The robot sings the leading role, cool "black technology" appears at the Internet Light Expo.

  You can also pay for brushing your eyes, unmanned vehicles run out of the street, and robots parking service.

New Internet technologies began to flock to Wuzhen.

  Yesterday, the third world internet conference Internet Light Expo opened in Wuzhen. More than 310 Internet companies at home and abroad have brought a number of new Internet technologies and achievements that are the most advanced and cutting-edge in the world.

  Ma Yun also arrived in Wuzhen yesterday evening. He "bought some cakes and then walked into a private restaurant". This time, he brought new technologies such as urban data brain, artificial intelligence ET, and face-scanning payment.

  Baidu unmanned vehicles have also started to operate dynamically in Wuzhen in the past few days.

  Hikvision’s intelligent parking robot, which is being put into trial operation in Wuzhen, also appeared at yesterday’s Internet Light Expo.

  More and more Internet technologies are being fermented in Wuzhen.

  Ma Yun brings new payment technology.

  Previously, Alibaba had launched "brush face payment", but at this Internet conference, Alibaba brought "brush eye payment".

  "Brush eye payment" is a "black technology" based on eye pattern recognition technology, which attracted the media’s enthusiasm and attention on the spot. As long as the user stares at the smartphone camera and turns his eyes to both sides, the software will be able to analyze the distribution map of eyeball blood vessels in the photos taken by the camera and establish unique ID data for the user.

  "Eye white texture, like fingerprints, has become the password for payment. The software accuracy rate of this pure biotechnology can reach 99.99%, which is more economical and convenient than iris and fingerprint sensors." On-site related personnel introduced.

  Tang Liang, the activity development and operation department of Alibaba Group, said that at this Internet conference, they also brought new technologies such as urban data brain, artificial intelligence ET and face-scanning payment technology.

  Baidu unmanned vehicle is on the road.

  Remember the driverless car that showed up at the world internet conference last year? Last year, with many doubts, this year has begun to "run."

  Different from last year, Baidu unmanned vehicles will be operated on the real urban roads in Wuzhen. It is understood that before the opening of this Internet conference, Nokia Internet of Vehicles built a base station in the extension of midnight road in Wuzhen, and Baidu driverless car conducted a road test in the extension of midnight road.

  This also means that the cooperation between the Internet town Wuzhen and Baidu to build the world’s first unmanned vehicle operation scenic spot has gradually matured.

  According to reports, in the demonstration car on this "fully transparent" road, you can see that the mobile phone terminal or vehicle terminal perfectly realizes the map navigation application combined with real-time traffic video, and the full-motion video switches rapidly with the change of vehicle position. Travelers can not only get daily road information on navigation, but also click on the screen to directly check the real-time road conditions and make travel arrangements in advance in a more intuitive way.

Huizhou Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris drastically reduced its price! The promotion discount is 15,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

Friends in Huizhou, are you ready? Car home preferential promotion channel brings you a wave of good news! Preferential activities are being carried out in Huizhou, with a maximum discount of 15,000 yuan! The minimum starting price is 137,800 yuan. Don’t miss this offer. Click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to see how much discount you can get!

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a futuristic SUV, and its design is full of dynamics and tension. The front face uses a large area of chrome trim and sharp LED headlights, creating a very domineering momentum. The air intake grille adopts the iconic starry design of Xingtu brand, which shows the unique style of the brand. The body lines are smooth and the overall style is fashionable, which leaves a deep impression on people. In addition, the car also uses 21-inch large-size wheels, which further enhances the sense of movement of the whole car. On the whole, the appearance design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is in line with young people’s aesthetics and has a high degree of recognition, which is believed to attract many consumers’ attention.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is a medium-sized SUV with a body size of 4781*1920*1671mm and a wheelbase of 2815mm. The body lines are smooth, and the side contour lines are simple and powerful. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1641mm and 1642mm, respectively. With 235/55 R19 front and rear tires, the vehicle is more stable when driving. The overall design is fashionable, and the rim adopts a unique shape, which shows the luxury and sports sense of the vehicle.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris’s interior design style is fashionable and simple, with a lot of soft materials and high-grade decoration, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual up and down+front and rear adjustment, which is convenient for the driver to adjust to the most comfortable position. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which can control multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning, sunroof, window and other functions, making driving more convenient. The front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Both the main driver’s seat and the co-pilot’s seat support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the ride comfort is fully guaranteed. The second row of seats also supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which improves the practicability of the vehicle.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0T 261 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 192 kW and a maximum torque of 400 N m.. This engine adopts advanced turbocharging technology, which can provide abundant power output and excellent acceleration performance. At the same time, with the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the shift is smooth and fast, so that drivers can fully enjoy the fun of driving. In addition, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency combustion and low emission, which provides a reliable guarantee for environmental protection travel. Overall, this engine is an important support for the performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, which brings excellent driving experience to drivers.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he spoke highly of the exterior design of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris. He mentioned that when he booked a car in a 4S shop, he took a fancy to the black car at a glance and felt very atmospheric. However, after picking up the car, he saw many existing cars with gray rhinoceros horns, which were placed together with the black body and felt very good, even more attractive to him than black. He thinks the shiny wheel hub of the flying fish version is very beautiful, but he also realizes that it costs a lot of money to change tires.

The exterior design of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is really attractive, especially its atmospheric appearance and rhinoceros horn gray body, which makes car owners irresistible. The bright wheels of the flying fish version are icing on the cake, making the vehicle more outstanding. Although it will cost some money to change tires, it will not affect the owners’ preference for Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris. Generally speaking, the exterior design of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is excellent, which makes car owners fall for it.

What are the advantages of the new rules of auto financing companies?

  A few days ago, the State Financial Supervision and Administration announced the "No.1 Order" since its listing — — The Measures for the Administration of Auto Finance Companies was revised and released, and will come into force on August 11th.

  As a professional financial institution supporting and serving the automobile industry chain, auto finance companies have grown from scratch and played a positive role in promoting China’s automobile consumption, helping to smooth the automobile industry chain and supporting the stability of the macro-economic market.

  The insiders believe that the release of the new "Measures" after this revision is conducive to further strengthening the supervision of auto finance companies, guiding them to operate in compliance with laws and regulations, and continuing to operate steadily, prompting them to adhere to the functional orientation of specializing in auto consumer credit, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, and achieving high-quality development.

  Adapt to market changes

  An auto financing company refers to a non-bank financial institution established with the approval of the State Financial Supervision and Administration to provide auto financing services. The first professional organization in the industry is SAIC General Motors Finance Co., Ltd., which was established in 2004. The Industry Development Report of China Auto Finance Company (2022) issued by China Banking Association (hereinafter referred to as "Report") shows that by the end of 2022, there were 25 auto finance companies in China, with assets of 989.195 billion yuan, which remained stable on the whole. The balance of retail loans was 785.258 billion yuan, down slightly by 3.51% year-on-year; The balance of inventory wholesale loans was 112.69 billion yuan, up 8.73% year-on-year; The balance of financial leasing was 6.15 billion yuan, an increase of 29.45%.

  With the development of auto financing company industry, the management measures have undergone three revisions. The first edition was the Administrative Measures for Auto Financing Companies issued by the former CBRC in 2003, and the corresponding implementation rules were also issued in the same year. The second edition is the "Measures for the Administration of Auto Financing Companies" issued by the former CBRC in 2008, which has been significantly revised. The third edition was released after this revision.

