Fighting fish elder sister "a small group" was warned by over-management! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Original title: Betta’s sister "a small group" was warned of being out of control! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Sister Betta [a small group] was warned by the super tube! Break the defense and call out: sue me if you have the ability

Recently, around"Live background music"There have been several storms, and I believe that friends who often pay attention to webcasting must have heard about it. Because the background music plays an extremely important part in the live broadcast process, it makes the whole network headOnline celebrity PDD, to each platform 18 unknown small anchor, almost never escape the copyright issue of live background music.

Tens of millions of online celebrity and a fighting fish sister.[A small group]The same is true! In a recent live broadcast, a small group was warned and punished on the spot after playing a song.

Previously, online celebrity anchor [PDD] of Betta Top Stream was claimed by related people for playing and singing a famous song during the live broadcast. As a result, the live broadcast industry has ushered in a wave of claims.

After the incident, many live broadcast platforms formally put such actions into the platform’s prohibition in order to prevent their anchors from playing such songs into trouble and turmoil.Due to the wide range of songs involved (both at home and abroad), many anchors are inevitably punished.

Among them, as a fighting fish sister,[A small group] was also warned by the betta fish in the recent live broadcast.

It is reported that when a small group was using a foreign language song, it was stopped by the super-management because the platform did not obtain the relevant copyright. After being stopped, a small group also looked extremely puzzled. At present, it asked, "Are English songs copyrighted now?"

After getting everyone’s positive reply, Xiao Tuantuan also said with concern:"I’m really going to cry, but fortunately they didn’t bother me … if they bother me, I’ll really be ruined!"

Therefore, the small group that intended to sing a song in the live broadcast room had to put this idea away. Those who don’t want to miss this colorful talent show immediately suggest that they sing their own songs.

The small group that has been shadowed by copyright issues is rather hesitant to say: "To tell the truth-I don’t even know if I can sing my own song now! If I sing my own song and get sued, wouldn’t it be ridiculous?"

Hearing this, many water friends reacted more enthusiastically.

Then, under the instigation of all the people in the live broadcast room, a small group of courage values soared and directly said in the live broadcast room: "Anyway, sue me if you can!If I lose 10w singing my own song, I will admit it! "

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China Consumers Association deeply analyzes the five major pain points of automobile consumption rights protection

  With the settlement agreement between the rights-defending female car owner and Xi ‘an Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd., the Mercedes-Benz oil spill is about to come to an end. However, the problem of automobile consumption rights protection is worthy of in-depth discussion and comprehensive reflection by the public.

  On the morning of April 17th, China Consumers Association held a symposium in Beijing to promote the solution to the problem of automobile consumption rights protection, focusing on the problem of automobile consumption rights protection, and invited relevant legal experts and lawyers to participate in it. The discussion focused on the application and perfection of Provisions on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products, the problems and improvement of Guidelines for Pre-sale Inspection Services of Passenger Cars (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as PDI Rules), the collection of fees for financial services in automobile sales, and automobile consumers.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association pointed out that the current difficulties in safeguarding the rights of automobile consumption are mainly manifested in five major pain points: difficulty in consumer identification, difficulty in obtaining evidence, difficulty in consumer identification, difficulty in consumer consultation and difficulty in solving consumer complaints.

  In response to the public’s widespread concern about the financial service fee for automobile sales in the Mercedes-Benz oil spill incident, the relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association responded that the financial services for automobile sales should be clearly marked, and illegal activities such as compulsory trading should be put an end to.

  There were 17,000 complaints about automobile consumption last year.

  With the sustained and rapid development of economy and society, the number of cars in China has maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, the number of cars in China reached 240 million in 2018, an increase of 10.51% compared with 2017. China’s automobile consumption scale has maintained a high level. But there are a lot of complaints in the field of automobile consumption.

  Judging from the brands involved in the complaints, BYD ranked first, followed by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Buick, Audi, FAW-Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Nissan, SAIC Volkswagen and Dongfeng Honda. According to the data analysis, the three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are all on the list, which also reflects the upward trend of automobile consumption. This complaint data is absolute, and consumers should consider it comprehensively because of the different sales volume and ownership of each automobile brand.

  Statistics show that 62.7% of all automobile-related complaints in 2018 were family cars, followed by auto parts, accounting for 26.2%, accounting for nearly 90% of the total. In 2018, the Complaints and Consultation Information System of the National Consumers Association recorded a total of 19,283 complaints about automobile products (including parts), a decrease of 5.8% compared with the previous year. In 2018, a total of 17,773 automobile-related consumer complaints were accepted, with an acceptance rate of 92.17%; 1.77% of consumer complaints are pending, and 6.06% of complaints are not accepted due to reasons such as exceeding the scope of handling or jurisdiction, withdrawal, inability of the parties to inquire, and insufficient evidence.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association analyzed that the reason for the decline was on the one hand affected by the 4.1% decline in passenger car sales in 2018, and on the other hand related to the special rectification carried out by the market supervision department to improve the consumption environment.

