reach 4C. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80%. The discharge power of krypton 001 FR battery reaches megawatt level. At the same time, the "straight waterfall oil cooling technology" is used to dissipate heat for the motor, and the PTM 2.0 global thermal management system is used to dissipate heat for the battery. The powerful thermal management system allows the peak power of krypton 001 FR to be continuously output for 12 times without attenuation. After 8 consecutive times of uninterrupted acceleration from 0 to 100km/h, and then braking to 0, the internal temperature of the battery only increased by 3.6 degrees during the vehicle test.

  It is not only the temperature, but also the strength of the Krypton 001 FR intelligent electric drive that keeps stable. Krypton uses a 249-meter-long high-strength carbon fiber material to cover the motor rotor, which is covered with 15 layers. The sleeve is only 1.1 mm thick and weighs only 88 grams. It can withstand more than 16 tons of tension at the highest speed. This is also the reason why the maximum speed of the rear double motor of Krypton 001 FR exceeds 20,000 rpm, and its high-speed performance can still explode to the maximum speed.

  Extreme safety is the strongest confidence on the surface, delivering 160 thousand, the only zero spontaneous combustion in the industry

  Delivered more than 160,000 units, the only zero spontaneous combustion record in the industry, and the safety limit of electric vehicles has been constantly refreshed. Safety is the core gene of krypton, and krypton safety is the foundation of extreme performance of krypton 001 FR. Extreme Krypton 001 FR has been specially upgraded on the basis of the technology of "Road Tankryon". In addition to the 720-degree omni-directional safety armor, the middle part of the body of Extreme Krypton 001 FR adopts the world’s first "dragonfly structure" middle-section integrated die casting, and the entire aluminum rear body is also manufactured by the world’s original "four-section" rear-end integrated die casting process to minimize the impact on the battery pack during collision. Inside the battery, Krypton 001 FR adopts the world’s first double-large-face liquid cooling technology, and the heat exchange area is four times larger than that of the traditional liquid-cooled battery pack at the bottom, which realizes the integration of three functions: cooling, heat insulation and structural strengthening, and adds code layer by layer to effectively eliminate fire hazards.

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  Extreme krypton safety comprehensive advanced

  "Not afraid of collision and not catching fire" is only the basis of extreme krypton safety, and excellent control is the core of extreme krypton 001 FR safety. Relying on ZVC four-wheel torque vector control, Krypton 001 FR can not only realize the tank turning without picking the road, but also realize the high-speed turning of the track. In the track test, the speed of Bugatti crossing S-bend on dry ground is 80km/h; Sprinkling water in the same bend, extremely Krypton 001 FR can cross the S-bend at a high speed of 80km/h, with stable body and precise control. Based on this, Krypton has also brought the much-anticipated "drift mode", so that drivers can enjoy the exciting high-speed drift and cornering experience.

  Excellent performance under extreme dynamics benefits from the perfect cooperation of top software and hardware. Krypton 001 FR has the world’s largest carbon fiber roof, which is 1.46m long and 1.16m wide, and weighs only 6.5kg, which is 65% lighter than the traditional glass roof and 67% stronger. In addition, the front lip, side skirt, tail and diffuser of Krypton 001 FR are all made of carbon fiber aerodynamic kits, which can reduce the overall weight by more than 17kg and increase the downforce by 178kg when the vehicle is driving at high speed. With the strong grip brought by high-performance tires with narrow front and wide back at the track level, you can always maintain the best "flying on the ground" posture no matter how fast you are. KW, the world’s top shock absorber brand, customized the shock absorber for the original factory of Krypton 001 FR, so that the vehicle can perfectly match different track characteristics and different driving styles, bringing a more pure dynamic texture. The original factory comes standard with AP Racing 10-piston forged aluminum brake calipers and racing car’s exclusive oversize Brembo carbon ceramic perforated brake disc, so that polar krypton 001 FR rushes into the two-second club, while the braking distance of 100-0km/h is only 33.4 meters, even if it is driven fiercely for a long time, it can maintain the best braking state.