  "In the 15 years after the promulgation and implementation of the original Measures, profound changes have taken place in the domestic automobile industry and automobile consumption market." Ye Huaibin, a researcher at China Bank Research Institute, said. Up to now, China’s automobile production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years, the gap between the production and manufacturing of fuel vehicles and the traditional automobile powers has been narrowing, the advantages of the new energy automobile industry are remarkable, and the industry’s "going out" has become a development trend.

  Moreover, after continuous high growth, the growth rate of urban automobile penetration rate in China has slowed down obviously, and the automobile consumption market has gradually matured, and consumers pay more attention to full-cycle financial services such as automobile maintenance and after-sales.

  "From the perspective of the industry growth trend, the value chain of the automobile industry is being reshaped, and all links in the automobile industry chain need strong financial support." The person in charge of SAIC General Motors Finance told the reporter. On the one hand, automobile sales are no longer just one-off product sales, but have gradually turned into continuous automobile ecosystem services. After-sales and derivative consumption of automobiles will become the main profit growth points and an important driving force for the sustainable development of the automobile market. Retail customers’ demand for financing has also expanded from single car financing to after-sales, derivative and other car life cycle financing needs. On the other hand, with the deepening of electrification, networking, intelligence and the rise of shared services, new production methods and service methods will introduce more participants into the automobile industry chain and become important members of the supply-side reform of the automobile industry, such as shared automobile operators, after-sales parts manufacturers and service providers, intelligent terminal equipment providers, insurance institutions and after-sales maintenance institutions, which will bring new financing needs.

  "After these years of development, the position of auto finance companies in the auto finance market has become increasingly stable, and auto finance has become an important part of the financial market." Ye Huaibin told reporters that according to Roland Berger, a management consulting company, in 2022, the share of auto finance companies in the domestic auto finance market was about 41%, which was basically the same as that of commercial banks’ auto finance business with 42%. In addition, there were financial leasing companies accounting for about 17%.

  The data also shows that the financial penetration rate of China’s new car market has reached 58% in 2022, an increase of 20 percentage points over five years ago; The financial penetration rate of the used car market was 38%, up 13 percentage points from five years ago. "In the face of profound changes in the industry, the implementation of this new regulation is conducive to promoting the high-quality development of the auto finance industry, supporting and expanding auto consumption, and enhancing the international competitiveness of China’s auto industry." Ye Huaibin said.

  Strengthen standardized supervision

  From the content point of view, the new Measures are mainly revised in four aspects: strengthening supervision based on risk, adapting to the market demand of high-quality development of automobile industry, strengthening corporate governance and internal control, and implementing the policy of opening to the outside world. "The focus of the revision is to strengthen risk prevention and control and corporate governance." Ye Huaibin believes.

  In order to guide auto financing companies to focus on their main business, the new regulations cancel the equity investment business. Put forward higher requirements for investors, strengthen shareholders’ support for auto financing companies, appropriately expand the scope of shareholders’ deposits, and cancel the term of time deposits. Risk management requirements have been increased, liquidity risk supervision indicators have been added, and regulations on major emergency reporting, on-site inspection, extended investigation and tripartite talks have been improved.

  The investor threshold has also been greatly improved in this revision. For example, it is stipulated that the investor of an auto financing company is a non-bank enterprise legal person legally established inside and outside China, and the main investor must be an automobile manufacturing enterprise or a non-bank financial institution. "Automobile sales enterprises are no longer among the major investors." Hu Wubin, the founding partner of Shaanxi Andexin Commercial Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., told the reporter.

  In addition, detailed requirements are made on what conditions non-financial institutions and non-bank financial institutions should have as investors of auto finance companies. For example, if a non-financial institution is required to be the controlling shareholder, its net assets must be no less than 40% of the total assets at the end of the last fiscal year, and it has been profitable continuously for the last three fiscal years.

  At the same time, at least one investor of an auto financing company should have more than five years of rich experience in auto consumer credit business management and risk control, or introduce a qualified professional management team for the auto financing company, including at least one senior manager with rich experience in auto finance and one risk management professional.

  "The requirements for the strength of investors and business areas are obviously stricter than before the revision, which reflects the prudent supervision attitude of risks, which is conducive to the steady development of auto finance companies themselves and to their real role in supporting the auto industry." Hu Wubin believes.

  The new Measures also add requirements for corporate governance and internal control, focusing on the regulatory requirements for equity management, "three meetings and one floor", related party transactions, information disclosure, consumer rights protection, internal and external auditing and information systems, and strengthen the corporate governance construction with the characteristics of auto finance companies.

  "One of the highlights of this revision is to highlight the risk-oriented, put the prevention of financial risks in the first place, and lead the scientific, professional and standardized development of auto finance companies." The relevant person in charge of SAIC-GM Automotive Finance told reporters that "prudent management and risk-oriented are the cornerstones for auto finance companies to achieve sustainable and high-quality development. The regulatory requirements of these two chapters provide important support and solid guarantee for the steady development of the industry, and the company will fully support and resolutely implement them."

  The future is vast.

  "In the past, buying a car with a loan could only be used to buy a car; In the future, if you want to add additional equipment to your car, such as car clothing film, navigation equipment, driving recorder, etc., you will also be able to borrow money from auto financing companies. In this way, the financial threshold for us to complete the car and some surrounding equipment can be lowered. " Xiao Li, a Beijing citizen who is looking at the car recently, said happily after hearing the latest introduction from the sales staff of 4S shop.

  The highlight of this revision is that it has opened up new space for auto financing companies in business scope, exhibition area and financing channels, which will better stimulate consumption in the auto market, support the auto industry to "go global", improve the liquidity management level of auto financing companies and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

  The aforementioned "Report" shows that auto finance companies have exerted their efforts from both the retail end and the supply chain end, which has played an effective role in stimulating new kinetic energy of consumption and supporting small and medium-sized micro-dealers. By the end of last year, 25 auto financing companies nationwide had 6,554,400 retail loan vehicles, including 6,009,100 new car loan vehicles, accounting for 22.37% of China’s auto sales last year; Dealers lent 3,634,800 vehicles wholesale, accounting for 13.45% of China’s automobile output last year. Among them, there were 1,158,800 new energy vehicle loans, and the accumulated loan amount was 98.603 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90.68%.

  In order to meet the needs of high-quality development of the automobile industry, this revision further includes automobile accessory financing in the business scope, allowing customers to apply for accessory financing separately after handling automobile loans. It is allowed to provide loans such as inventory purchase and maintenance equipment purchase to automobile after-sales service providers. Allow the financial leasing business in the mode of sale and leaseback, and stipulate that leaseback business must be based on the real trade background of vehicles.

  "China auto industry has entered a new historical development stage, and it is necessary to adjust the business scope of auto finance companies around the changes in market structure and the transformation of growth kinetic energy in the new stage. Including strengthening financial support for the automobile after-sales market and increasing the types of financial services of after-sales service providers, it has increased financial support for the current and future development of the automobile market from multiple dimensions. " The relevant person in charge of SAIC General Motors Finance believes that this is a concrete measure to deepen the structural reform of the financial supply side and is conducive to promoting finance to better serve the real economy.

