How is Tik Tok popular?

  Many people like to take a small video and share it in Tik Tok to share their happiness, but how to recommend it so that more people can see your video? Here Xiaobian will tell you how to recommend it.

How to recommend Tik Tok?

  Method 1. First of all, it is original, which is the minimum requirement of video. If you are not original and recommended, it is only accidental. If your video is not original, it is difficult to recommend it. Only by ensuring originality can the video quality be improved.

  Method 2: The video duration. Generally, videos with long video duration will be easier to be recommended, because the system will automatically detect whether the video duration is too short. Generally, videos with too short video duration will default, and the video content is incomplete, so it is difficult to be recommended. Especially the video within seven seconds.

  Method 3, the novelty of the video, video content can use some funny, technical types of various themes, generally more novel themes will be played more, and new content is easy to be recommended and selected.

  Method 4. Participate in more challenging activities. There are many challenges, as long as you release the video. Click to participate in the activity, and then add your video-related challenge activities. Generally, challenge activities are popular, so it is easier to log on to the software recommendation.

  Method 5, video content is also the focus, the content must be civilized and friendly, and there should be no videos that corrupt the social atmosphere and other content. Otherwise, it is very likely that the video will not be released, let alone recommended.

  The above is about how to recommend Tik Tok. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.