40 thousand for a new one The first batch of new energy vehicle batteries will soon be "retired"

  Cctv newsIn recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly, but the retirement period of the first batch of power batteries for new energy vehicles is coming. Some new energy owners are facing the dilemma of changing batteries or selling cars at low prices. Mr. Zhang from Shenzhen, Guangdong, recently encountered this problem.

  Five years ago, Mr. Zhang bought a hybrid new energy vehicle, but after several years of use, he obviously felt that the endurance was insufficient, and problems such as charging and power failure became more and more obvious. Mr. Zhang wants to sell this new energy car, but after asking around in the used car market, the price given by the used car dealer makes him very helpless.

  It is understood that the warranty of Mr. Zhang’s new energy vehicle is about to expire, and it is necessary to replace the battery at his own expense after the expiration. The reporter learned from the 4S shop that if the battery is to be replaced after the warranty expires, the cost is expected to be around 40,000 yuan. This is basically consistent with the price of some new energy vehicles in the used car market. According to industry insiders, the service life of general automobile power batteries is now 5-8 years. Due to early technical factors, the first batch of new energy vehicle power batteries put into the market are basically at the critical point of elimination, and the peak of "retirement" of new energy vehicle power batteries is coming.

  The reshuffle of the new energy industry affects the second-hand market transactions, and the car dealers have low enthusiasm for collecting cars.

  At present, the production, sales and ownership of new energy vehicles in China have ranked first in the world for four consecutive years, and the industrial competitiveness has been continuously improved. But as far as the whole new energy automobile industry chain is concerned, the used car market is still in its infancy, especially since the second half of this year, the whole new energy used car market has become increasingly deserted.

  Liu Qiang’s used car dealership has been open for five years. Two years ago, their business increased the sale of new energy used cars. Last year alone, they collected a total of thirty or forty electric used cars. But this year, Liu Qiang took the initiative to reduce the purchase of new energy used cars. In the used car market, fuel vehicles have always been the absolute main force. However, in the past few years, new energy vehicles have emerged in an endless stream. Although the amount is not large, some will be collected. However, the good times did not last long. Since this year, several new energy car companies have stopped production, and the used cars of these brands have been neglected for a while, which has greatly dampened the enthusiasm of car dealers.

  The reporter came to a used car market in Shenzhen and saw only a very small number of new energy vehicles, accounting for less than 5% of the whole market. Not only offline, the reporter searched for pure electric vehicles on several used car platforms, but there were very few models that could be seen. Although there were more hybrid used cars, the total amount was still not comparable to that of fuel used cars.