  Zeng Xiaowei, a think tank expert of Rongyixue Industrial Leasing Talent Research Center, believes that this expansion of business scope will have a positive effect on promoting automobile consumption. "For example, the accessory financing business is expected to support consumers’ financing needs for updating new energy vehicle batteries in the future. In the long run, it is possible to give birth to ‘ Battery bank ’ The new format will bring new imagination to the convenience of new energy vehicle consumers and industry development and help green development. "

  In addition, auto finance companies will also be allowed to set up overseas subsidiaries to provide financial services for national brand cars to explore overseas markets and support China’s auto industry to "go global". In order to implement the requirements of the opening-up policy, the restrictions on the asset size of non-financial institutions’ investors have also been lifted. "This is conducive to expanding financial opening up and supporting ‘ Belt and Road ’ Construction has laid a good foundation for building a domestic and international dual-cycle pattern of China’s automobile industry. " The relevant person in charge of SAIC General Motors Finance said.

  Where reliable and low-cost money comes from is one of the most fundamental factors for auto financing companies to better play their role in supporting the real economy. At present, the financing channels of auto financing companies have extended from single bank loan and capital injection to more diversified directions. From 2020 to 2022, a total of six auto finance companies completed capital increase, and one of them completed capital increase in 2022. In 2022, 17 auto financing companies issued 44 single asset-backed securities, with a total issuance scale of 216.68 billion yuan; Two auto financing companies issued three financial bonds with a total issuance scale of 7 billion yuan. In addition, many auto finance companies actively tried to apply green financing tools. In 2022, four auto finance companies issued seven green asset-backed securities, with a total issuance scale of 22.24 billion yuan. An auto financing company issued green financial bonds with a scale of 1 billion yuan.

  In the future, the financing channels of auto financing companies will be further broadened, which will help to improve their liquidity level and operational efficiency and reduce the cost of debt, thus reducing the financing costs of enterprises and individual customers and supporting the development of the real economy.

  The data shows that all the supervision and management indicators of auto finance companies are in good condition at present. By the end of 2022, the industry average liquidity ratio reached 227.84%; The average capital adequacy ratio of the industry was 23.31%, an increase of 1.52 percentage points over the end of last year; The industry average non-performing loan ratio is 0.71%, which is 0.13 percentage points higher than that in 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but it is still at a relatively stable level.

new energy

  Since 2015, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China ranked first in the world for seven consecutive years. In October, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were 762,000 and 714,000 respectively, up by 87.6% and 81.7% respectively, and the market share reached 28.5%. The production and sales of new energy vehicles and the volume of automobile exports both reached record highs, which continued to drive the steady growth of automobile production and sales in China. With the rapid popularization of new energy vehicles, China’s automobile industry is facing an excellent opportunity of "changing lanes and overtaking". We should give full play to our advantages, tap the potential of domestic demand and external market, and then cultivate the new advantages of China’s new energy automobile industry in international cooperation and competition under the new situation.

  At the 2022 China (Tianjin) International Automobile Exhibition, which officially opened on November 10th, all new energy brands came to the exhibition with brand-new product lineup and cutting-edge technology concepts, so that the audience could visit and appreciate the latest development achievements and future development trends of new energy vehicles at one time.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image001.

  In 2022, China Tianjin International Auto Show exhibited 990 vehicles, including 260 new energy vehicles, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the total. Compared with the last exhibition, the proportion of new energy auto shows has increased this year. In recent years, with the country positioning the new energy automobile industry as a national strategic emerging industry, and launching a series of support policies, combined with the advantages of domestic supply chain, China’s new energy automobile industry has led the world in an all-round way, and enterprises have paid more and more attention to new energy vehicles. Many traditional automobile companies have launched independent new energy brands. In the process of the strong rise of new energy automobile brands in China, many enterprises have taken active actions and embarked on the advanced road of "going new and upward" in terms of brand culture and product upgrading.

  Zhiji automobile

  As a brand-new user-oriented automobile science and technology company jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group, Zhiji Automobile presented its first masterpiece "New World Driving and Control Flagship" Zhiji L7 and mass production concept car AIRO at the booth of Zhiji Automobile in Hall S9, bringing users the pinnacle of the new electric and intelligent world.

  Zhiji L7 shows the charm of "treasure model" with its product strength and subversive experience polished for users. The only "four-wheel steering+mixed tire width" at the same level makes the "driving control ceiling" clear at a glance; The "more human-like" intelligent driving experience makes the intelligent driving strength that shakes the global head players indisputable; 180+ clean taste healthy cockpit, refreshing the "new benchmark of air quality"; The high value of "long in the user’s aesthetic point" makes people fall in love at first sight and unforgettable.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image002.

  In addition to Zhiji L7, AIRO, a mass-produced concept car, also shows the audience a new picture of the future of Zhidian. Zhiji AIRO is the first cross-border car circle created by Heatherwick Studio, a partner of Zhiji automobile brand. AIRO’s vision is to create a "home for future travel and life", and let the natural and smooth ripple shape flow in the aesthetic point of users in the form of art, revealing that "the coexistence of technology and art is the only choice to create future life".

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image003.

  Ruilan automobile

  Ruilan Automobile, which entered the new energy automobile market with the differentiated advantage of power exchange, landed in Tianjin, China, with a number of heavy models, and set off a new trend of power exchange with the attitude of "changing power and making light travel" and accelerated its March to the C-end market.

  Ruilan 9, which has just opened the global pre-sale, is a full-size pure electric SUV with a long wheelbase of 2825mm and a reasonable layout of 6 /7 seats. Its performance in space is perfect, bringing people a more comfortable and exclusive driving experience. It also supports 60-second non-inductive power exchange and 30-minute DC fast charging, providing users with more flexible options for energy replenishment.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image004.

  Another "pure electric 6-seat MPV" Ruilan Maple Leaf 80vPRO has a large driving space of 1798L and a maximum luggage volume of 1198L, flexible 6-seat space and 23 storage spaces, making the driving experience comfortable and smooth.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image005.

  Ruilan Maple Leaf 60sPRO sedan, with a quick-back streamlined body, gives people an elegant and dynamic impression. The interior features an eco-friendly cockpit, which is made of high-quality eco-friendly cockpit materials and ergonomic eco-leather seats. It has 17 flexible storage spaces, which can improve the ride comfort and bring fashionable and elegant sensory experience.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image006.


  AITO made a stunning appearance with the series of questions. Wen Jie series is jointly designed by Cyrus Auto and Huawei, which continuously enriches the product matrix and brings new smart driving experience to more consumers. The Wujie M5 is the first model of the Wujie series, positioning the intelligent luxury electric drive SUV, which adopts the ultimate design and creates luxury aesthetics. The pure electric drive extended range platform gives it the ultimate performance, which brings the long battery life of WLTC with full oil and full electricity over 1100 kilometers and the acceleration of 100 kilometers in 4.4 seconds.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image008.

  Ask the world M7 positioning smart luxury large electric SUV, focusing on home users, IKEA is suitable for business. It uses humanized technology to meet the needs of comfortable travel, adopts 2+2+2 three rows and six seats spatial layout, and the original six-in-one range extender powertrain expands the forward space of the passenger compartment, and cooperates with 14 places and 23 storage spaces of the whole vehicle to create ample space for the whole family. In particular, it is equipped with the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat to create a luxurious ride.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image007.

  It is worth mentioning that all the products of the Wenjie family are equipped with the HarmonyOS smart cockpit, which gives the products an extremely intelligent technology experience. Not only can you enjoy the extremely smooth, relaxed and natural interactive experience, but you can also enjoy rich car applications and convenient cross-device connectivity, and you can also make the smart cockpit often new through OTA.