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  Excellent control is the core of kryptonian security.

  The global evolution Raikkonen model allows you to have the same driving experience as the F1 champion.

  The evolution of krypton is always inseparable from the co-creation of users, and the evolution of krypton 001 FR ushered in the help of F1 world champion kimi raikkonen. As the first European car owner and the chief performance consultant of Krypton 001 FR, kimi raikkonen participated in the development and adjustment process of Krypton 001 FR, and constantly tapped the great potential of this performance beast. At the press conference, An Conghui, CEO of Extreme Smart Technology, and kimi raikkonen jointly started, and the world’s first world champion who used intelligent algorithms to write in the car — — Raikkonen model copies the experience and ability of F1 champion to all owners of Krypton 001 FR.

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  The experience and technology of F1 world champion Raikkonen will be perfectly integrated into krypton intelligent drive.

  The rich track experience and skillful skills of F1 world champion are perfectly integrated into the intelligent drive system. Raikkonen mode not only brings the maximum horsepower increase of 1,300 horses to Krypton 001 FR, but also makes exclusive customized adjustments to nine parameters of Krypton 001 FR, giving users a real chance to have the same driving experience as F1 champion. The new model will be officially launched by OTA in the first quarter of next year after the winter test. In the future, the evolution of the extremely krypton intelligent drive system will also empower all extremely krypton 001 models to achieve advanced performance.

  The 8295 intelligent cockpit computing platform, which was first launched and delivered in the global mass production of extreme intelligence.

  As a hard-core technology-driven company, Krypton has the ultimate pursuit for every product. Extreme Krypton 001 FR not only has the ultimate safety and performance, but also completely subverts the industry’s cognition of super-running and high-performance vehicles. Extreme Krypton 001 FR is the first in global mass production and the first to deliver the 8295 intelligent cockpit computing platform, which is 2.2 times more powerful than the 8155 computing platform, and the graphics and video processing capacity is 2.7 times higher. Based on the 8295 computing platform, Krypton has created an exclusive intelligent space for pure electric supercar for 001 FR.

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  Krypton created the world’s first exclusive intelligent space for pure electric supercar for 001 FR.

  The intelligent follow-up seat solves the problem that the traditional bucket racing seat sacrifices comfort for performance. Daily driving can provide 10 points and 6 massage functions, and the comfort is full. When driving fiercely, the seat will respond dynamically within 0.1 second according to the vehicle dynamics, increasing the lateral support of the waist and legs, so that the driver can realize the integration of people and vehicles in the most comfortable sitting position. In addition, Extreme Krypton 001 FR will also be equipped with a brand-new 2.5K flexible OLED central control panel, 35.5-inch super-large imaging HUD, competitive style instruments and atmosphere lights as standard; There is also the top Yamaha stereo, with a rated power of 2400 watts and 28 speakers in the whole car, so that each seat is 7.1.4-channel surround sound. Top-level full-featured attributes also satisfy the passion of track driving and the comfort of street commuting.

  In addition to hardware, there is also a comprehensive upgrade of software. The full digital capability of the krypton intelligent drive system opens all the performance parameters of the krypton 001 FR. Extreme Krypton 001 FR matches the first built-in professional track APP in the history, which can make all four categories of performance parameters open, each item can be adjusted by more than 10 gears, and there are more than 13,000 custom driving styles. In addition, this track APP also has a perfect video recording function, which can perfectly restore the driver’s driving performance on the track and easily share it with other riders. It is a real track dating artifact.

  In terms of intelligent driving that users pay attention to, Extreme Krypton 001 FR is also an intelligent pure electric supercar that can be equipped with laser radar, and has intelligent driving ability covering the whole scene of cities and high speed. Lu Yu extreme weather, strong perception can still better identify road conditions, both safe and worry-free. Even if we drive to no man’s land, the vehicle-mounted satellite communication technology, which was launched in the global mass production of Krypton 001 FR, can escort users and make safety never lose contact.