  Judging from the handling results of complaints, 67.8% of the complaints reached an agreement after mediation, saving consumers 134 million yuan in economic losses. Among the cases that need mediation, the success rate of mediation once is 82.2%, and over 90% of cases can be mediated twice. The mediation methods are mainly face-to-face mediation and telephone mediation.

  From the way of consumer complaints, the proportion of complaints made by telephone, Internet, letters, etc. are 52.9%, 22.9% and 15.3% respectively, accounting for over 90% of the total. Compared with the previous year, the proportion of complaints through internet channels increased by 4.9 percentage points, while the proportion of telephone complaints decreased by 2.1 percentage points.

  After-sales service problems accounted for 32.2%.

  From the classification of consumer complaints, automobile-related complaints mainly focus on after-sales service, contract and quality problems, accounting for 32.2%, 20.7% and 20.0% respectively, and the total of the three types of problems accounts for over 70%.

  With the growth of car ownership, the proportion of after-sales service problems has increased, contract problems have decreased slightly, and false propaganda and price disputes have also increased.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that, specifically, complaints related to automobile after-sales problems mainly include: non-performance of three-guarantee obligations, non-performance of after-sales commitments, charging for repairs during the three-guarantee period after sales, and failure to perform after-sales services due to changes in operators, which account for 50.1%, 38.3%, 5.0% and 2.9% of after-sales problems respectively.

  Complaints about automobile contract problems mainly include: deposit disputes, contract breach, unequal format clauses, etc., which account for 32.6%, 22.0% and 4.9% of contract problems respectively.

  Complaints about automobile quality problems mainly include: product performance problems, unqualified goods and lack of specific use environment, accounting for 27.3%, 13.4% and 9.2% of all quality problems respectively.

  From 2016 to 2018, the data of the complaints and consultation information system of the National Consumers Association showed that the complaints of automobile products (including parts) increased from 15,000 pieces/year to about 19,000 pieces/year, and the complaint resolution rate declined. The main problems of consumer complaints are after-sales service, contract disputes, product quality, financial services and so on.

  Statistics show that automobile sales enterprises and service enterprises are the main targets of complaints. From the infringement data of operators, consumers’ rights of safety, fair trade and claim in automobile consumption are the high-incidence areas of infringement by operators, and consumers are most concerned about safety rights. Among them, the right to safety accounts for 46.5%, the right to fair trade accounts for 26.7%, and the right to claim compensation accounts for 18.9%.

  It is an obligation to deliver qualified cars.

  According to the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association, it is difficult to protect the rights of automobile consumption in five aspects: operators make excuses and consumers are difficult to identify; Operators do not provide vouchers, and it is difficult for consumers to obtain evidence; Disputes over product quality make it difficult for consumers to identify; Operators buck passing, and it is difficult for consumers to negotiate; Rights protection involves complex issues and it is difficult to solve consumer complaints.

  In response to the Mercedes-Benz oil spill in Xi ‘an, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association pointed out that it is the operator’s due obligation to deliver the automobile products up to standard.

  Article 12 of the Product Quality Law stipulates that the quality of products shall pass the inspection, and unqualified products shall not be passed off as qualified products. Article 8 of the Provisions on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products stipulates that producers shall strictly implement the ex-factory inspection system, and household automobile products that have not passed the inspection shall not be sold out of the factory.

  "It is the contractual obligation of the operator to deliver qualified products, and the three guarantees are post-contractual obligations. The two should not be confused." The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that if the operator sells unqualified products, consumers can, in accordance with Article 54 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, "if the consumer requests to return the goods that have been identified as unqualified by the relevant administrative departments according to law, the operator shall be responsible for the return." If the operator commits fraud, he should also bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

  In practice, some operators deliver unqualified vehicles to consumers, but refuse to bear the responsibility of returning goods or corresponding compensation on the grounds of the three guarantees of automobiles, which violates the law.

  PDI rules should not restrict consumers’ rights.

  In view of the PDI new car inspection fee charged by 4S stores, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association believes that PDI rules belong to industry self-discipline norms and should not restrict consumers’ rights.