  NV, a luxury medium-and large-scale urban exploration SUV, has pure electric version and extended range version, and pure electric+extended range dual powertrain to meet the needs of multiple scenes. Thanks to the GEMINI power module system developed by Mars Stone Technology, the self-propelled traveler NV is fully compatible with both pure electric and extended range driving modes. The new car is equipped with iAWD dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system as standard, equipped with high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor. The integration of the three-electric system and the power density ratio of the motor are ahead of the same level, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h of all models can reach 5.9s s.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image009.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image010.

  The comprehensive cruising range of the self-traveling NV Extended Range WLTC is 939 km (the comprehensive cruising range of CLTC exceeds 1257km), which meets the needs of users for long-distance intercity travel; At the same time, the extended-range model has a pure electric cruising range of 150km (WLTC working condition), which makes daily commuting in the city convenient and efficient. The self-traveler NV pure electric long battery life version has a cruising range of 560km under CLTC conditions, and at the same time provides a pure electric standard battery life version with a cruising range of 440km under CLTC conditions to meet the needs of different users. In terms of intelligent driving, the self-guided traveler NV comes standard with 24 AAD high-order auxiliary driving system functions, such as AEB (automatic emergency braking), ACC (full speed adaptive cruise), BSD (blind spot monitoring) and LCA (changing lanes), which has high safety and stability.


  Lantu brought its "performance-level intelligent electric SUV" Lantu FREE family model and "electric luxury flagship MPV" Lantu Dreamer series model to the auto show. Among them, Lantu FREE, Lantu FREE ultra-long battery life pure electric version and Lantu Dreamer model all made their debut at Tianjin Auto Show.

  With the label of "Perfect Balance, Value Benchmark", Lantu FREE Standard Edition perfectly balances performance and intelligence, and its super power brings an accelerated experience of 4.5 seconds. With high-quality driving and control, high-quality comfort and high-quality safety, it fully meets the daily car needs of users in different scenes. Lantu FREE DNA shows more pioneering design and powerful performance. It inherits the performance gene of Lantu FREE, adds many aerodynamic designs, and accelerates to 4.3 seconds at zero speed. It is one of the SUVs with the strongest performance parameters in China at present.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image011.

  At this year’s Tianjin International Auto Show, Lantu Auto also brought the seven-seat version of Lantu Dreamer and the personal tailor version (four-seat) to the same stage. Lantu Dreamer was born from ESSA’s native intelligent electric architecture. Its zero-hundred-speed acceleration takes only 5.8 seconds at the earliest, and its longest battery life reaches 750km, bringing a zero-anxiety travel experience. Dreamer personal tailor Edition is based on the official customized ecology of Lantu, and it is the only official customized electric MPV. It has three exclusive interior colors, which can realize more personalized and exclusive customized requirements for users.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image012.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image013.

  Nezha automobile

  Nezha S, the first landing vehicle based on Shanhai platform, was officially put on the market for pre-sale on July 31st. Resonant with the ever-changing users’ demands, Nezha S displays the exclusive style of "Sports Smart Coupe" with its high intelligence and high performance, and brings new driving experience to users with its core values of sports, technology and youth.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image014.

  Nezha s model is equipped with industry-leading hardware, luxurious and comfortable configuration and leading intelligent level, and the whole system comes standard with NETA PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system developed by Nezha Auto, so that the intelligent experience can benefit every user. In addition, Nezha S also has ten highlights, such as the body size reaching the B+ class car level, the rare Hozon-EPT 4.0 thermal management system and high-performance heat pump system in the same class, the rare chassis texture within 300,000 yuan, the ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.216Cd in the same class, the super-large central control panel within 300,000 yuan, and the sky sound effect brought by the customized surround sound of 720 Nezha, making it the "best coupe within 1 million yuan".

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image015.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image016.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image017.

  Hechuang automobile

  As the title partner of EDG Hechuang Automobile Team, Hechuang Automobile fully integrates the superior resources of shareholders, joins hands with a number of leading cutting-edge technology companies, and injects elements such as e-sports and national tide, aiming to make new energy smart cars the best entrance to link multiple scene hubs and intelligent ecology.

  Hechuang A06 is the first model based on the global pure electric architecture of Hechuang self-developed H-GEA, equipped with a fully upgraded H-VIP 2.0 intelligent driving interconnection system, and truly realizes the beautiful vision of "technology serving people". It adopts a brand-new vector aesthetic design language, which has a trendy dynamic appearance and an ultra-low wind resistance of 0.217Cd; The whole system is loaded with Qualcomm 8155 chip, and equipped with a brand-new self-developed car system HI-OS, which realizes a 3-second extremely fast boot experience.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image018.

  Hechuang Z03 is a trend intelligent driving pure electric SUV jointly created by Hechuang, EDG and users, with the design concept of "combat aesthetics" and showing the future attitude; The car is equipped with H-VIP intelligent language control system, which can voice control the vehicle with a simple sentence, and at the same time, it develops the advanced technology of automatic parking service to respond to the user’s full-scene intelligent travel demand. As a car brand created in depth with users, Hechuang has joined hands with the world-class e-sports team EDG and Dingliu Guoman "Linglong" to bring a future, technology and cross-dimensional immersive car feast to Z generation users from the inside out.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image019.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image020.

  NIO weilai

  Weilai brought all the main models (ES8/ET7/ES7/ES6/EC6) and this year’s highly anticipated Weilai ET5 to the show. Rich colors and car models, especially the annual color of ET5 (mirror powder/cloud yellow) were present together to satisfy the audience’s curiosity and expectation for all the models of Weilai.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image021.

  "I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it." Wei Lai changed the scene of the power station airborne auto show. The original closed bottom structure of the power station was made transparent, and the power exchange process was demonstrated in real time at multiple times on site, so that friends could feel the real charging speed of "starting with full power, as long as the time of a song". In addition, the exhibition areas of over-filled piles, fast-filled piles and home-punched piles 2.0 are also set up on site to understand the complete energy-replenishing experience of Weilai vehicles that can be recharged, replaced and upgraded.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image022.

  At the same time, Weilai Center also moved into the auto show site. The audience can experience Weilai vehicles, replenish energy, explore NIOLife Surprise Mall, or go to NIO Café to taste a variety of Weilai special drinks. The owners’ exhibition area can also see the works of Weilai owners, or take children to explore and create in Joy Camp.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image023.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image024.

  In addition, Weilai also prepared three auto show special live broadcasts, and partnered with the volunteer owner-Weilai pre-sales and after-sales system employees to take everyone to the "cloud" exhibition without leaving home! Explore the annual most valuable car purchase policy, surprise interactive gifts, hard-core vehicle knowledge, city general manager connection and other exciting content.

  Zero run car

  On September 28th, 2022, Zero Run Auto held an immersive conference on "Zero Run C01 Advanced Life C" online. Under the witness of thousands of Leaper, the latest flagship model of Zero Run Auto — — Zero-run C01 officially went on the market, opening a new journey of multi-scene intelligent luxury electric car.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image025.

  The five versions of the zero-run C01 only differ in battery capacity and single and double motors, while all the other 80 smart luxury configurations are fully loaded. The whole system comes standard with 28 high-precision sensing hardware and 23 intelligent driving assistance functions, covering the exterior interior, intelligent interconnection, entertainment, audio and video, safety protection and humanized configuration, and will be changed from standard to standard, so as to easily enjoy the car-owning experience of "getting started with high gear".