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  Krypton 001 FR is an intelligent pure electric supercar that can be equipped with laser radar.

  Embracing the era of users, polar krypton provides sufficient choice space for car owners. All car owners of polar krypton 001 FR will have two kinds of car roofs for free: if you want to be extremely pure, you can choose the world’s largest carbon fiber car roof; If you want to be intelligent and advanced, you can choose lidar+intelligent light roof. No matter which roof you choose, the ZAD fully intelligent driver assistance system will be standard on the Krypton 001 FR, which will bring users an unprecedented leading intelligent experience in super-running.

  Let the face value of hunting clothes, the performance of super-running, the comfort of cars, the space and ability of getting rid of difficulties of SUVs, and the top-level intelligent experience be met at the same time in one car. Get on the track, get off the street, and even pursue poetry and distance. Extreme Krypton 001 FR will be an all-round pure electric hunting supercar covering all road conditions and scenes.

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  Full road condition, full scene, all-round pure electric hunting super run

  Eight hard-core technologies were launched in the global mass production, and six performance parameters ranked first in the global mass production, with over 100 luxury configurations as standard. Extremely, 001 FR once again subverted the tradition and opened the era of intelligent electric supercar. Whether it’s hunting coupe or hunting supercar, Krypton has always evolved in the spirit of pursuing the ultimate, setting a real value benchmark for users.


China Consumers Association deeply analyzes the five major pain points of automobile consumption rights protection

  With the settlement agreement between the rights-defending female car owner and Xi ‘an Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd., the Mercedes-Benz oil spill is about to come to an end. However, the problem of automobile consumption rights protection is worthy of in-depth discussion and comprehensive reflection by the public.

  On the morning of April 17th, China Consumers Association held a symposium in Beijing to promote the solution to the problem of automobile consumption rights protection, focusing on the problem of automobile consumption rights protection, and invited relevant legal experts and lawyers to participate in it. The discussion focused on the application and perfection of Provisions on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products, the problems and improvement of Guidelines for Pre-sale Inspection Services of Passenger Cars (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as PDI Rules), the collection of fees for financial services in automobile sales, and automobile consumers.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association pointed out that the current difficulties in safeguarding the rights of automobile consumption are mainly manifested in five major pain points: difficulty in consumer identification, difficulty in obtaining evidence, difficulty in consumer identification, difficulty in consumer consultation and difficulty in solving consumer complaints.

  In response to the public’s widespread concern about the financial service fee for automobile sales in the Mercedes-Benz oil spill incident, the relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association responded that the financial services for automobile sales should be clearly marked, and illegal activities such as compulsory trading should be put an end to.

  There were 17,000 complaints about automobile consumption last year.

  With the sustained and rapid development of economy and society, the number of cars in China has maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, the number of cars in China reached 240 million in 2018, an increase of 10.51% compared with 2017. China’s automobile consumption scale has maintained a high level. But there are a lot of complaints in the field of automobile consumption.

  Judging from the brands involved in the complaints, BYD ranked first, followed by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Buick, Audi, FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Nissan, SAIC Volkswagen and Dongfeng Honda. According to the data analysis, the three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are all on the list, which also reflects the upward trend of automobile consumption. This complaint data is absolute, and consumers should consider it comprehensively because of the different sales volume and ownership of each automobile brand.

  Statistics show that 62.7% of all automobile-related complaints in 2018 were family cars, followed by auto parts, accounting for 26.2%, accounting for nearly 90% of the total. In 2018, the Complaints and Consultation Information System of the National Consumers Association recorded a total of 19,283 complaints about automobile products (including parts), a decrease of 5.8% compared with the previous year. In 2018, a total of 17,773 automobile-related consumer complaints were accepted, with an acceptance rate of 92.17%; 1.77% of consumer complaints are pending, and 6.06% of complaints are not accepted due to reasons such as exceeding the scope of handling or jurisdiction, withdrawal, inability of the parties to inquire, and insufficient evidence.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association analyzed that the reason for the decline was on the one hand affected by the 4.1% decline in passenger car sales in 2018, and on the other hand related to the special rectification carried out by the market supervision department to improve the consumption environment.

