The former king of Asia, 56-year-old Ren Xianqi, has become popular again, and he just wants to age gracefully

A single "Brother Qi" evoked many people’s memories, and a sentence "You are always too soft-hearted" made countless post-70s and post-80s couldn’t help but hum the melody softly.

Ren Xianqi, who is now 56 years old, is really a veritable "brother" among the male stars participating in the variety show.

He spoke in a familiar voice. The years did not make him more vicissitudes, but filled him with fashionable charm.

The road to fame of Ren Xianqi is always full of legends and hardships.

Once a generation of heavenly kings, he has returned…

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Unexpected choice

Someone said: If Ren Xianqi grew taller, wouldn’t there be no current king? But how can there be so many ifs in this world.

Ren Xianqi has always been passionate about basketball in high school, and at that time he always thought he would find his place on the sports court.

Perhaps because he did not have a deep connection with professional basketball, he had to give up because of his height. However, sports helped him in another way. Later, he was sent to college with the first place in sports.

After going to college, he still adhered to his own sports path and participated in the Olympic Winter Games many times. Perhaps God had arranged another destination for him, and he frequently missed the Olympic cause he was passionate about.

Ren Xianqi’s childhood

There is a saying that choice outweighs effort.

Influenced by the friends around him, of course, he may have been disappointed with the original choice. He played a 5-piece band with four like-minded friends.

And in order to perform better, he specially equipped musical instruments. During the performance, he shines on the stage like a dazzling sun.

Ren Xianqi in high school

He soon met the Bole of his life, an entertainment company that appreciated his musical talent.

Later, in an interview, Ren Xianqi mentioned his college band. And jokingly called it the "CEO" band, because the five members of the band are now worth hundreds of millions and have become CEOs in their respective industries.

This is probably what we often say about birds of a feather flocking together. Excellent people always attract equally excellent people around them.

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Rise and fall in the entertainment industry

He said that when he was signed by the company, his father disapproved. His father was more conservative and always believed that teachers and doctors were considered serious professions, while singers and celebrities always felt unreliable.

His father had always believed that his son would continue his previous path and pursue a career in sports.

Of course, his father’s concerns are not unreasonable. After all, there are many singers who are lukewarm, and people always have to watch for a long time.

He discovered at the time that sports journalism was also a good career, and he said: "At that time, I thought that if I couldn’t make it, I would become a sports reporter."

Ren Xianqi who loves sports

In the early years, Ren Xianqi also had a vision for his future.

Just like most celebrities, they try various methods to earn more traffic.

However, whether it is riding a motorcycle on a variety show or filming a show on a roller coaster, the results seem to be minimal.

Later, when promoting the new song, he didn’t even have the opportunity to sing on stage because he didn’t have a coffee spot.

In order to stay on the stage for a few more seconds and let the audience remember him, he has learned a lot of talents to attract people’s attention.

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The singers of that era worked very hard, and if they were attentive, they were all forced to become versatile, because it was too difficult to make a name for themselves.

He remembered the most memorable time when a rookie played Spitfire directly on the stage, which ended up causing serious injuries.

In some shows, he will set up various links for the guests to increase the audience rating, and will put a large box in the center of the stage with various animals for the guests to touch.

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Some even add some challenges to motivate the audience.

Remember that there are some clips of the program in Douyin, such as Du Dewei singing along the horizontal bar, and Faye Wong putting her hands in the box with bees.

These were all the tricks on the show back then.

However, if you say you are afraid and don’t go yourself, then without these exposures, who will know you. Many of them are that the bigger you play, the easier it is to be remembered by the audience, and the faster it will be popular.

No way, back then to say whether an artist was popular or not, it was based on the audience rating. So everyone knew what they would face, but they still squeezed their heads to participate.

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overnight fame

Many celebrities have said that the entertainment industry is like a Vanity Fair, and whether you are popular or not can be seen from the attitude of others.

Ren Xianqi, who was tepid back then, always had to perform various programs when he participated in the program, and was often marginalized by the host. At that time, the C-spots were all for those big-name stars, and the rest were foils. Ren Xianqi could only laugh at the whole process.

In this way, he has been in the entertainment industry for a few years, and he also said that if it wasn’t for the fact that there is someone in the company who has been helping him.

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This person took him along the way and pulled him out of the saving list again and again, and there would probably be no Ren Xianqi today.

He once said on the program: "My noble teacher, Little Bug, told me that singing is not about skills, but about heart. Only when you put yourself into it can those who listen can enter the song and be attentive. So after that, I think my songs are better than before."

Finally, luck came to him, and he often said that he met the right song at that time. In 1996, the appearance of a song "Too Soft Heart" saved Ren Xianqi from the storm of termination.

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After releasing the album, he was always very nervous because he had failed too many times before, and he had no confidence in himself. Later, he didn’t expect that the album would be popular, and it was so popular.

He recalled that when he went to Beijing, he was told that this could become another popular work after Teresa Teng. He said that after listening to such words, he felt that he was going to be popular.

Looking at the sales of tens of millions, he was like, if everyone buys their own genuine albums, then he can buy the company at this time, and then see who dares to cancel the contract.

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Everyone thought that Ren Xianqi was just like the fireworks on that day, the beauty of that moment. When the heat is over, there is nothing left.

But who would have thought that under the guidance of Teacher Bug, he seemed to have turned on the switch of success, and several songs in a row were highly sought after by the public.

Like "The Girl Opposite Look Over", "Sad Pacific" and "I Am a Fish", these have exploded one after another. Ren Xianqi’s name is also well known by everyone, which has allowed him to climb to a peak in his career.