  The zero-run C01 is equipped with a super-capacity power battery, and the cruising range of CLTC under comprehensive working conditions is as high as 717km, which is enough to meet the needs of multi-scene and long-distance travel. It can be called an artifact for users and their families to travel. With the self-developed full-time AI BMS intelligent battery management system, the whole life cycle of the power battery can be controlled, making every trip more secure.

  As the flagship model of the brand, Zero Run C01 shows the latest achievements of global self-research of Zero Run, which will greatly meet the needs of users for multi-scene vehicles, and its leading five C-bit hard power will also completely change the market structure of medium and large family cars and redefine the new value of medium and large cars.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image026.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image027.

  Geometric automobile

  Based on the new users’ pursuit of personalized in-vehicle intelligent experience, Geometric Automobile has launched two models, namely Geometric G6/M6. All the new cars are equipped with ultra-electric intelligent cockpit developed based on HarmonyOS, which once again raises the upper limit of users’ intelligent experience and explodes users’ demand for diversified and scene-based travel with "true intelligence" and "true safety".

  Geometry G6/M6 has built a high-value intelligent cockpit environment for users, realizing the seamless switching between driving and life and the seamless connection of intelligent experience. At the same time, Geometry G6/M6 has a carefree experience of "starting in 3 seconds", and the "hard core" configuration of 8G+128G ensures that the car app is synchronized with the driver’s behavior, and the running speed is "seconds" to the same level.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image028.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image029.

  Geometry G6/M6 makes L2-class intelligent assisted driving system the only standard system at the same level, and rich application scenarios make novice drivers no longer feel embarrassed on the road. At the same time, the ultra-electric intelligent cockpit standard in Geometry G6 and Geometry M6 can not only bring users a smoother, more convenient and richer ultra-electric intelligent cockpit, but also upgrade the entertainment mode and user experience, making the car change from a simple means of transportation to a life partner, making the car expand from a simple driving space to an entertainment space, a social space and a leisure space, and become the core carrier of the "third living space".

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  Aouita Science and Technology, together with its first product, Aouita 11, presents the fans and consumers in Tianjin and even North China with a brand-new travel feast brought by the world’s first "emotional intelligent electric coupe SUV" with its attractive, open and intelligent product charm.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image031.

  As a new generation of intelligent electric vehicle technology platform — — CHN’s first product, Aouita 11, embodies the advantages of Changan Automobile, Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited in their respective fields, integrates the three characteristics of "new architecture, strong computing and high-voltage charging", and leads the new track of intelligent electric vehicle (SEV) with the strong product strength of Yan value ceiling, comprehensive performance ceiling and intelligent ceiling.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image032.

  In-depth cooperation with Huawei, Aouita 11 became the first vehicle in the world with HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution as standard. Equipped with 34 intelligent driving sensors including three laser radars, and using a high-performance intelligent driving computing platform, AVATRANS intelligent navigation system including high-speed NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance, urban NCA intelligent driving navigation assistance (open user subscription through OTA), APA automatic parking assistance, RPA remote parking and other functions has been brought to consumers, achieving full scene coverage in highway sections, urban sections and parking links.

  Yuanhang automobile

  Yuanhang Automobile, a high-end new energy luxury brand under Universiade Group, was officially unveiled.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image033.

  Yuanhang Y6 locates the D-class ultra-luxury car, which is luxurious and intelligent, and adopts the driver-centered design concept. The 17.38-inch oversized central control panel is located in front of the driver and extends above the center console. It is full of science and technology and integrates all the operating functions in the car. The number of physical buttons is minimal, simple and generous.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image034.

  Yuanhang Y7 locates the D-class sports luxury car, which shows its extraordinary charm in an instant. The sculptural side lines depict the charming waistline and light posture, which makes people unforgettable. The interior layout of Yuanhang Y7 is very sporty, showing a simple and open feeling. Precise sports car-level ergonomic design, specially designed for the enduring and extremely fast driving experience of Fengchi Electric Engine.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image036.

  Yuanhang H9 locates a large-scale sports luxury SUV, and the novel spoiler front apron and side panel design make Yuanhang H9 not only sporty, but also unique in personality. The car is equipped with 256-color variable atmosphere lights and 20-level brightness level, which can change intelligently according to the driving mode, breathing mode, running water welcoming mode and music rhythm mode, so that the car presents a completely different atmosphere tone and creates an excellent driving experience with passion and comfort coexisting, impact and calmness.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image035.

  Gaohe HiPhi

  Gaohe brought its dual flagship models, the evolvable super-running SUV HiPhi X and the digital life GT HiPhi Z, to the show.

  HiPhi X, the first model of Gaohe, was built based on the three breakthrough concepts of "scene definition design, software definition car, and creating defined value together". The world’s first mass-produced open electronic and electrical architecture H-SOA super-body electronic and electrical architecture for vehicle application became an evolvable super-running SUV. The ultimate control and super-running dynamic performance show the personality of HipHi X. The vehicle is equipped with a dual-motor high-efficiency powertrain. Thanks to the dual 220kW motor blessing, HiPhi X has a 100-kilometer acceleration of 3.9 seconds. The world’s first evolvable high-performance proactive dynamic chassis can monitor and analyze the current road conditions and driving habits of users in real time, and make accurate control of vehicles.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image037.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image038.

  Digital Life GT— the second flagship model of Gaohe Automobile; — Gaohe HiPhi Z continues Gaohe’s consistent TECHLUXE? technology luxury DNA. As a luxury smart coupe, HiPhi Z is a future car dedicated to the contemporary "young" creators. Manipulation in the electronic age gives HiPhi Z excellent performance. HiPhi Z is equipped with front and rear high-performance dual motors, with a single motor power of 247kW and a torque of 410Nm, achieving a 100-kilometer acceleration time of 3.8 seconds. Its 120-degree CTP battery pack is at the leading level in the industry in terms of power and energy density, and can provide a maximum CLTC cruising range of 705km.

  Concentration degree

  The limited edition of Jidu ROBO-01 lunar exploration completed the first stage of Jidu in the auto show. As a joint model of the lunar exploration project jointly launched by Jidu and China, in order to fit the theme of lunar exploration, Jidu took Star china white as the exclusive body color of the limited edition "Moonlight Skin" of ROBO-01 lunar exploration, and decorated it with the exclusive golden paint of the lunar exploration spacecraft, with the silk-screen printing of the "LUNAR EDITION" icon and multi-layer varnish technology, which greatly enhanced the uniqueness and product value of the limited edition. The LOGO of "China’s lunar exploration" and the addition of 21-inch aerodynamic wheel lunar exploration elements have enabled the joint elements to be presented in a panoramic view, showing their individuality in chic.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image039.

  In the field of intelligent driving that car owners are most concerned about, with the help of PPA(Point to Point Autopilot), the limited edition of ROBO-01 lunar exploration will have the high-order intelligent driving ability of "three-domain integration" of high-speed, urban and parking, and realize the high-order intelligent driving facing the complex road conditions in urban areas while ensuring the safety of users, as well as the driving experience covering the whole scene in expressway sections, urban sections and parking links. At present, Jidu has launched the scene generalization of high-level intelligent driving in Beijing and Shanghai, and will ensure that the official version of PPA will gradually cover the national core cities with the industry-leading efficient research and development rhythm.

  Li Auto

  Ideal L8 was officially launched on September 30th, and L8 Pro and L8 Max are available. Ideal L8 provides metallic paints in four standard colors: gold, silver, gray and black, and three special edition car paints: purple special edition pearl paint, green special edition pearl paint and blue special edition cold light paint. LI brought a special edition pearl paint to this auto show.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image040.