  Judging from the handling results of complaints, 67.8% of the complaints reached an agreement after mediation, saving consumers 134 million yuan in economic losses. Among the cases that need mediation, the success rate of mediation once is 82.2%, and over 90% of cases can be mediated twice. The mediation methods are mainly face-to-face mediation and telephone mediation.

  From the way of consumer complaints, the proportion of complaints made by telephone, Internet, letters, etc. are 52.9%, 22.9% and 15.3% respectively, accounting for over 90% of the total. Compared with the previous year, the proportion of complaints through internet channels increased by 4.9 percentage points, while the proportion of telephone complaints decreased by 2.1 percentage points.

  After-sales service problems accounted for 32.2%.

  From the classification of consumer complaints, automobile-related complaints mainly focus on after-sales service, contract and quality problems, accounting for 32.2%, 20.7% and 20.0% respectively, and the total of the three types of problems accounts for over 70%.

  With the growth of car ownership, the proportion of after-sales service problems has increased, contract problems have decreased slightly, and false propaganda and price disputes have also increased.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that, specifically, complaints related to automobile after-sales problems mainly include: non-performance of three-guarantee obligations, non-performance of after-sales commitments, charging for repairs during the three-guarantee period after sales, and failure to perform after-sales services due to changes in operators, which account for 50.1%, 38.3%, 5.0% and 2.9% of after-sales problems respectively.

  Complaints about automobile contract problems mainly include: deposit disputes, contract breach, unequal format clauses, etc., which account for 32.6%, 22.0% and 4.9% of contract problems respectively.

  Complaints about automobile quality problems mainly include: product performance problems, unqualified goods and lack of specific use environment, accounting for 27.3%, 13.4% and 9.2% of all quality problems respectively.

  From 2016 to 2018, the data of the complaints and consultation information system of the National Consumers Association showed that the complaints of automobile products (including parts) increased from 15,000 pieces/year to about 19,000 pieces/year, and the complaint resolution rate declined. The main problems of consumer complaints are after-sales service, contract disputes, product quality, financial services and so on.

  Statistics show that automobile sales enterprises and service enterprises are the main targets of complaints. From the infringement data of operators, consumers’ rights of safety, fair trade and claim in automobile consumption are the high-incidence areas of infringement by operators, and consumers are most concerned about safety rights. Among them, the right to safety accounts for 46.5%, the right to fair trade accounts for 26.7%, and the right to claim compensation accounts for 18.9%.

  It is an obligation to deliver qualified cars.

  According to the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association, it is difficult to protect the rights of automobile consumption in five aspects: operators make excuses and consumers are difficult to identify; Operators do not provide vouchers, and it is difficult for consumers to obtain evidence; Disputes over product quality make it difficult for consumers to identify; Operators buck passing, and it is difficult for consumers to negotiate; Rights protection involves complex issues and it is difficult to solve consumer complaints.

  In response to the Mercedes-Benz oil spill in Xi ‘an, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association pointed out that it is the operator’s due obligation to deliver the automobile products up to standard.

  Article 12 of the Product Quality Law stipulates that the quality of products shall pass the inspection, and unqualified products shall not be passed off as qualified products. Article 8 of the Provisions on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products stipulates that producers shall strictly implement the ex-factory inspection system, and household automobile products that have not passed the inspection shall not be sold out of the factory.