  The Guidelines for Pre-sale Inspection Service of New Passenger Cars (Trial) is an industry self-discipline norm led by industry organizations and formulated by 12 enterprises. It involves the inspection regulations for new passenger cars before they are delivered to consumers.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that the relevant manufacturers and their dealers should check and implement them one by one according to the relevant contents to ensure the actual quality of new car delivery. For some operators whose PDI inspection is a mere formality, which causes various problems in the delivery of vehicles, industry self-discipline should be strengthened to regulate them. At the same time, the PDI rules jointly formulated by enterprises belong to industry self-discipline norms, and should not restrict consumers’ substantive rights, but should be revised and improved according to consumers’ demands and related practical disputes.

  Financial service fees put an end to compulsory transactions

  In view of the current situation that 4S stores generally charge auto financial service fees, the relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association believes that auto sales financial services should be clearly marked to prevent illegal activities such as compulsory transactions.

  According to the relevant provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests and the Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales, dealers shall not force consumers to buy insurance or provide services such as vehicle registration on their behalf when selling cars. In violation of the relevant provisions, the local competent commerce department at or above the county level shall order it to make corrections, and may give a warning or a fine of not more than 30,000 yuan.

  "In the course of trading, the operator shall express all the charging items to consumers in advance, and shall not make unreasonable restrictions or compulsory transactions. However, in the current automobile sales service, there are problems such as forcing consumers to buy insurance, paying renewal deposit or renewal deposit. Some dealers overcharge the license fee and financial service fee without telling consumers, and do not issue invoices, which causes strong dissatisfaction among consumers. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that these illegal acts should be severely punished according to law.

  Operators should solve consumer disputes quickly.

  Article 4 of the Consumer Protection Law stipulates that business operators and consumers should follow the principles of voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credibility when conducting transactions. Article 23 stipulates that if a consumer finds a defect in a motor vehicle within six months from the date of receiving the commodity, and a dispute arises, the operator shall bear the burden of proof on the defect.

  Article 8 of the Measures for Punishment of Infringement on Consumers’ Rights and Interests stipulates that business operators shall not deliberately delay or unreasonably refuse consumers’ legitimate demands when providing commodities or services.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association pointed out that operators should respect consumers’ rights and interests and solve consumer disputes honestly and quickly.

  "As the first responsible person to safeguard consumers’ rights and interests, operators should attach great importance to consumers’ opinions, face up to consumers’ reasonable demands, earnestly fulfill their legal obligations and responsibilities, and properly resolve consumer disputes. If the product is found to be defective within six months of delivery, the operator also bears the burden of proof. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that delaying prevarication and bullying will not only be severely punished by law, but also lose the trust of consumers.

  It is necessary to increase the scope of supervision and spot checks.

  In recent years, the national automobile complaints and the recent Mercedes-Benz female car owners’ rights protection incidents have highlighted the current situation that it is difficult to protect rights in the field of automobile consumption, the urgency of credit construction and the necessity of building a harmonious consumption environment.

  In view of the difficulty in safeguarding the rights of automobile consumption, China Consumers Association calls on the whole society to jointly establish the concept of consumer priority and work together to solve the problem.

  On the one hand, it calls on the legislature to listen to consumers’ opinions extensively, further revise and improve the product quality law, three guarantees for automobiles and other regulations, improve the legislative level of product quality assurance, clarify that people should be held accountable for violations of laws, strengthen the protection of consumers, and prevent operators from evading their due obligations and responsibilities and harming consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.

  On the other hand, it appeals to all relevant administrative departments to pay attention to the problems reflected by consumers, further strengthen supervision and management in the field of automobile consumption, promptly investigate and deal with outstanding behaviors that harm consumers’ rights and interests, standardize automobile sales and ancillary services, increase the scope and intensity of supervision and spot checks, continuously improve the efficiency of administrative law enforcement, and enhance consumer satisfaction.

  The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association said that it is hoped that the automobile industry organizations will strengthen industry self-discipline and internal constraints, attach importance to and listen to consumers’ opinions, revise and improve relevant rules of the automobile industry in time, strengthen service supervision, data monitoring and risk management, eliminate improper restrictions on consumers’ rights, promote the establishment of industry credit restraint mechanism, blacklist operators who seriously infringe on consumers’ rights and realize effective industry governance.

  "China Consumers Association will thoroughly study the outstanding problems in the field of automobile consumption and the difficulties in consumer rights protection, actively participate in the legislative work in related fields, timely reflect consumer demands, and promote the improvement of the legal protection of automobile consumption rights protection. At the same time, explore the establishment of a professional Committee on automobile consumption, with the help of experts and lawyers, to improve the efficiency of automobile complaint handling; Explore the establishment of a credit publicity mechanism in the field of automobile consumption, publicly disclose intentional delays, unreasonable rejections and other untrustworthy behaviors that seriously infringe on consumers’ rights and interests, strengthen corporate credit constraints, and promote quality improvement and service improvement. " The relevant person in charge of China Consumers Association stressed that for major and typical violations of the legitimate rights and interests of automobile consumers, investigation, interview, reflection, suggestion, disclosure, criticism, litigation and credit publicity will be comprehensively used to effectively strengthen the protection of consumers and effectively curb the illegal behavior of operators.