  Ideal L8 Max comes standard with ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system. The dual NVIDIA Orin-X computing chips carried by the ideal AD Max intelligent assisted driving system finally reach 508TOPS, which makes the intelligent driving system run more stably. It can process the fusion signals of high-definition camera, laser radar, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic sensor in real time and efficiently. In the future, the system will realize the intelligent assisted driving function of the whole scene.

  The ideal L8 is equipped with a four-wheel drive system consisting of a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and front and rear dual motors, with a comprehensive maximum power of 330kW, a peak torque of 620 N m and an acceleration time of 5.5 seconds per 100 km. The capacity of the battery pack is 42.8kWh, the CLTC battery life is 210km, and the CLTC battery life can reach 1315km when it is fully charged with oil.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image041.


  Tucki G9 is positioned as a medium-sized and large-scale pure electric SUV, which is built on the basis of X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture. It is the first product of 800V SiC ultra-fast charging platform in China, and it will realize the ability to recharge energy in the future when it is overcharged for 5 minutes and its battery life exceeds 200 kilometers. At the same time, the new car is also the flagship model of Tucki brand, and it will be equipped with a variety of intelligent configurations.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image042.

  The central control part of Tucki G9 is equipped with the industry’s first mass-produced human-computer interaction system based on 3D UI, with dual 14.96-inch high-definition intelligent conjoined screens equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, and the new car will also be equipped with Xmart OS 4.0 UI operating system. In terms of intelligent driving, it will be equipped with dual NVIDIA DriveOrion intelligent assisted driving chips, with a computing power of 508 TOPS, which will help the XPILOT 4.0 system. In the power part, Tucki G9 is equipped with XPower 3.0 power system, which will provide two choices: two-drive single motor and four-drive dual motor, in which the maximum power of single motor is 230kW(312 HP), and the maximum power of dual motors is 175kW(238 HP) /230kW(312 HP) respectively, and it is matched with ternary lithium batteries, with a cruising range of over 700 kilometers. It is reported that Tucki G9 has two battery life versions, of which the single-motor version has a battery life of 702km, and the dual-motor version has a battery life of 650km. Both versions will be equipped with a 98kWh ternary lithium battery pack.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image043.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image045.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image044.

  ARCFOX polar fox

  As a brand of high-end luxury new energy vehicles in China, Extreme Fox Auto has made its debut with a number of its heavy models with the core concept of "Extreme Fox Technology+". Scened product experience and diverse forms of user interaction make Extreme Fox one of the most popular brands at this auto show.

  The new HI version of Extreme Fox Alpha S takes intelligent driving to a new height. It is the world’s first production car that supports high-level intelligent driving on urban roads. The new car has 34 high-sensing hardware, which forms a set of ultra-high fusion sensing system with 360-degree full coverage, which truly restores the 3D physical world and accurately identifies obstacles. MDC810 intelligent driving computing platform supports 400 TOPS super computing power, and can easily cope with the test of complex road conditions with super brain.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image046.

  The standard endurance versions of Extreme Fox Alpha T and Alpha S are also important thrust to achieve increment. Through these two new cars, while greatly lowering the entry threshold of "high-end new energy vehicles", Extreme Fox has also stirred up the market of pure electric vehicles with a price of 200,000 yuan, bringing more surging market vitality and giving consumers more choices in terms of quality and price. Most importantly, the quality of the new car has not decreased at all. While ensuring the core safety and core configuration, the performance of the new car has been greatly upgraded, which greatly enhances the overall market competitiveness.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image048.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image047.

  Aean AION

  Guangzhou Automobile Aian officially released its new generation of high-end pure electric exclusive platform — — APE 3.0。 The platform inherits the three advantages of the previous generation, such as long battery life, large space and high security, and opens a brand-new "runway" with the release of high-end product Hyperplatinum as the starting point. In addition, the new AEP 3.0 platform draws lessons from the super-running low-center-of-gravity and lightweight body structure, so it realizes the track-level rear-drive driving control, that is to say, it uses the rear-drive layout with higher handling limit and supports the expansion of the four-wheel drive system.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image049.

  Through the unique AICS intelligent chassis system, Aeon can adjust the wheel output torque, braking force and suspension rigidity according to a series of parameters such as wheel speed, turning angle, throttle and yaw rate, and realize multi-system dynamic matching control. Finally, the turning radius is as low as 5.3 meters. Note that this is done in a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters, and the steering accuracy and sensitivity are also improved by 30%, the cornering roll is reduced by 40% and the braking distance per 100 kilometers is less than 35 meters.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image050.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image051.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image052.

  APE 3.0, a new generation of high-end pure electric exclusive platform, has the world’s fastest super-running electric drive technology, adopts X-PIN flat wire technology and intelligent multi-mode gear shifting technology, and can achieve a zero-acceleration performance of 4.9s under the condition of single motor drive. If it is driven by dual motors, it can achieve a zero-acceleration time of 1.9s, and the top speed can reach 300km/h..


  Feifan Auto made a wonderful appearance with the extremely intelligent high-grade pure electric SUV Feifan R7 full of sincerity. As the first flagship model of Feifan Automobile, Feifan R7 has fully demonstrated the strength of the "screen tyrant" in the intelligent cabin industry and the "roll king" in the intelligent driving industry with the help of hard-core products such as RISING MAX 3+1 giant screen, RISING OS intelligent cabin interactive system and RISING PILOT fully integrated high-order intelligent driving system.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image053.

  The RISING MAX 3+1 giant screen of Feifan R7 is composed of the 43-inch wide true-color triple screen with the largest size of China brand mass-produced models and Huawei’s first mass-produced AR-HUD head-up system, which is known as the "screen tyrant" in the intelligent cabin industry. Not only is the size amazing, but it also has powerful functions. The RISING MAX 3+1 giant screen supports four-screen linkage, which can easily realize the seamless flow and interaction of information between the main driver and the auxiliary driver, and create an immersive and scene-based cockpit experience for users. Feifan R7 is also equipped with RISING OS intelligent cabin interactive system, which is equipped with the highest single-chip computing power in the industry and super brain — — The flagship chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 has set a new standard for the interactive intelligent cabin of smart cars. In terms of interface design, the RISING OS intelligent cabin interactive system adopts Kepler UI design aesthetics, which continues the design concept of "not complicated, that is, extraordinary" of Feifan automobile, integrates more natural landscape elements of the planet into the original elegant rational design, and shows the romance of technology.


  Euler Lightning Cat was officially unveiled. It is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric car. While its shape is very retro, it also highlights the sense of technology through some details. In addition, the body also presents a dynamic slip-back shape, and the overall visual effect is very distinctive.

New energy brands are unstoppable and concentrated on the 2022 Tianjin International Auto Show _fororder_image054.

  Lightning Cat provides a unique 10.25-inch three-barrel combined motion instrument and a 12.3-inch high-definition central control panel, using Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 intelligent cockpit chip. In addition, its central saddle part is provided with a plurality of physical keys and knobs, and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is adopted, and some models also provide W-HUD head-up display function. In terms of intelligent driving function, the high-profile model of Lightning Cat is equipped with ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent assisted driving system, which can realize L2+ level automatic driving.