  "It is the contractual obligation of the operator to deliver qualified products, and the three guarantees are post-contractual obligations. The two should not be confused." The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that if the operator sells unqualified products, consumers can, in accordance with Article 54 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, "if the consumer requests to return the goods that have been identified as unqualified by the relevant administrative departments according to law, the operator shall be responsible for the return." If the operator commits fraud, he should also bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

  In practice, some operators deliver unqualified vehicles to consumers, but refuse to bear the responsibility of returning goods or corresponding compensation on the grounds of the three guarantees of automobiles, which violates the law.

  PDI rules should not restrict consumers’ rights.

  In view of the PDI new car inspection fee charged by 4S stores, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association believes that PDI rules belong to industry self-discipline norms and should not restrict consumers’ rights.

  The Guidelines for Pre-sale Inspection Service of New Passenger Cars (Trial) is an industry self-discipline norm led by industry organizations and formulated by 12 enterprises. It involves the inspection regulations for new passenger cars before they are delivered to consumers.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that the relevant manufacturers and their dealers should check and implement them one by one according to the relevant contents to ensure the actual quality of new car delivery. For some operators whose PDI inspection is a mere formality, which causes various problems in the delivery of vehicles, industry self-discipline should be strengthened to regulate them. At the same time, the PDI rules jointly formulated by enterprises belong to industry self-discipline norms, and should not restrict consumers’ substantive rights, but should be revised and improved according to consumers’ demands and related practical disputes.

  Financial service fees put an end to compulsory transactions

  In view of the current situation that 4S stores generally charge auto financial service fees, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association believes that auto sales financial services should be clearly marked to prevent illegal activities such as compulsory transactions.

  According to the relevant provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and the Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales, dealers shall not force consumers to buy insurance or provide services such as vehicle registration on their behalf when selling cars. In violation of the relevant provisions, the local competent commerce department at or above the county level shall order it to make corrections, and may give a warning or a fine of not more than 30,000 yuan.

  "In the course of trading, the operator shall express all the charging items to consumers in advance, and shall not make unreasonable restrictions or compulsory transactions. However, in the current automobile sales service, there are problems such as forcing consumers to buy insurance, paying renewal deposit or renewal deposit. Some dealers overcharge the license fee and financial service fee without telling consumers, and do not issue invoices, which causes strong dissatisfaction among consumers. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that these illegal acts should be severely punished according to law.

  Operators should solve consumer disputes quickly.

  Article 4 of the Consumer Protection Law stipulates that business operators and consumers should follow the principles of voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility when conducting transactions. Article 23 stipulates that if a consumer finds a defect in a motor vehicle within six months from the date of receiving the commodity, and a dispute arises, the operator shall bear the burden of proof on the defect.

  Article 8 of the Measures for Punishment of Infringement on Consumers’ Rights and Interests stipulates that business operators shall not deliberately delay or unreasonably refuse consumers’ legitimate demands when providing commodities or services.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association pointed out that operators should respect consumers’ rights and interests and solve consumer disputes honestly and quickly.

  "As the first responsible person to safeguard consumers’ rights and interests, operators should attach great importance to consumers’ opinions, face up to consumers’ reasonable demands, earnestly fulfill their legal obligations and responsibilities, and properly resolve consumer disputes. If the product is found to be defective within six months of delivery, the operator also bears the burden of proof. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that delaying prevarication and bullying will not only be severely punished by law, but also lose the trust of consumers.

  It is necessary to increase the scope of supervision and spot checks.

  In recent years, the national automobile complaints and the recent Mercedes-Benz female car owners’ rights protection incidents have highlighted the current situation that it is difficult to protect rights in the field of automobile consumption, the urgency of credit construction and the necessity of building a harmonious consumption environment.

  In view of the difficulty in safeguarding the rights of automobile consumption, China Consumers Association calls on the whole society to jointly establish the concept of consumer priority and work together to solve the problem.