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At that time, Andy Lau and the others were called the "Four Heavenly Kings", and Ren Xianqi was also given a "New Heavenly King of Asia". With Ren Xianqi’s influence at that time, this title deserved it.

At that time, Ren Xianqi’s song was so popular that the director made a movie for one of his songs, which had the same name as the song and was also called "Ren Xiaoyao".

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It was also the film that brought Ren Xiaoyao’s song to Cannes, which made Ren Xianqi’s popularity reach a new high again.

It was also this opportunity that gave Ren Xianqi the idea of singing the movie’s theme song. Once on the set, he was asked by the producer. The producer asked Ren Xianqi if he wanted to play Yang Guo? Later, he accidentally starred in a TV series.

Overall, the audience rating is quite impressive. It was this TV series that made Ren Xianqi see another possibility besides singing. He starred in several martial arts dramas in succession, and then opened his own film and television career.

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Perhaps as his popularity continued to increase, many movie directors discovered Ren Xianqi’s rating code and came to ask him to play the role in it. Later, the response was very good.

Ren Xianqi once said in an interview: At that time, I thought acting was very fun, because almost all the previous movies were played by myself, and the characters in them were very similar to myself. They usually looked casual.

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Later, Director Du Qi contacted him, saying that he was going to act in a police drama, and that he wanted to meet to discuss the script. Director Du’s words moved him, and he also wanted to challenge the role of the bad guy, so Director Du discovered this kind of potential in Ren Xianqi.

When filming started, he didn’t see the script for a long time, and later he knew that he had to work on the script while filming. Ren Xianqi, who had never acted like this, really thought he heard it wrong. Before he started acting, he panicked and felt that the director was joking with him.

Later, Director Du pointed out that he should really understand this person and devote himself to this role. In order to show the true feelings of the characters more perfectly, the scenes of falling and beating in the play are all real.

Later, due to being too involved in the play, some habits were thought to affect their lives.

Playing a bank robber in "The Big Event"

Such a special shooting method was a test for his acting career, and of course the harvest was huge. He obviously felt that he was different from before. Later, he even won the Best Actor award abroad for the movie "Fire Dragon Showdown".

What pleased Ren Xianqi the most was that after his movie "The Tree Attracts the Wind" was broadcast, many netizens said that his eyes made people look very terrifying, which made him feel that his character portrayal was very successful.

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For so many years, although too many people have been controversial about his acting skills and songs, he is not the kind of star who relies on gossip. He has always been well-behaved and did everything he did.

He often said that he is very lucky now, because the epidemic is ruthless, but people are affectionate.

He recounted that he was quarantined 11 times in the epidemic in the past few years. Some people said that in order to make money, he even gave up his life and ran back and forth with the crew.

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In fact, he was trying to maintain his company and take care of his employees. Because he knew that if the company failed to operate, so many employees would face unemployment.

For the current environment, the blow to the employees is not ordinary. Therefore, he felt that he was very happy to have money at that time.

Re-enter the public eye

This year, he accepted the invitation of Hunan Satellite TV and participated in the program "Cutting Through Thorn" with many male artists.

As he entered the arena, someone shouted "Brother Xiao Qi", and then everyone stood up to greet him. From this, Ren Xianqi’s coffee position can be seen.

On the stage, a song called "Sad Pacific" instantly filled everyone’s memories.

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In the interview, he expressed his feelings. He thought the show was very real, everyone lived together, it was a bit like a dormitory in a school, and it had a special atmosphere.

In the morning, all the brothers lined up to take care of themselves, instantly making people feel much younger.

Especially when they saw Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin, who were already familiar faces, and knew their different sides, they all felt very friendly. After living together for a long time, everyone’s feelings will gradually deepen.

He said that at the beginning, everyone was really not easy to get along with, because everyone was famous in the entertainment industry, and many people had their own representative works. This is what he thinks should be overcome first when participating in this show.

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He recalled that everyone practiced every performance first, sometimes a song until the wee hours of the morning. His teammates often shouted in his ear to "roll up".

Later, in the rehearsal room, the movements that seemed to him to be very good were polished again and again. Many brothers also interpreted these three words with their own actions.

In fact, Ren Xianqi often wants the younger brothers in the team to have more opportunities to show off in the program. He thinks that he has earned enough traffic to face them, and some of them can’t be picked. In the future, it is up to these young people to rush forward.

Ren Xianqi has mentioned on the show many times that his little princess particularly likes Pan Weibai, and his young man pays more attention to ICE.

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When he thought of this, on the one hand, he was more pleased that his children’s musical literacy was quite high, and on the other hand, he was more depressed. Why didn’t he like him more?

However, this program showcases Ren Xianqi’s tolerance and humility as a big brother, allowing everyone to understand a different him.

I long to live the rest of my life

He was already halfway through his life, and this age made him see more openly and farther. He often planned his life according to his position and circumstances.

When the children were still very young, he did not miss the opportunity to accompany the children, put aside his work at hand, and accompany the children’s growth.

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Now that the children were older, he planned to do some things he liked. For example, he went to see the mountains and rivers in China, and climbed mountains when he had nothing to do.

He had always hoped that he would have the spirit of exploration. He wanted to see everything he was curious about and see the scenery he had never set foot on.

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Sometimes he felt that he was in high spirits. Even if he went to a green field, looking at the color of nature in front of him and breathing in the aroma of the wheat field, he felt very relaxed.

In the next few decades, he has always wanted to live more comfortably, even though he is already in his 50s. However, this does not affect a chic and wanton heart. In his words: to live your life gracefully.

Nowadays, how many people can have such a mindset that they don’t use age as a constraint to make themselves more relaxed and happy?

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