Xiaomi Automobile, which invested 10 billion yuan, has earned back 4 million yuan.

Headline reported today.
The photo of Xiaomi car was exposed again. Different from the declaration map published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the spy photos circulated on the Internet, this time it is a millet SU7 with a light green appearance. Fresh colors, many young people said that they were moved and "must rush."On the hot search together with the photos of Xiaomi car, it is the topic that "Xiaomi car will lose 3 million fines if the media leaks". Therefore, some netizens ridiculed, and a supplier was fined 1 million yuan for leaking Xiaomi’s design draft at the beginning of this year. At present, Xiaomi Automobile has earned 4 million yuan. In addition to the photos of Xiaomi Automobile, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, also talked about Xiaomi Automobile in the CCTV face-to-face column yesterday. Lei Jun said that he built the car with the assurance that he was determined to win. There are two principles for Xiaomi to build a car. The first one is "keeping the integrity surprisingly". Keeping the integrity is to fully respect the laws of the automobile industry and use the mature technology of the automobile industry to ensure that the first car can be built well; The second is "ten times the investment". Generally, a car company invests about 300 to 400 people in building a car, and about 1 billion or 2 billion R&D funds, while Xiaomi invested 3,400 engineers in the first car, and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion.More and more details show that "the first car for young people" is about to be pushed into the spotlight and be judged by the market.Xiaomi car "hit the face"?On November 15th, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile appeared in the 377th batch of Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The declaration map shows that the first model of Xiaomi Automobile is a pure electric car, and there are two models, namely SU7 and SU7 Max.As soon as the picture came out, many fans thought that Xiaomi’s car hit Porsche. The media electric gorilla made a series of pictures, comparing the front face, taillights and waistline of Xiaomi car and Porsche TayCan. "It’s not that Porsche can’t afford it, but that Xiaomi is more cost-effective." Some car fans even ridiculed Xiaomi’s car "Bao Shi Mi".In terms of specific parameters, the length, width and height of Xiaomi SU7 are 4997mm/1963mm/1455mm, the wheelbase is 3000mm, and the height of Xiaomi SU7 Max is 1440mm, and the other parameters are the same. Xiaomi SU7 will have two battery capacity versions, the battery pack capacity is 101kWh and 73.6kWh respectively, of which the battery life of 101kWh is 800km and 750km; respectively; The battery life of 73.6kWh battery pack is 668km and 628km respectively. Xiaomi Automobile adopts ternary lithium-ion battery made in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, and its driving motor has a peak power of 220kW/275kW. It is also equipped with an automobile event data recording system (EDR). In addition, when the spy photos of Xiaomi’s car frame were exposed, some fans thought that the handle area of Xiaomi’s car interior door panel was similar to Tesla Model 3.At present, there are various spy photos, "ID photos" and unpainted driving photos of Xiaomi Automobile on the Internet, and most rice noodles are satisfied with the appearance of Xiaomi Automobile exposed at present.Does Xiaomi Automobile insist on cost performance?At present, the news on the market is that Xiaomi car is divided into standard version, Pro version, Max version, and track version that will not be mass-produced, and the price is concentrated at 190,000-300,000 yuan. Guo Ming, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, said that the key selling points of Xiaomi Automobile are autonomous driving, software ecology and 800V fast charging and power configuration, and the estimated price is less than 300,000 yuan. Han Lu, a senior car blogger, previously broke the news that Xiaomi Automobile is positioned as a C-class luxury car with a minimum price of around 300,000 and a high allocation of around 500,000. At present, this Weibo has been deleted. Earlier, the article said that Xiaomi Automobile was priced at 260,000 yuan and divided into two versions. The price of low-profile models ranges from 260,000 to 300,000 yuan, and the price of high-profile models exceeds 350,000 yuan. However, the price of Xiaomi car will be as low as 200,000, or 200,000-300,000, or more than 300,000. The price of the three stages directly determines whether Xiaomi car still focuses on the familiar "cost-effective" formula. After the announcement of building a car, Lei Jun initiated a vote on the pricing of Xiaomi car, with nearly 20,000 people participating, with the largest number of netizens choosing less than 100,000 yuan, followed by 100,000-150,000 yuan. However, from the current exposure of Xiaomi car configuration, the pricing below 150,000 is indeed somewhat difficult. Xiaomi automobile, which has not yet been released, has already faced an increasingly new energy market. This year, new energy vehicles started a price war. Near the end of the year, in order to rush sales, the promotion methods of car companies are becoming more and more crazy. According to a document issued by Cui Dongshu, the current secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, the promotion of new energy vehicles increased especially in November this year, and it has reached the historical high promotion level since last November.According to the data of Easy Car, in the last month of 2023, Jiyue, BYD, Tucki, Zhiji, etc. adjusted the prices of various series of vehicles one after another, and other new energy vehicles also introduced various preferential policies to buy before the end of the year. Can the fans be satisfied with the final pricing of Xiaomi Automobile at the moment of rushing sales volume and volume price at the end of the year? Is Xiaomi Auto released this year?Yesterday was also Lei Jun’s 54th birthday. Last night, Lei Jun sent a message thanking his friends for their birthday wishes, with a picture that "everything will work out in the end". Because of this point in time and the word "car", netizens, while wishing Lei Jun a happy birthday, also wondered whether the Xiaomi auto conference was coming. The blogger "Game Technology" of Xiaohongshu previously published a document saying that Xiaomi has "finalized" the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile in Beijing on the 28th. The internal staff of Xiaomi Automobile denied that "the time has not been fixed yet, and we are really considering this time point". There have been more and more official actions of Xiaomi Automobile, such as Xiaomi Automobile Weibo, which has just been opened and the speed of light is off the assembly line, Xiaomi Automobile official website, which has only a few photos, and some Xiaomi Houses in Beijing and Shanghai, which have started to confirm the display of automobiles. According to national business daily, the four major manufacturing workshops (stamping, welding, painting and assembly) in the first-phase factory of Xiaomi Automobile have been built, and small-batch trial production has started, and all the produced cars are parked in the assembly workshop. At the Xiaomi 14 conference, Lei Jun said when answering questions from netizens that Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of next year. When the time is right, report to everyone. Will this "appropriate time" be the end of this year? In the "Face-to-Face" column, Lei Jun said that he was a little anxious: "I am particularly worried that everyone will not buy it if it doesn’t catch fire; I am even more worried that everyone will buy it. If you wait for 1-2 years, you will definitely be scolded. Can the upcoming Xiaomi car satisfy the majority of rice noodles? And what changes will Xiaomi cars and rice noodles bring to the automobile industry? We will wait and see.