  Lightning Cat has launched single-motor and dual-motor versions, in which the single-motor version has a maximum power of 150kW(204 HP) and a peak torque of 340 Nm, while the dual-motor performance version has a comprehensive power of 300kW(408 HP) and a comprehensive peak torque of 680Nm. In terms of battery life, the cruising range of CLTC in Deluxe Edition and Premium Edition is 555 kilometers, the cruising range of CLTC in Long Edition is 705 kilometers, and the cruising range of CLTC in Four-wheel Drive High Performance Edition is 600 kilometers.

Where to drive? How to ensure safety? Self-driving cars are on the road in Beijing

  CCTV News:At 10: 00 a.m. on the 22nd, in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the first batch of temporary license plates for self-driving test were officially issued, and the approved self-driving vehicles began to test on the road.

  Automatic driving, safety first. Before Beijing, Shanghai had allowed self-driving vehicles to be tested in open areas. So what measures have these two cities taken to ensure the safety of vehicles, operators and people around them? In the event of a traffic accident, how should the law determine the responsibility?

  In order to ensure traffic safety, the first batch of open test roads for self-driving cars in Beijing are selected outside the Fifth Ring Road, avoiding areas where residential areas, office areas, hospitals, schools and other people have concentrated traffic. On the test roads, obvious signs indicating the road sections of the autopilot test are installed, and eye-catching autopilot test body signs are uniformly posted on the autopilot test vehicles for public identification. The test driver must pass at least 50 hours of training and be able to take over the self-driving vehicle at any time.

  Like Shanghai, Beijing’s self-driving vehicles have also passed the examination of the closed test site before the open road test. Among them, the assessment of self-driving vehicles includes perceiving the surrounding environment, reminding the surrounding traffic participants in a perceivable way such as whistling, etc. If there is a problem that cannot be handled, the self-driving vehicles need to remind the drivers in a perceivable way. The time of manual intervention should not exceed 1 minute, and parking in an emergency should not exceed 2 seconds.

  According to the evaluation method, in the test, if there are nearly 30 situations, such as traffic accidents, scrambling for roads, failure to maintain a safe distance and a safe speed during driving, the road test will not pass, and in some cases, it will be rejected by one vote.

  Previously, Shanghai stipulated that car companies must purchase traffic accident liability insurance of not less than 5 million yuan per car for self-driving vehicles applying for road test, or provide traffic accident compensation guarantee of not less than 5 million yuan. During the test, an experienced test driver with no serious violation record must be equipped in the same car to deal with emergencies at any time. Others, including vehicle procedures and road violations, are consistent with the current laws and regulations.

  Cao Guangyi, political commissar of the Traffic Police Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said that if there is an accident, the test subject unit should bear the civil liability for compensation, and the test driver should also bear the responsibility of the driver of the accident.

Military newspaper articles talk about soldiers’ live broadcast: confidentiality first and will explore and spread the image of soldiers

  Topic backgroundIn 2013, the domestic online live broadcast platform began to rise; In 2015, there were nearly 200 online live broadcast platforms with 200 million users. With the popularity of 4G and wireless networks, the habit and demand of netizens watching videos on the mobile Internet are being cultivated, and everyone can become a "live car". Some media said that the "national live broadcast era" is coming.

  With only one smart phone and one software, life in the military camp can be "broadcast live". Going back ten years is unimaginable for many people. As smartphones enter the military camp in an orderly manner, the "mobile phone live broadcast" platform has also been favored by many officers and men. At the same time, the live broadcast has also brought new problems and challenges to the army management. Facing the "mobile phone live broadcast fever", a recent experience of a regiment of the 14th Army of the Army may bring us some enlightenment.


  "Push-ups" on the live broadcast platform

  At the beginning of June this year, Xiao Wang, a noncommissioned officer of a regiment of the 14th Army of the Army, downloaded a mobile phone live APP and registered an account during his vacation. Every day, he does push-ups, singing and other programs. In less than a month, the number of fans has soared from zero.

  After returning to the team, Xiao Wang’s "live broadcast" was interrupted. I can watch my account constantly "dropping powder", and Xiao Wang is a little anxious. One weekend, Xiao Wang resumed the long-lost "live broadcast". After the company cadres found out, they immediately stopped.

  Coincidentally. Xiaoshi, a battalion secretary, likes playing games since he was a child. He was a "game anchor" when he was in college. Last year, after re-using his smartphone, he joined the "live broadcast" of the game, and sometimes used the weekend to anchor online game competitions. Once, a fan guessed Xiaoshi’s military status in the live broadcast and asked him about the army. Xiaoshi suddenly became alert and stopped the live broadcast.

  It has been found that many officers and men use the "mobile phone live broadcast" platform one after another, which makes the first battalion pay attention to this issue. Although most officers and men do not have "live online", there are also many people who "watch live". Some live content is not nutritious, and some are even mixed with negative information. The first battalion immediately stipulated that officers and men should not use the "mobile phone live broadcast" platform.

  It didn’t take long for a comrade-in-arms to post on the Youth League’s political work website with the topic "Is it really wrong to broadcast live on mobile phones?", which triggered a discussion.

  discuss about sth enthusiastically

  How does the military camp view "live broadcast"?

  “‘ Mobile phone live broadcast ’ It is no accident that it can be fired. " Zhao Zhang, a company soldier, said that he likes to record the moments around him with his mobile phone when he is on vacation. A touching scene is presented through live broadcast, which is more likely to resonate with everyone than empty preaching.

  "My favorite anchor often shares some practical skills in daily life." Peng Yuxi, a female soldier, watched the live broadcast on weekends. Every time she watched it for a short time, she gained a lot. Not long ago, she applied the storage skills learned from the live broadcast to the loading of carrying materials, which greatly improved the space utilization of carrying tools. This storage method was also used for reference by other officers and men in thy company, and everyone said it was good.

  In sharp contrast, some battalion chiefs frown at the mention of "mobile phone live broadcast". Some people think that if it is not strictly controlled, live broadcast software can easily turn mobile phones into "grenades." Instructor Ruan Liedong warned: "If you are not careful, if you put military secrets ‘ Live broadcast ’ What should I do if I go out! "

  In addition, the content of the "mobile phone live broadcast" platform is also worrying. The instructor of the 3rd Battalion said to Lei, "The reason why I object ‘ Live broadcast ’ It is worried that the officers and men are not strong in discriminating ability, and the live webcast content is varied and bizarre, which makes it easy for young soldiers to indulge in it. " He once found that some soldiers wasted a lot of money to give virtual gifts, and even became "moonlight clan".

  The heated discussion among officers and men attracted the attention of Liu Jijun, the political commissar of the regiment. “‘ Mobile phone live broadcast ’ It is an emerging product in the era of mobile Internet. When QQ and WeChat just emerged, the army did not let everyone use it. But it turns out that blind prohibition is a kind of ‘ Ostrich mentality ’ 。” Liu Jijun believes that "mobile phone live broadcast" does have certain hidden dangers, but it is not completely harmful. Barracks have their own particularity, and new things can neither be left unchecked nor banned at once. Instead, we should strengthen supervision while doing a good job in education and guidance, and unblock them simultaneously.


  "Education+Supervision" Facing the Challenge

  The more you argue, the clearer you become. A group of party members of the group quickly reached a consensus that there is nothing wrong with "mobile phone live broadcast" itself, but the time, place, method and content of its use must be clearly regulated and restricted.

  To this end, Liu Jijun prepared a special lecture for all officers and men to educate and guide officers and men to treat "mobile phone live broadcast" rationally. The regimental organs carefully sorted out the problems that are easy to occur in the "mobile phone live broadcast", invited the network engineers of the automation station to conduct technical analysis and answer questions on the spot, and timely launched a photo exhibition of network security warning education to enhance the awareness of network security prevention of officers and men.