  Beijing, April 17 th  

  Cartography/Gao Yue  

In the "Muma Case" in Shenyang, the greedy secretary wrote anti-corruption novels with personal experience.

    Failed to enter the "circle"

    "Ma Xiangdong only values Wang Xiaofang’s talents, but Wang Xiaofang has never been able to enter Ma Xiangdong’s’ circle’." Colleagues familiar with the situation in those years analyzed that this was also the reason why Wang Xiaofang was innocent after the accident in Ma Xiangdong.

     When he was in the fourth year of college, this Master of Science wrote a 100,000-word paper "Ecological Intersection Theory" and won the second prize of Excellence Award for Young Scientific and Technological Workers in Liaoning Province.

    "Wang Xiaofang’s worries about the ecological environment 20 years ago have not aroused widespread concern in society until recent years, so you can see his foresight." Wang Xiaofang’s friend Wang Mu Ye commented on him like this.

    Wang Mu Ye, an early master of biology in Germany, once worked in Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He believes that Wang Xiaofang put forward avant-garde ideas such as "circular economy" and "ecological city" earlier in the Master Plan of Shenyang Urban Construction made more than ten years ago. Later, Shenyang took off the label of "Top Ten Polluted Cities in the World", which was inseparable from the early planning.

    But after all, Wang Xiaofang is a scholar, and he and Ma are two strangers. Wang Mu Ye thinks that if a secretary only knows how to bury himself in his work and doesn’t know how to take care of the leader’s "life", even if he does a good job, he won’t be appreciated by the leader.

    Ma Xiangdong’s gambling nature was an open secret in Shenyang at that time. "Some people have scratched the itch of Ma Xiangdong, and the official luck is prosperous." On weekends, I often accompany Ma Xiangdong to fly to Macau to gamble, namely Ning Xianjie, then director of Shenyang Construction Committee, and Li Jingfang, then director of the Municipal Finance Bureau.

    Ma Xiangdong confessed in his repentance book that he first gambled abroad in 1996 and went to Malaysia. "I am responsible for attracting investment, and I have become friends with foreign businessmen in Southeast Asia. They often lead me to casinos to gamble."

    "Xiao Fang and I are people who can’t even play poker." Wang Muye said that sometimes, Wang Xiaofang complained to him privately. An open executive vice mayor took a break at noon and played cards in the office. "If you don’t like people, how can you get into their’ circle’?"

    Wang Xiaofang’s failure to enter Ma Xiangdong’s "circle" has something to do with the "bottom line" that his old father told him.

    "There must be a bottom line for being a man, and so must being a secretary." This is what father Fuxiang Wang often reminds Wang Xiaofang. Fuxiang Wang, who is 80 years old, is a typical Shandong man. He graduated from the Economics Department of Peking University in his early years and went north to support the construction of Northeast China in response to the call of the country. "Xiaofang is honest and frank and stubborn, and he is not suitable for being a secretary." Fuxiang Wang said of his youngest son.

    The old couple still live in a community built in the 1980s, and their 60-square-meter house was awarded when they were selected as model workers.

    "On his first day as a secretary, I set a bottom line for my family: my family is not allowed to ask Xiaofang to do things." Fuxiang Wang said that Wang Xiaofang’s sister and brother-in-law were laid off more than ten years ago and went out to work. His brother still works in the next district. Sometimes he gets drunk and complains that his brother didn’t help him when he was in office. When Wang Xiaofang was in power, a note could solve these problems.

    "Fell to the ground"

    On July 2, 1999, Ma Xiangdong, then the executive deputy mayor of Shenyang, was "double-regulated".

    "At that time, I felt shocked, confused and sad." Wang Xiaofang still keeps shaking his head and sighing. I feel sorry not only for myself, but also for Ma Xiangdong. "He is a capable man, but unfortunately he was led astray by two gamblers below."

    "Just six months before the accident, every weekend, Ma Xiangdong and Ning and Li frequently flew to Hong Kong and Macao to gamble. I privately advised him to pay attention to the influence, but the horse was unmoved. " Wang Xiaofang said that after that, he never dared to interfere.