  On the one hand, it calls on the legislature to listen to consumers’ opinions extensively, further revise and improve the product quality law, three guarantees for automobiles and other regulations, improve the legislative level of product quality assurance, clarify that people should be held accountable for violations of laws, strengthen the protection of consumers, and prevent operators from evading their due obligations and responsibilities and harming consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

  On the other hand, it appeals to all relevant administrative departments to pay attention to the problems reflected by consumers, further strengthen supervision and management in the field of automobile consumption, promptly investigate and deal with outstanding behaviors that harm consumers’ rights and interests, standardize automobile sales and ancillary services, increase the scope and intensity of supervision and spot checks, continuously improve the efficiency of administrative law enforcement, and enhance consumer satisfaction.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that it is hoped that the automobile industry organizations will strengthen industry self-discipline and internal constraints, attach importance to and listen to consumers’ opinions, revise and improve relevant rules of the automobile industry in time, strengthen service supervision, data monitoring and risk management, eliminate improper restrictions on consumers’ rights, promote the establishment of industry credit restraint mechanism, blacklist operators who seriously infringe on consumers’ rights and realize effective industry governance.

  "China Consumers Association will thoroughly study the outstanding problems in the field of automobile consumption and the difficulties in consumer rights protection, actively participate in the legislative work in related fields, timely reflect consumer demands, and promote the improvement of the legal protection of automobile consumption rights protection. At the same time, explore the establishment of a professional Committee on automobile consumption, with the help of experts and lawyers, to improve the efficiency of automobile complaint handling; Explore the establishment of a credit publicity mechanism in the field of automobile consumption, publicly disclose intentional delays, unreasonable rejections and other untrustworthy behaviors that seriously infringe on consumers’ rights and interests, strengthen corporate credit constraints, and promote quality improvement and service improvement. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that for major and typical violations of the legitimate rights and interests of automobile consumers, investigation, interview, reflection, suggestion, disclosure, criticism, litigation and credit publicity will be comprehensively used to effectively strengthen the protection of consumers and effectively curb the illegal behavior of operators.

  Beijing, April 17 th  

  Cartography/Gao Yue  

The story of the high wall | (with video atTAched) ta said with personal experience that these behaviors should be "imprisoned"



World Consumer Rights Day


These acts are illegal and criminal!

-315 topics

The French open is long and sparse, but it does not leak.

Another year, 3.15.

Food and drug safety

Relate to people’s health and life safety.

However, some unscrupulous merchants

In order to pursue the immediate "interest"

And finally send yourself into a high wall …


【 production and sale of toxic,

Crime of harmful commodities]

Article 144 of the Criminal Law: Whoever adulterates toxic and harmful non-food raw materials into food produced or sold, or sells food knowingly adulterated with toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years and fined; Whoever causes serious harm to human health or has other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years but not more than ten years and fined; Whoever causes death or has other particularly serious circumstances shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 141 of this Law.


[Crime of Counterfeiting a Registered Trademark]

Article 213 of the Criminal Law: Whoever uses the same trademark as its registered trademark on the same commodity or service without the permission of the owner of the registered trademark, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years and shall also, or shall only, be fined; If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years and shall also be fined.


Crime of producing, selling and providing counterfeit drugs

Article 141 of the Criminal Law, whoever produces or sells counterfeit drugs shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention and shall also be fined; Whoever causes serious harm to human health or has other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than ten years and fined; Whoever causes death or has other particularly serious circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death, and shall also be fined or confiscated.

obey the law

Legal operation is the bottom line, and legal provisions are the red line. Greedy for small profits, loss of trust, and contempt for the law will pay a corresponding price. Only by joint efforts of all parties can we create a legal, fair, healthy and harmonious consumption environment.

Chongzhou Prison will adhere to the principle of "combining punishment with reform, aiming at reforming people", strictly enforce the law and scientifically reform prisoners involved in manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy goods, harming consumers’ rights and interests, and guide them to tell their criminal experiences with their own words, so that consumer "scams" and "traps" have nowhere to hide, and jointly build a more stringent consumer rights and interests protection system.

Original title: "The Story of the High Wall | (with video attached) TA tells the story with personal experience, and these behaviors will be" imprisoned ".

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