  "The existing laws and regulations do not explicitly restrict the use of ‘ Mobile phone live broadcast ’ Software, but without approval, soldiers can’t expose their military identity on the Internet. Confidentiality is always a top priority. " Liu Jijun said that in order to strengthen supervision, the regiment refined and improved the "Regulations on the Management of the Use of Smartphones", stipulating that officers and men can only watch and conduct "live broadcasts" in the designated areas of military cafes on vacation or in casual clothes, and the content must not be related to the troops, and the military identity cannot be revealed; When performing tasks or under other special circumstances, you must disable functions such as camera shooting on your mobile phone.

  The group also developed smart phone management software and set up network supervisors in each company to find and correct violations in time. Not long ago, soldier Xiao Li just wanted to broadcast his physical training live in the company fitness room, but he was found and stopped. In addition, in order to prevent the erosion of bad information, the group actively cooperated with the resident network supervision department to grasp the situation of the mobile phone live broadcast platform with illegal problems for the first time and put it on the "list of prohibited software".

  "Through management education, officers and men are now right about ‘ Mobile phone live broadcast ’ The use of the platform has a clear specification. ‘ Mobile phone live broadcast ’ With media attributes, after reporting to the higher authorities for approval, we will consider exploring the use of live broadcast platforms to spread the good image of military personnel in the future. " Liu Jijun said.

"online celebrity Bookstore" has become a holy place for punching cards. Are you going to read books or take photos?

  Beijing, April 23rd (Reporter Shangguan Yun): Innovative and distinctive decoration, ingenious book display, and accompanying coffee and water bar … … Nowadays, this "online celebrity Bookstore" similar to the cultural consumption space has attracted a large number of fans with its high value.

  However, the purpose of people going to bookstores in the early days was generally clear: buying books or reading books. However, in the eyes of a large number of people who walk into "online celebrity Bookstore", books are not the key point, but taking pictures is: finding the angle, posing, pressing the shutter, and you’re POSE.

  Bookstores are becoming more and more beautiful, but some people’s focus is not on books? On the eve of World Book Day, the reporter learned during the interview that the above phenomenon is not uncommon. Moreover, even the "online celebrity Bookstore" needs to think deeply about how to improve people’s reading enthusiasm.

  Warm memories in the old bookstore

  Bookstores carry many people’s warmest reading memories, as they did decades ago.

  Liu Yida, a writer and author of Tao Beijing, especially likes visiting bookstores since childhood. In the past, his impression of bookstores mainly came from Xinhua Bookstore, in addition, there were China Bookstore, which monopolized ancient books and used books, as well as foreign language bookstores and children’s bookstores.

  At that time, bookstores were mostly old-fashioned wooden doors with high steps, and books of different categories were stacked behind the counter. The shop assistant wears uniform overalls and sleeves, and occasionally takes a feather duster to clean up the dust. Readers will say hello to which book they like, turn it over first, and make out the invoice and pay the money when it is suitable.

  Because there is no money, Liu Yida will go to read books with her classmates. The shop assistant didn’t tell the truth, still handed the book in a friendly way, watching a group of children squatting under the counter against time to finish reading the book, and at most reminded them when they were leaving work.

  After the reform and opening up, a large number of foreign classics were introduced, and bookstores became a place where people gathered together. Liu Yida once rode a bicycle to "patrol shops" all over the city, and once got up at three or four in the morning to queue up, perhaps just to buy a copy of Resurrection.

  If you can’t buy your favorite books, some readers will stay near the bookstore and exchange their books with others. Liu Yida once traded two books by Russian writers for Zola’s Nana.

  "Today’s young people may find it difficult to understand people’s enthusiasm for bookstores and books at that time." Liu Yida sighed.

  From experiencing the cold winter to "breaking the shell"

  With the east wind of economic development, private bookstores were once very good. However, it didn’t take too long for the physical bookstore to usher in the "cold winter" in the mouth of the industry: the closure of Beijing roof of the world Bookstore and the closure of Photosynthetic Bookstore & HELIP; … Physical bookstores such as Shanghai Thinking Music Bookstore also withdrew.

  According to statistics, from 2002 to 2012, especially after 2011, there was a large-scale collapse of private bookstores. In fact, even if some physical bookstores don’t have relevant stores, they need to move because of a series of reasons such as rising rents and e-commerce shocks.

  With the development of the Internet, fragmented reading methods have gradually spread, and fewer and fewer people seem willing to go into bookstores to buy books and read books as before. More and more people are calling for "protecting the development of physical bookstores".

  In recent years, with the support of favorable policies, some traditional bookstores began to seek changes by taking advantage of the situation; Some characteristic physical bookstores have gradually taken root: new chain bookstores such as Sisyph and Yanjiyou appear in front of people … …

  Unconsciously, physical bookstores are quietly picking up, and readers have more good places to go.

  The hustle and bustle of "online celebrity Bookstore"

  However, some readers obviously find that some bookstores now are a little different from the past: not only are the interior decorations particularly novel, but also various lectures and cultural activities are held; They also sell coffee or light meals. People seem to have added another purpose to the bookstore: taking pictures.

  The Page One Bookstore in Qianmen, Beijing, once painted a wave of screens with its beautiful bookstore interior design: the tall "Tongtian Book Wall", which is like the roof of the starry sky … … It has attracted many readers to punch in, and it is called "online celebrity Bookstore".

  Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find a high-value "online celebrity Bookstore". It’s just a little embarrassing: quite a few people come to it, the main purpose is not to study, but to find angles, pose, and then take pictures and make friends, and you’re done.

  On the weekend before World Reading Day, in the Page One Bookstore near Qianmen, the reporter roughly counted six or seven readers taking pictures in about five minutes. Professional, and brought a camera.

  "Bookstores are places to spread knowledge. You don’t have to buy books or listen to lectures. At least do something related to books and reading." A young reader half-jokingly "spits" that bookstores are getting better and better, but it doesn’t seem to attract readers in direct proportion to this.

  Bookstores are getting more and more beautiful. Why didn’t the reading of paper books go up much?

  Not long ago, the main findings of the 16th National Reading Survey were released. The data showed that the average reading volume of paper books for China adults in 2018 was only 4.67, which was basically the same as 4.66 in 2017.

  Therefore, some people ask, bookstores have become more beautiful and have more complete functions. Why don’t people read more paper books?

  Writer Sanshi believes that the increase of high-value bookstores and online celebrity bookstores is a good phenomenon in itself. "This is the result of the transformation and upgrading of physical bookstores in recent years, with the purpose of attracting readers’ attention and stimulating the public’s desire to read."

  "Readers are keen to punch in and take photos at online celebrity Bookstore, which has an objective propaganda effect and can let more people know about the bookstore." Sanshi said, however, these "online celebrity-style" photo traffic needs to be effectively converted into the traffic for readers to read.

  On the other hand, the popularity of mobile phones, short videos and live broadcasts has also squeezed out too much time for readers. The fast-paced life and the fragmented way of obtaining information make it difficult for many people to even have the patience to finish reading a novel.

  "For bookstores, what needs to be considered is how to hold interesting activities, so that people who simply punch in and take pictures are attracted by the fun of reading and take the initiative to buy books to study. This is combined with other reading promotion activities to promote the increase of people’s reading. " Sanshi said that this is the responsibility of bookstores to spread knowledge, but it may be a long process. (End)