    In "Secretary to the Mayor", Wang Xiaofang, with the help of the secretary "Remo", explained the "two sides" of the current officialdom intellectuals: on the one hand, they have ideals and want to do something, but on the other hand, they suffer from loss. Because of this, they dare not face corruption in order to climb up, but they are unwilling to self-destruct their future and go along with it, so they have to protect themselves.

    Ma Xiangdong is under investigation, and Wang Xiaofang has to be investigated and inquired at any time. During the three years of case investigation, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Procuratorate conducted a detailed investigation. "A carpet investigation will never let go of a corrupt element!" Wang Xiaofang regrets afterwards.

    "Fly well in the sky and be dropped to the ground for no reason." Wang Xiaofang’s wife described her husband’s experience so vividly.

    Ma Xiangdong’s case was finally tried by the court, and it was found that from 1986 to 1999, Ma accepted bribes equivalent to more than 9.6 million yuan, embezzled $120,000, misappropriated $398,000, and the source of huge property of more than 10.68 million yuan was unknown. The total amount of violation of discipline and law is as high as 31.5 million yuan. Ma Xiangdong was sentenced to death according to law.

    "One political star after another has changed, corrupted and fallen. Can you avoid the occurrence of corruption cases by personal cultivation? " After the Muma case, Wang Xiaofang has been troubled by this problem.

    Soul white paper

    After the Muma case, Wang Xiaofang claimed that he had been tortured like purgatory. However, he believes that the hardships experienced in the depths of his heart are inexhaustible wealth in his life.

    In 2001, Wang Xiaofang resigned and went to sea, but his business was not satisfactory because he rushed into battle. There is no doubt that everything has to start from scratch, and he is once again in extreme depression.

    When Wang Xiaofang went to Beijing for fun in the second year after his resignation, a friend said that he had so much experience and suggested that he write a novel. He returned to Shenyang to sell the company and began to concentrate on writing. Unexpectedly, the first novel "Fatal Vortex" was selected by the writers’ publishing house and published soon. "It was September 2003, and my pirated books were all over the street."

    After that, he focused on the officialdom. Director of Beijing Office, Director of Beijing Office (II) and Secretary of the Mayor were published one after another.

    "I have a strong desire to talk about the’ spiritual purgatory’ of officialdom in recent years." Wang Xiaofang said, "The reason why the two mayors before and after are written as corrupt elements in" The Secretary of the Mayor "is to reveal a truth. Anti-corruption can only rely on the reform of the government system, otherwise it can only be’ previous corruption’." Wang Xiaofang expressed his original intention of creating a series of officialdom novels.

    When Ma Xiangdong was sentenced to death, Wang Xiaofang was deeply shocked. The next day, Ma Fufa had a photo on the Internet before his execution, sitting in a chair, his eyes blurred with despair and half a cigarette in his hand. Wang Xiaofang felt extremely sad. "At the same time, he had an impulse to turn his inner natural secrets into spiritual secrets." He printed out the photos and stared at them and wrote more than 10,000 words in one breath. This is the beginning of "Secretary to the Mayor".

    However, after the publication of Secretary to the Mayor, some people regarded the novel as reportage, and "Dongzhou" as Shenyang, and some people even took their seats accordingly. Wang Xiaofang felt the pressure. What’s more, as soon as his "Big Real Estate Dealer" came out this year, representatives of relocated households in Shenyang held his novels to ask for signatures, and sent piles of petition materials, saying that Wang Xiaofang should "continue to dig deep into the shady situation in Shenyang’s real estate development". This made Wang Xiaofang laugh and cry: "I wrote this novel based on the’ most cattle nail house’ in Chongqing last year."

    "The mayor’s secretary is a monologue from the heart and a white paper on the soul. The story is fictional, but the mental journey is real. The story of this book comes from both my life and my spiritual understanding. "

    "I live in novels every day now." Wang Xiaofang said. Every morning from 9 am to 5 pm, it is his creative time. Keep writing 3000 words every day without interruption. The manuscript paper accumulated a thick dozen, and his wife typed it out on the computer. "I often have a heart-to-heart conversation with the characters in the novel and even have a fierce quarrel."

    No matter the previous Secretary to the Mayor or the newly published Big Real Estate Dealer, there are no empty Gao Daquan-style characters. "I want to give everyone hope, in the cruel social reality." Wang Xiaofang said that through the intrigue of officialdom, the subtle mentality among officials and the thrilling power struggle, people’s souls were touched, and the righteous forces were given a hundred times of confidence and the evil forces were frightened.

    "I used to have political ambitions, and my political ambitions were realized in my novels." Wang Xiaofang said meaningfully. (Trainee reporter Li Jifeng) (Source: Democracy and Legal Times)

Editor: Feng Ye