Viewing brand entertainment marketing from the advertisement of yogurt favored by many stars

    It is reported that Jay Chou, a talented musician, devoted himself to active work in the spring of 2009, and received a brand-new product advertisement. Apart from filming seriously, he personally acted as a producer, continuing Jay Chou’s consistent style of striving for perfection in his works. I learned from the popular TV advertisement that this product is Yili Yogurt, and the advertising effect is really good, and the style is fresh and pleasant. It is said that this advertisement is the first time for Jay Chou to endorse dairy drinks.

    Yili Yogurt, Jay Chou’s favorite endorsement in 2009.

    Looking at Jay Chou’s handsome dance in TV commercials, I can’t help but recall several other spokespersons of Yogurt: Wilber Pan, Yi Jianlian and Liu Yifei, all of whom are heartthrobs who have dumped all beings. The feeling of Yili Yogurt’s "I want my taste" sung from Jay Chou and Wilber Pan is also different, and Yogurt is famous for its different songs.

    The popularity and popularity of Yili Yogurt is a successful example of celebrity endorsement products, which also reveals a message: celebrity endorsement has become an important means of brand entertainment marketing, and the modeling, performance and even soundtrack of stars in advertisements may become classic memories in our minds.

    Wilber Pan and Liu Yifei spoke brilliantly of Yili Yogurt.

    Judging from the celebrity endorsement of Yili Yogurt, Yili’s brand entertainment marketing is indeed quite standard. Liu Yifei, a young and beautiful movie diva, Yi Jianlian, the first registered user of "Youth Rookie Field", and Pan Shuai Wilber Pan, a popular model student who plays cool to the end, let everyone feel the fresh and youthful taste and positive attitude towards life High unique TVC and print advertisements.

    In today’s entertainment-oriented era, choosing a star as a spokesperson has become a popular marketing tool for major brands, but it is rare to choose a star spokesperson who is fully consistent with the brand concept, positioning and image. Yili made almost no mistakes in choosing spokespersons, and each star seamlessly combined his own characteristics with Yili’s brand.

    Some entertainment critics once pointed out: "Wilber Pan’s dumping of sentient beings in Guangzhou University Town, Liu Yifei and Yi Jianlian’s youthful yogurt advertisement are all rare entertainment memories of our generation." Among them, "Yogurt Violin Girl" once became an online celebrity because of participating in the advertisement of Yogurt, which gave a vivid impression and formed the high-quality style of Yogurt Beauty.

    Jay Chou, the "Jiuding Supreme" who signed a contract for Chinese entertainment, is even more powerful for Yili Yogurt. Its significance lies not only in the successful introduction of "Spokesperson 2.0" and the overall improvement of brand attention and goodwill, but also in the creation of a new era of entertainment marketing of milk beverage brands with the help of Jay Chou’s "omniscient and omnipotent".

    From the advertisements of Yili Yogurt in recent years, we can easily find that Yogurt not only chose the right spokesperson, but also used the spokesperson properly. Jay Chou, Wilber Pan and other spokesmen all the way down, put the yogurt changes and progress in recent years are very in place.

    One of the highlights of Yogurt’s new Jay Chou commercial this year is that Jay Chou’s "I want my taste" and Wilber Pan’s tune have changed, and this change has brought about changes in the product itself. In the film, Jay Chou told everyone that Yili Yogurt has now added "excellent+active prebiotics", whose function is to activate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria and improve immune function more easily. "Taste of youth, experience by yourself" → "I want my taste "→" I want the change, I want the taste ",and the product quality and style concept of yogurt have always been in line with consumer demand.

    Numerous facts have proved that simple and formalistic forms of entertainment will eventually be ruthlessly eliminated in the performing arts environment. To really do a good job in entertainment marketing, it is no longer as simple as playing the edge ball and playing with new concepts, but cutting into the essence of entertainment with a high degree of prudence and combining the most appropriate entertainment methods can forge an effect that truly meets the core demands of the brand.

Editor: Gao Song