The brand-new model KX11 of Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L"

  International Online auto channel News: On February 19th, Geely Automobile officially announced that the brand-new SUV model code-named KX11 was named: Xingyue L, which is positioned as a compact SUV and forms the flagship SUV family under the CMA framework with Geely Xingyue. Among them, "L" has the meanings of Larger, Luxury and Liberate, which is not only the lengthening and widening of the body size, but also the evolution and upgrading of the whole system such as space, power, intelligence and safety, subverting new forces, joint venture classics and luxury boundaries with unparalleled future technology, and breaking through the boundaries of traditional compact SUVs.

Auto channel [Information] The brand-new model KX11 with Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L" _ L”_fororder_image001.

Geely xingyue l

  At the same time, a set of exterior and interior official maps released, the biggest highlight is the joint screen design adopted by the central control screen and the co-pilot entertainment screen. The 1-meter-long "meter-level full screen" shows a sense of science and technology, which not only enhances the advanced sense of the entire cockpit, but also breaks the single tool attribute, realizes multi-screen interaction, innovates visual experience, and conveys a new experience of intelligent interaction between people and vehicles based on future technology. According to reports, Xingyue L will be equipped with Geely’s latest digital intelligent cockpit system and higher-level automatic driving technology, and become a "super mobile intelligent terminal", bringing a new experience of smart travel.

Auto channel [Information] The brand-new model KX11 with Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L" _ for order _ image 002.

Geely xingyue l

  Judging from the official map of the interior, Xingyue L has adopted a brand-new design concept and luxurious technology configuration in its design, and its overall style is simple and atmospheric, and it also incorporates oriental aesthetic elements. The center console is designed with two colors, which is more charming than the domineering appearance. The neat stitching technology and delicate materials show the craftsman spirit, which makes the cockpit have its own texture and luxury, and it is more warm and comfortable in science and technology fashion. The super-large three-screen that traverses the entire center console integrates the dashboard, the central control screen and the co-pilot entertainment screen, and with the three-position sports steering wheel, the lines are outstanding and the sense of technology is bursting.

Auto channel [Information] The brand-new model KX11 with Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L" _ L”_fororder_image003.

Geely xingyue l headlamp

  In appearance, judging from the pictures of the tail of Xingyue L exposed this time, it still inherits the simple style, but the shape is simple but not simple. The through tail, with the consistent taillights, shows the design aesthetics and sports characteristics with the flagship posture of Geely 4.0 era. Combined with the official map previously exposed, it can be seen that the overall shape of Xingyue L is tall and burly, tough and atmospheric, with large-area straight waterfall vertical grille and double-row three-section light source headlights showing domineering, neat and powerful waistline and large-size wheels adding a sense of movement. The simple and textured design makes Xingyue L not only have the luxury and atmosphere of European cars, but also take into account the flexibility and dynamics of SUV models.

Auto channel [Information] The brand-new model KX11 with Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L" _ L”_fororder_image004.

Geely xingyue l taillight

  As a brand-new SUV model built under Geely CMA super matrix structure, the body size of Xingyue L is 4770mm× 1895mm× 1689mm, and the wheelbase is 2845 mm. Different from the general L models in the market, Xingyue L benefits from the flexibility and extensibility brought by CMA super matrix structure, and has a comprehensive leading intergenerational advantage in product quality, intelligent technology and intelligent interaction at the same time. It can be called the latest and highest-level product spokesperson in the era of "Science and Technology Geely 4.0" and has the global competitiveness beyond the mainstream joint venture brands.

Auto channel [Information] The brand-new model KX11 with Geely CMA architecture is named "Xingyue L" _ L”_fororder_image005.

Geely xingyue l

  At present, SUV is the backbone of the world’s mainstream brands to expand their territory, and it is also a new force for Geely Automobile to participate in global competition. Geely Automobile, which is a latecomer, has repeatedly pioneered in the development of SUV field, leading the new era of SUV with the most cutting-edge intelligent technology SUV products. With Geely’s current cutting-edge design, cutting-edge technology and the most intelligent ecosystem, Xingyue L will break the boundary of smart car SUV led by Tesla Model Y and rewrite the market structure of high-end fuel SUV led by Tiguan L, which is called SUV breaker and subversive.

  February 19 is also the eighth day of the Lunar New Year. Choosing to announce the naming and interior information at such a "auspicious" time, it is conceivable that Geely Automobile has high hopes for Xingyue L. As the first heavy-duty model released by Geely Automobile in 2021, the arrival of Xingyue L will not only expand the product lineup of Xingyue family, but also further strengthen the main line of SUV products of Geely Automobile to meet the needs of users for high-tech and intelligent automobile products under the new consumption format. It is believed that Xingyue L is bound to become the most "cow" SUV in China market in 2021, leading Geely Automobile to achieve another sales success in the new year and bringing users a travel experience beyond expectations. (Source: Geely Automobile)